We are all about EMPOWERMENT, not ENTITLEMENT!

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer    German philosopher (1788 - 1860)



On behalf of the UCofC & MFC Administration, I thank you for joining with us in the most unique and profitable opportunities on planet earth! Our goal is to "PAY IT FORWARD" and have you share these opportunities with everyone you can! Everyone needs the best digital currency possible and we have it for you to share! SPURT is unique for many reasons outlined here: . SPURT is the “WAVE OF THE FUTURE!” 

You can earn SPURT several ways through these two opportunities! No other program on earth pays out so much for your efforts and if you don't know how we do it, you might want to study and learn how as everything we do is legal, lawful, ethical and moral and very profitable! 

The best way to start is to build a CELL GROUP, please review:  

All you need to be successful is three people that like you and trust you, and you like and trust them too! They need to be open minded and willing to study and work just like you! This is not MLM or a PYRAMID SCHEME/SCAM but it is networking not netloafing and you don’t need to involve anyone who will not do as shown to spread the alternative abundance economy! You invite them to be a “study buddy” and learn about digital currencies and earn with you!  

If anyone says this is just another scam, ask them this question; “If you don’t give UCofC/MFC/Gary any money and he rewards you handsomely out of his own account in SPURT digital currency for bringing willing students to the ULTIMATE COLLEGE of COMMERCE how can this be a scam? WHERE IS HE SCAMMING YOU?! The only money required to get this going for you is 50 Euro sent to to set up your SPURT ACCOUNT so you can get paid! He doesn’t get a Euro of that funding! Where’s the scam?”  

You know you can always fix ignorance with education but you can’t fix STUPID! Unfortunately the bulk of the people you may contact fit in the latter category, not to worry, remember you only need three good people! Say “NEXT” to all the naysayers!  

For doing this you will be rewarded with 2000.00SPU digital currency per person for everyone you personally involve in your CELL GROUP! So with just three new members you earn 6000.00SPU (1SPU=1FRN) You can then buy the best MFC CORPORATE PLATINUM SPU MEMBERSHIP for 5500.00SPU and this now adds over 100,000.00SPU additional earning potential see: , now teach them to do what you just did! When they duplicate what you have done you will have earned over 118,000.00 SPURT! Nowhere on planet earth can you earn that much digital currency! All other digital currencies require purchase, here you earn the best! You will learn more about our digital currencies as you study the many websites we have. 

You get two opportunities in one database! Everyone receives a GRATIS MYFUELCLUB MEMBERSHIP to start plus you earn 2000.00 SPURT for each new member you personally sponsor when you build your first CELL GROUP! The good news is you can build as many CELL GROUPS as you want! We have one member that has already built 16 CELL GROUPS in less than two months! Figure out what he has earned! Remember if one member can do it, then another member can too! Is that going to be you? 

FYI: Three completed CELL GROUPS creates a completed ASSEMBLY for payment purposes, you will catch on, don’t worry! 

So how do you get started? When you signed up with your SPONSOR’S MFC LINK you created a user name and password. You will use the email address you signed up with along with your password to sign into your back office here: You log in on the right hand side of the page, real simple eh? If you forget your password you can request a new one here too! 

Once you are logged in you will see two links for you to use to educate and sponsor your first three members! This is apprenticeship pure and simple; you only need three workers to do the same!  

Send your Sponsor referral link to your candidates - use this link to send users directly to the affiliate signup page for registration. It will look like this but with your username in it not mine. (DO NOT USE THIS LINK-EXAMPLE ONLY!)  Check your back office left hand tool bar, click on “DOWNLINE” and you should see your newly sponsored members there. If not contact your candidate and see what challenges they are having. That’s all there is to it! 

Where else on planet earth can you earn 118,000.00SPURT for sponsoring just three working members and help them to get their three working members too! You can do this as many times as you want! You are not limited by quotas or restrictions but you must read the POLICIES AND PROCEDURES and study the two websites to make sure you know what you are talking about! PLEASE DO NOT SPONSOR candidates just for the sake of earning the 2000.00SPU! This does no one any good in the long run! You will have a non-participating member who will leave a hole in your CELL GROUP and you will NEVER achieve your 100,000.00SPU CELL GROUP completion payment! 

If you want someone removed for non-participation they have to email me with a removal request and you have to pay the 200.00SPU administration fee to have them deleted from the database! So choose wisely who you bring to our opportunities! This also goes for placement errors! Make sure you plot your CELL GROUP on paper before you sponsor and place your members or it will cost you 200.00SPU per change! 

There are many recorded webinars on the three websites for you to learn how to be successful in building your CELL GROUPS and ASSEMBLIES along with your MYFUELCLUB BUSINESS. 

There are no time limits or quotas to meet each month, the programs are very easy to work with BUT you must study and know what you are talking about to be successful! Our mutual goal is to spread the word that SPURT digital currency is here to stay and everyone should be using it, they don’t have to buy it like all others, they earn it! It is our job, our work and our opportunity to show everyone our alternative abundance commerce economy. You must be prepared to talk to retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers about our alternative economy! If you don’t take SPURT to your local community who do you think will? The first 200 DINER’S CLUB CARDS created in 1949 were issued to friends of the card creator, who took those cards? NO ONE! Each card holder went to the businesses they wanted to use the card with and told the story of DINER’S CLUB CARD, you have to learn the SPURT STORY TOO! You are going to be the touch point in your local community for SPURT and all our awesome protocols to make this world a better place! That is why I’m paying you the big money upfront so you will become the messenger in your local community but don’t do it by yourself, find three study buddies and do it together and go out two by two! Sound familiar? 

So how do you get paid your SPURT?  

STEP 1: create a SPURT ACCOUNT! SEE:  

You will need a PAYPAL ACCOUNT; they’re free to set up SEE:  this is a link from the Dominican Republic you probably will want to go to for your country link. 

You will need to fund your PAYPAL account with 50.00 Euros or approximately $65.00USD, once you have done that, you register on the  

You will use BRIGHT STAR WORK CENTER in the WORK CENTER section 

You will provide your MFC SPONSOR’S name and PAYPAL email address; you get this directly from your sponsor! 

If you have any questions you can contact SPURT ADMIN right on the site! Please don’t ask me for help as this is not my area of expertise, get your questions answered by reading the site first and asking SPURT ADMIN second, thank you! 

You will receive your account information in approximately 2-3 business days, be patient or become one! That’s all there is too it! 


SEE:!.html OR!.html  

At present the payroll process is done manually by me! Archaic I know, but I am working to integrate the SPURT PAY SYSTEM into the MFC back office but that has yet to happen so until it does I have to spend an hour or so each day scanning the downline for new member additions and it is very time consuming! I’m so busy with all my duties with BSWC I sometimes miss a member here and there and that is not what I want! So the solution is simple, you tell me when you need to be paid, who for and I will pay you within 24-48 hours of the receipt of your pay request notification email! The responsibility is now with you to tell me I owe you SPURT for your sponsoring efforts! This way I don’t lose any time and can act quickly to pay you when notified! This is a solid simple solution until we get the back office automated. It takes time and money to do this and both are tight right now but that will change in the near future I’m confident of that!   

So here’s what you put in the “PAY REQUEST NOTIFICATION EMAIL” (COPY & PASTE)  


Hi Gary,  


(Your first and last name)  



Please be advised I have sponsored (# of) NEW 1ST LEVEL MEMBERS in ASSEMBLY (#)  


(#) SECOND LEVEL MEMBERS under (names of Sponsors, list here)  


Or ASSEMBLY (#) CELL GROUP (#) is ready for payment  


Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this payroll request  


(Your name here)  


That’s all there is to it, I will do the rest! This helps me help you and I won’t miss anyone that is on top of their ASSEMBLY and CELL GROUP downline’s growth! So let’s continue to work together to get the word out on our fabulous digital currency earnings opportunities!  

So now you’ve gotten paid some SPURT now what? “What can I do with my SPURT?” 

1) Go to and study the options you have available here on this site to use portions of SPURT with VENDORS listed on this site. Don’t see what you are looking for? Approach the VENDORS you want to use SPURT with and bring them with you on the educational journey so they too realize the advantages of SPURT digital currency and our alternative abundance commerce economy! They can join for free and if they list their business on the they don’t have to pay for their SPURT ACCOUNT set up fee! They can take a portion of SPURT instead of offering discounts and create their own BUYERS CLUB using the UCofC/MFC database! So their capital outlay is ZERO! They gain more customers and maintain full profit margins! What business owner wouldn’t want that? 

2) If you have sponsored your first three UCofC/MFC Members you can consider: Now that you have earned 6000.00SPU, you can now purchase a CORPORATE PLATINUM SPU MEMBERSHIP! If you are ready to proceed, log in to your SPURT account, click on "Pay User" use MFC Acct# 1243810, add 5500.00SPU and put your name, CORP PLAT SPU MEMBERSHIP in the "description" section and SUBMIT and CONFIRM your purchase, skype me that you have made your payment and I will do the rest for you! Great success in all that we do to make this world a better place! 

PS: If you don’t know why you should be doing this please watch this webinar:  

3)  Together with others and private people, SPURT is working on connections to banks who would accept SPURT as commodities, which they are required to do due to the U.S. Law. We are also looking to buy banks and develop correspondent relations with each other, so that it will be easier to get the conversion of SPURT in your country. 

 As soon as this is accomplished, we will be able to provide Debit Cards, which you will be able to use on ATM machines. There will be limitations on those cards. We do not yet have a date for this, but it is worth considering this, before you decide to use the other options. 

We are VERY grateful to all people assisting us in this endeavor. Without them, all would look much different. 

 As soon as we were able to connect it all together, and we can say that all are working hard on this, SPURT will be just transferred to the account of the exchange facility you want to choose internally, and of course without fees for SPURT use, to the party exchanging, which might require a small % fee. 

 At that time we will announce what facilities are available as soon as this is completed. 

4) You may use your SPURT to back a line of credit to allow you to participate in the protocols outlined here:  

To do any of these protocols you will need to request an ICC # (Internet Catalogue Club Account Number 1000.00SPU) from either BRIGHT STAR WORK CENTER or your qualified ASSEMBLY LEADER, this may be available to you on credit with payment in SPURT when you have it. Please contact me via Skype for your qualified ASSEMBLY LEADER contact info! 

5) Wait for the PTDO/BSWC/SPWC Leadership to complete their bank purchases to allow for small amounts of SPURT to be exchanged to provide funds for day to day living expenses. We anticipate small fees similar to that of MoneyGram and Western Union to apply. We also are working on debit cards as well. 

6) Join with the BRIGHT STAR WORK CENTER “CALL CENTER” as an Independent Contractor to earn 20% commission in USD for referring businesses to the CALL CENTER and learn how to buy anything you want without spending your SPURT but using it to collateralize lines of credit for large transactions! 

SEE:  study these protocols and list your questions to be answered on one of our CALL CENTER WEBINARS coming soon!  

6) If you have available USD capital and you wish to accelerate your DIGITAL CURRENCY INVOLVMENT please read this link  and contact me directly with any interest or questions.  

WOW Gary! I’m overwhelmed!  I hear you! 

You are just normal, remember we have an entire alternative economy that does not involve debt and uses SPURT digital currency as its means of exchange and you just need to learn how to use it and that will take whatever time it takes, won’t it? You have to make a paradigm shift from the debt economy to the abundance economy! 

This will not happen overnight and is a work in progress for you and for us too! Do not expect instant gratification or you will be disappointed. If you could earn over 1 MILLION SPURT and it took you four years to learn how to use and exchange it, is there any better part time opportunity out there that can do the same? NOT!  

Isn’t that better than paying to go to college or university, pay $25-40K+ in tuition, come out unemployed with no job prospects because the job you studied for is either obsolete or moved offshore and you may even have student loans to pay back and how will you do that with no job? That sounds like the definition of debt insanity to me!  

You see, I can’t tell you how long it will take to learn what you need to learn and do what you need to do to be successful in our opportunities but I can tell you this, there are no better ways to secure your future than you are looking at right here! Herb Brown has earned over 1.8MM SPURT in less than two months with a capital outlay of $65.00USD for his SPURT ACCOUNT set up, if he can do it maybe you can to if you want it bad enough and will follow instructions! Are you coachable or do you have to reinvent the wheel? It is totally up to you! 

We have all these websites that someday you will need to review, it is not necessary to do them all now unless you have extra time on your hands! 

The most important sites are:  

Make sure you check out the 2016 NEWS updates on and/or  for the latest news, updates and webinar recordings and invitations! 

Also important sites but can be studied later on are:  

Administrative, tools, and older sites of value to eventually review are: ICC# BACK OFFICE SIGN IN 7070 PROTOCOL  free webinar system business cards free chat and call system  

garydouglas2015 & financialhope are my two Skype addresses=connect with me! 


We are here to help you be successful, study the websites, watch the webinars and attend the training sessions that are listed on the sites above. We have lots of tools for you to use and you are more than welcome to create your own, just make sure you follow the POLICIES AND PROCEDURES and get your tools approved! 

There is so much to tell and teach you so remember "the mind is like a parachute, it has to be OPEN to work!" So open your mind to not just UCofC/MYFUELCLUB but all the other wonderful programs, protocols and opportunities that will become available to you over time as an UCofC/MYFUELCLUB MEMBER! Stay tuned, this is just the start of the most awesome educational journey you will ever go on! 

One last thing I need to advise you on: 


I may not allow, at the present time and until otherwise changed ANY Muslims or Islamic organizations to transact any business with the UCofC/MFC. 

With this announcement being stated anyone who is of the Muslim faith should resign their position with and/or the Internet Catalogue Club.  

Now having said all this, if you are a Muslim by birth and not really by choice then you have the option to renounce your Muslim faith and be an agnostic, an atheist, anything you want, that is your choice! Choose better for you! Send me an email stating the fact that you are no longer a Muslim and we will talk about your involvement with UCofC/MFC, fair enough? For those of you who have called me a racist or a bigot, that is your choice but I’m not superior to anyone and I work with and have business associates/friends in all races and religions of the world, my wife is a Dominican black women, go figure, we just celebrated our sixth year anniversary on the 25th of June! 


Great success in all that we do together in the ULTIMATE COLLEGE OF COMMERCE and MYFUELCLUB to make this world a better place! 


Gary D Holmes 



SKYPE: garydouglas2015 & financialhope are my two Skype addresses; please connect with me as this is the best way to reach me for chats and calls. Please always chat first to see if I’m available before you call, thank you!