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All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer    German philosopher (1788 - 1860)



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July 15, 2016

A PERSONAL MESSAGE FROM Lavontae Kendricks  

Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a great day or evening where ever you are in the world! 

My name is Lavontae Kendricks and I was introduced to MYFUELCUB.NET by Andre Hobson a good friend of mine I've known for many years right here in the city of Compton California.  He told me about it and I instantly reviewed the information regarding the opportunity and I started this business the same day which was June 28, 2016! 

 Within three days I had completed my first CELL GROUP as I was hungry to see results and couple days later I received my payment of 123,000.00 SPURT! I was completely blown away and fell out of my chair seeing all those digits!!! From that point on I continued to study and review the material, it was so compelling and intriguing! 

 I couldn't believe Andre had led me to a gold mind of information in which it almost seemed almost too good to be true, nonetheless I continued and believed! I spoke with Gary Holmes personally and he explained to me how everything would work with clarity. Just listening to Gary speak with confidence, conviction, wisdom, knowledge and with the sincerity he possessed I was convinced that all this was a true blessing from God! Especially after we had the webinar with Gary, my brother Lazarus Phillips and Andre Hobson. After the webinar I was ready to rock 'n' roll again and nearly had my second cell group completed just a couple days later right before I met young lady by the name of Caroline from Kenya Africa who is now a part of my third cell group. 

 I shared with her my story of how I completed my first cell group in three days and earned 123,250.00 SPURT on July 12 just a day before my birthday. I told her everything I knew and how it was a huge opportunity to be involved in. She listened and believed! This young lady was a star out the gates. I mean she is so motivated she got me pumped and excited! She did everything she was supposed to do with zero hesitation and got it all done in a matter of days! Now she has completed her first cell group and everyone that she told this opportunity to has been working and duplicating the process. This is just beyond huge, I see what God is manifesting and it's going to be big!! Starting with her country, I am so happy and proud of her! She then introduced this opportunity to her father and now they want to start their own community using SPURT in Kenya wow.... just simply amazing and incredible!!  

This is just awesome, I truly believe that this is the hand of God as he is changing our lives around the world using SPURT, asset backed digital currency. God is transitioning the way this world has been operating and is now putting the good people back in power, amen! I'm just elated and overwhelmed at what is taking place at this time. Also I'm really excited about becoming a community leader and start my own community in my own home town right here in Compton and Lynwood California as well! Keep up the great work everyone, let’s change the world and make it a better place until the Lord God almighty returns! 

Amen blessings to all!!! 


Jan 30th, 2016

Happy Saturday!

It is amazing how our Heavenly Father continues to bring His people to us! Here's a wonderful email from Nicholas our newest member!

Hello Gary, 

It’s really a pleasure, honour and privilege knowing you, and I’m ready, willing and eager to learn all I can from you. I believe that God has directed our paths to meet to establish and fulfil his promises and desires for me through your network.

I have so many dreams, visions, projects and aspirations that I want to achieve, and the question I have been asking myself is how will these things be, as you began to share the things you share with me and the opportunities that are available, my eyes is been open to the numerous opportunities and prospect that is available.

Thank you for not keeping this information to yourself, thank you for having a heart to make this place a better place, thank you for the opportunities, help and assistance that is being made available to those that need it. God will bless you abundantly.

  Kind Regards,       

Nicholas C Nzekwu     


June 15th


This brief testimonial carries with it the most substantive weight in regard to my personal knowledge and transactions with Gary Douglas Holmes over the past 3 years. Gary is a man of high integrity, strong personal and moral character, and a fearless bearer of truth.  


Those who have the great fortune of knowing him are strongly compelled to follow him as their life changes for the better. I am amazed at how many hours this man puts into his day, every day; mostly to help other people improve their possibilities in life, while many of the rest of us nibble on chips and pop as we watch CNN etc… 


If you want to believe in a person that lives above pettiness despite forceful attempts to pull him into their lowly echelons, take a very long and careful look at Gary D. Holmes. He believes, as I do, that anything is possible to anyone that so believes (The universe is made of malleable thinking stuff into which you can embed your thoughts to mold whatever it is that you desire: see Wallace Wattles – The Science of Getting Rich). 


Lastly, while you are here by deliberate good fortune, take time today to ponder the following: 


All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident”.  Arthur Schopenhauer    German philosopher (1788 - 1860) 


“People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.” 

George Bernard Shaw  


Go Gary Go…. 


Kuria Njuguna, PhD 

June 4th

I am on a mission to become wealthy in a nontraditional way. Without having to give up my life to an 8 to 5 job, without having to start out with a bunch of money to invest AND without being in debt. A lofty goal perhaps, but fortunately I found Gary Holmes who seems to have similar goals. He is well on his way to accomplishing them. I am very grateful to ride on his coat tails with his wealth of experience and knowledge. I am now well on my way to creating wealth beyond my expectations in exactly the way I desired to. I think Gary and I both have an undying desire to change the world one life at a time. Gary is a true visionary and will not under any circumstances give up. Because he knows that what he is doing can change the world. It has certainly changed mine. Thank you Gary from the bottom of my heart for your steadfast desire to “Do Good” in the world.

Marianne O’Malley

June 1st

To All It May Concern: 

I have been associated with Gary Douglas Holmes and the Brightstar Work Center since 2011.  Thanks to Gary’s help I have completed numerous tasks for the Brightstar Work Center with great success.  Gary has time and time again made an extra effort to teach me how to understand the difficult and sometimes confusing protocols to complete these various tasks for the Work Center.

I have been impressed with Gary’s enthusiasm in helping all members of the Work Center despite numerous delays and a few setbacks outside of his control. I firmly believe Gary’s perseverance will bring great success to all of the Work Center members soon.

I would like to encourage Gary to continue his work and efforts as he carry on to bringing hope to those who are seeking programs like those which the Brighstar Work Center offer.   

Griff  Griffith  



5th May 2014 Greece 
I have been blessed with knowing Gary for 5 years now. He has supported and encouraged me throughout the years. I admire his belief system and NEVER giving up.
Through my experience with Financial Hope I have made true friends which I am so grateful for. My loyalty also lies with Estelle who has been my rock for over 6 years. This wonderful, strong, loving woman has given so, so much, in hand with Gary. 
I thank them for this opportunity that you will not find anywhere else in the world. We have to get out of the sheeple thinking and know that you are your own boss and you have the right to live the life you want. Snap out of it and open your eyes and mind to what Financial Hope offers. I value my friendship with Gary and I am honoured to be in his circle of influence.
I am so lucky knowing that my family and genarations to come will be taken care of in so may ways. 
Yours Humbly

To whom it may concern.  


I have been associated with Gary Holmes for the past 6 years, even before Financial Hope and I had a great time trying out other internet programs some of which were successful and some not.  However, when the opportunity arose for me to join Financial Hope, I jumped at the chance as I loved the concept and could see that if I put in the effort and time that I could be rewarded beyond my wildest dreams.  


This program is definitely not for the faint of heart. Due to the fact that Gary could see that I was very serious in re-directing my financial future and was prepared to put in the time and effort, he reciprocated by mentoring me every step of the way.  This I can tell you is very unusual.  Once an internet business opportunity has your cash, being able to get hold of management is virtually impossible.  Not so with Gary.  He is always prepared to give of his time to help and guide one through the maze of information.  


I have personally had tremendous success in my business and could not have done it without Gary’s constant encouragement.  There were many times where I was prepared to throw in the towel but Gary took the time to explain the protocols in layman's terms over and over until the light bulb went on.  He certainly had the patients of a saint with me!  


Over the years, Gary has become a good friend and mentor and I could not have achieved what I have without him.  



United Kingdom. 

5th May 2014  

3rd may 2014                                                                                                                                                     Bruce Harris  

Kambalda                                                                                                                                                             Western Australia

To whom it may concern,

I have known Mr Gary Holmes for more than 5 years now. I consider him to be my mentor, business partner and a good friend. 

I have seen Gary go through good and bad times yet he is still fully accountable and always contactable no matter what situations may arise.  

Gary tackles problems that most people would deem to be just too hard.  He faces things head on and doesn’t run away or turn his back. 

Gary has always shown me that he is a person who speaks his mind and he tells it how it is.  

I owe Gary a lot for all the help he has given me in my education to improve my leadership skills and to help me understand the business skills I still require to continue to be a leader.  

Gary has been patient and understanding with my learning curve and how he can best help me to achieve my goals, especially when I don’t always do what is required. He is still there and hasn’t left me behind.  

That to me says he cares and is a person of values and integrity which goes a long way with me.  

I strongly suggest people should get to know Gary Holmes before you judge him. In my experience Gary has given me and the people in my team nothing but the best with all good intentions and we will be forever grateful to Gary for that.  

I’m very honoured to have Gary as a friend and wish him all the best in business success.

Kind regards,  

Bruce Harris






I’m writing on behalf of my friend, mentor and business associate, Gary D. Holmes. 


I’ve knownGary now for a bit over 6 years.  In that time I’ve had opportunities to watch him in both very tough times as well as good times.  Believing that, what people are really made of, really shows through during those roughest of times, I have seen Garycome through with amazing resilience, while still doing everything possible to help others. 


Several events come to mind - when he was hospitalized, or had an accident which laid him up, or when his wife had to have surgery….every time he made sure that people were notified and was back keeping his commitments as soon as possible, when many would have just given up. 


Other times, when people associated with him were facing hardships, but doing their best to overcome, Garyhas been quite generous in finding ways to help. 


Keeping his word is very important to Garyand in every dealing I’ve had with him, he has done what he said he would do and not made promises he did not keep. 


Gary is not perfect, and neither am I.  However, when he does make a mistake, he admits it, corrects it and/or finds solutions where possible.    


He appears to me to be a giver, not a taker.  That’s one of the primary qualities I look for in people I do business with, as well as those I call friends.   I know that kind of person will always do everything within their power to make things right, when an issue arises. 


Therefore, I am honored to not only do business with Gary, but to call him friend. 




Kenn Goodenough

April 30th, 2014 

I have been fortuitous enough to have known Gary Holmes for approximately 5 years and during that time have had many dealings with him.

He has always exhibited the highest level of morals and stature while reaching out on many occasions to assist in a truly benevolent manner.

I have also witnessed a genuine desire for honesty and fair play in his pursuit for humanitarian projects and long term improvement for those less off.

There would be no hesitation from myself to recommend Gary to any of my circle of acquaintancesas I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with him.

Anthony G

Sydney Australia

To whom it may concern,                                                                                   4/20/2014 

I’ve known Gary D. Holmes since 2004 and I have been involved in several of the programs that he presented.  Although I lost over 100K through programs Gary endorsed, Gary is not the one responsible.  He didn’t physically take my money and I acted solely off of desperation for a better financial future.  What the public must understand, people who lost money in these programs had a choice.  Without risk there is no reward.  Moreover, I truly feel Gary has it in his heart to better the situation for all those involved.  It really isn’t his responsibility to “make good” on all of these losses, but I feel he will do so or die trying.  A line he uses verbatim.   

Gary is presently promoting the ICC and MFC.  Once again, I truly believe this will be the solution to his life-long mission of solving his and many others financial dilemmas.  If the public would just open their minds to this concept of commerce through capitalism, I truly believe all of the world’s financial problems could be resolved. 

I’m in constant prayer that the solution is near as presently many key figures in the financial world have finally started to listen.  I am now starting to feel better about my financial future and prayerfully others will do the same.  Please let the founders of this concept continue in their quest for a world-wide financial solution. 

Best regards, 

Peter Metell 


Dear Sir, Madame, 

 I am writing this testimonial for Mr Gary Douglas Holmes;  

Mr Holmes continually reminds us of how we as a group can be misunderstood using a quote by Arthur Schopenhauer  German philosopher; all truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. 

I have had the pleasure and privilege to work with, and be tutored by Mr Holmes since Mid 2010 where I and business partner Bruce Harris began our business and educational journey with Mr Holmes.  

I have found Mr Holmes to be a very honourable and conscientious person of very high standing who in every engagement has shown me great leadership through his principles and values which are legal and lawful and have high ethical and moral standards in which he continues to support and promote amidst great adversity.  

It concerns me that a few people in the global internet community would attempt to continually sully the reputation of Mr Holmes good name without investigating both sides of the story, as there are always 2 sides. I have always taken people at face value and it is how I took Mr Holmes.  

Mr Holmes showed us all the stories written about him and in my experience a liar and thief trickster usually will ONLY stick to their side of the story, but in this case Mr Holmes shared the details of BOTH sides and Mr Holmes gave us the opportunity to choose. 

 In my experience, people who will intentionally try to deceive and steal from you will NOT make themselves available to you nearly 24/7 and instead are very much a ghost and unreachable by anyone; and furthermore on every query Mr Holmes has always conducted himself in a very professional manner and if these allegations made against Mr Holmes name and good standing had any substance to them at all, I do believe I would have noticed them after nearly 3 and a half years now.  

I have NOT seen any evidence to support any claims against Mr Holmes. 

I am NOT a Lawyer, I am a business entrepreneur who while in Mr Holmes tutelage has been GIVEN more than Mr Holmes has received back. That seems a bit back to front don’t you think? That is an oxy-moron my friends, while I only speak for my own experiences, I know that there are many other people in Mr Holmes association who can vouch for the excellence and good conduct of this fine human being Mr Gary Douglas Holmes. 

I will continue to give my support to Mr Holmes in all his Endeavours and I look forward to sharing many joint business ventures and having a very bright and prosperous future with Mr Holmes. 

Kind regards, 

Laurence Edwards 


To Whom it may Concern: 

I have communicated with Gary Holmes by Skype since early 2010. Although Gary lives outside the USA he has not given me any reason to distrust him. I have been working with Gary on the Internet Catalogue Club (ICC) protocols which is a commerce through capitalism model club.  Gary has always been sincere in our dealings and I believe him to be honest and trustworthy.  

Due to Gary's webinars and instruction I have eliminated the need for dependency on social security and retirement income I have acquired over the years. Through the protocols that he teaches from the ICC I have learned how we can save on fuel, pay on taxes, eliminate debt, payoff student loans and gain health insurance for little or no premium. I have learned how to work with non-depletion funds by using promissory notes and international bills of exchange. Gary was also instrumental in introducing us to an offshore bank that gives 3 to 5% interest compounded monthly. All currency in this bank is 100% backed by gold and other assets and is not a part of the current bank system. 

I have read negative comments against Gary on the internet but have found that they have no basis and are untrue. Although there have been times things have not worked out the way I wanted them to over the years in dealing with Gary, I do not hold him responsible for these events because I do believe that it was out of his control.  I believe that Gary believes he is doing what he is doing to help others overcome their financial issues. He truly believes in the "Pay it Forward" concept. 

I believe Gary to be a Christian who loves his God in heaven and would find it difficult to cheat or steal from others. I believe Gary can be trusted and the protocols he teaches can be used to help mankind as a whole.

Rex Walker 

To Whom it May Concern:
I have had the pleasure of meeting Gary Holmes about four years ago on the Internet. I met him when I joined the Internet Cataloge Club as a member. During the years of our acquaintance, he has been very helpful presenting the different protocols that the Club has to offer. I have learned many key elements from his weekly presentations to release me from the debt money system. He is an honest, straight forward person and is dedicated to his work of helping others that will study the facts and work the Commerce through Profits protocols.
William P. Eason
ICC #101134997

Feb 24th, 2014

Two Testimonials received in the same day!


Since joining My Fuel Club, I have had several moments that I am in awe by the immense importance of this program. Show me something – anything - that frees one to the degree that My Fuel Club can. There is nothing. I am over the top inspired. 

Marianne O’Malley

Greeting to everyone,
What an incredible week it's been for me. After several attempts I finally made it down to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic and met with Gary face to face.
The trip was a long one with many challenges including a week stopover in Oregon, then across country to Newark (yuk). I tried to sleep but, I've never been able to while being a sardine on a plane. But with the all the challenges, the trip was more than worth it to see the early sunrise. OMG was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen! Flying over the big fluffy white clouds, clear blue sky and turquoise ocean as far as you could see...for hours. It was like flying out of hell and awakening in heaven.
Once landed customs took me only about 10 minutes. Once I got my $10 visa and picked up my bags, I walked out and there was Gary waving at me with his wife. He's an average looking guy with his beautiful Dominican wife both with great smiles to greet me. I at once felt at home and knew I was at the right place at the right time.
They took me to have lunch at a restaurant literally right on top of the water. I can't say enough about how beautiful it is. We got to know each other a bit better looking out at the ocean watching the kids play in the water while eating fresh fish.
I'd say he's like he is on the webinars. But, he's even 100X better in person. Let me tell you this man is for real. In all my travels all over the world I've gotten to know more people in my lifetime that most do in dozens of lifetimes. I have never met anyone like him. He is truly one of the best human beings I have ever met! He is honorable, down-to-earth, humble, loyal, faithful and very passionate about what he has to offer us. All the years he has committed himself to spreading the truth and sharing the solutions we have available makes him a true saint! He is truly a man of God or whatever you want to call our higher power. I'm at a loss of words. As I write this I have tears of gratitude for him being in my life. He not only walks his talk, he knows what he's talking about. He's still running in first place in the marathon. And when he tired he'll have helicopters to take us the rest of the way! (If you've been keeping up with the webinars you'll know what I'm talking about.)
So, screw all the crap about Gary on the internet. Now we can say we've met him in person. He's a simple man with a big heart and huge mission We are the incredibly fortunate benefactors of him and his mentor's many years of knowledge and wisdom. This is no BS folks and, I'd like to meet anyone who has anything which even come close to what he is offering us.
There is nothing more to wait for. We already know what all the problems in the world are.  Let's not focus on them any more and put all that energy into promoting MFC and learning how to use the ICC protocols. We just need to roll up our sleeves and get to work. The new protocols are making things much easier and have created even more opportunities. If you've kept up with the latest from IBOM, BVK is stronger than ever before with it being monetized with millions of ounces of gold. There are many of us right now who are using the club protocols to convert BVK 2.5 to 1 USD! And with the 70% discount store holy cow what more could we ask for? 
We truly do have the #1 best opportunity on planet earth bar none. We have the solutions. No one and I mean no one has accomplished what ICC has. We just need to spread the word and bring more people to get on board and get educated. It's up to us. 
Get on the website and and check out the latest news each week. Then register for the webinars next week and if you didn't hear last weeks webinars, you definitely need to! Don't get left behind whining about how screwed up things are in the world. Make a commitment of how many hours per week your going to spend participating on the webinars, sharing MFC and, how many people your going to share it with. We now have several different recorded webinars going back to Jan. each one with a different angle. 
Let me know your goals and I'll help you any way I can. 
Gary found me a nice simple furnished apartment near where he lives. And his wife did a wonderful job making sure I have everything I could possibly need, from sheets and pillow cases all the way down to the can opener. 
I'm working this full time and would love to talk to each one of you. Feel free to skype me anytime.
Let's make this a better world for us all and our future generations,
Lee Pfeiffer "Jahli'"
Founder / Project Coordinator
Planetary Action Network                  
'Paradigm Pioneers into a new Millennium'


Feb 12th, 2014

Hi Gary, I just wanted to thank you for all your inspiration tonite & every time I hear news from Bruce is like an energizer battery, you give me the boost I need to move forward. I appreciate this opportunity so much more, NOW that I understand it's unlimited ability to change lives forever. I have not read a lot of Jim Rohns books but have read numerous quotes of his over the years. I have always been intrigued by the lifestyles of the rich & famous, but more so by the Entreprenuers out there creating business out of nothing & living the lifestyle I want for me & my family. Being a Maori & non white New Zealander can have it's draw backs. Some people look down on yu as a BUG, & then there are people whom I have had the honour to met & have told me I can have anything I desire as long as I'm prepared to do the work. I guess I was just dumb enough to believe people who were selling the dream! I thank Amway for that, Dexter Yeager & Jody Victor...Rich Devos & Jay Van Andle. I have never been a Great reader, But I have always heard that Leaders are Time to change up to become even more than I am. In the nearly 3 years I have been around you & ICC, it has taken me TIME to stop fighting the learning curve & to also stop underestimating my own abilities. I must say it was a Kick in the guts when our christmas webinar told us we had to start from scratch where our business plans where concerned. All of my frustration was due to the honest fact that I didn't want to go thru the pain of learning, I am SOOO glad that I did, knuckling down & muddling my way thru was the best medicine I could of could say YOU gave me the best christmas present I needed..a Good kick in the pants & wake up gave birth to the learning curve & the business plan & MOU material you have seen for PROVIDOR GROUP so far. It also made me think of my team mates who quit the MOU at XMAS time because it was too hard for them to grasp, & for some it maybe way beyond their understanding. Which is why I have been working on a educational system to help guide folks through the Executive Summary Process, Business plan set up & MOU Documentation. Bruce came up with an Idea on how to make money from helping others process their MOU through US! & So because I knew how difficult it can be if YOU have never done any of this before, I came up with some ideas on how we could achieve that. Thing is Our Aussie team are always looking for the short cut & don't want to do the learning curve. Enter Providor Essentials Program or PEP for short, It will consist of up to 4 modules broken up so that the student doesnt get overwhelm & has set tasks & research to do while preparing their documentation for processing. It will be set in a Facebook Private group with access only via Me the admin, & it will have steps to follow with written & Video instructions..Just sometimes people need a hand to show them how...just as you did tonite in our webinar. they can only do 1 module at a Time, If they havent completed the assignments, they keep going until they DO!!! & only until they provide the completed home work will I open up the next module. I am hoping that this webinar has woken up those members whom have been fighting Bruce & my Ideas on how we can help them. People are at different levels of understanding & it obviously is very scary experience for them & even I had my own doubts in my ability..but Now having done 2 Business plans & now nearly 3 it gets easier for me..YES the old saying repetition is the mother of Learning. I am almost finished the first module & when it is complete I would like you to go through & see where I can improve..& also give it your blessing for test trial...I know there is a urgent need for this program amongst our members & we hope to implement this with every MOU in Bruces Line. Wow Ok a bit off track..But largely to say thank You Gary for all you do for not only Me but the entire team. I cant wait to meet you & thank You in person in the NOT too distant future. Ok Mate I'm done for Now, God bless & be talking soon. Laurence Edwards.
[2/11/2014 10:26:01 AM] Gary D Holmes: thank you so much! YOUR THANK YOU means the world to me!
[2/11/2014 10:26:29 AM] Gary D Holmes: I'm always here for you and will assist any way possible!


Dear Gary,

I write this letter to you out of gratitude, and wish to share the following amazing events with all of you…….as testimonial to others in the work centre.
I joined financial hope and the ICC just some two and a half years ago, and was taken under the protective wing of Estelle Thresher’s. I signed up in her down line and began the educational journey.

What a cumbersome journey is was…..only to reap the most awesome benefits of what the ICC/BCBG portrays in all its endeavours, of raising capital though commerce.

I initially purchased a property plus minus two months before I joined FH, and shortly after we signed the agreement and taking occupation of the said property, I realised that I was not going to be able to raise a bond though our local banks here in South Africa, to pay the seller for the home, due to the financial turmoil that the SA banks were finding themselves in. I had mentioned to the seller on numerous occasions that I had listed the property in discussion, for funding through our work centre, and that we were in fact going to be able to ultimately meet our financial obligations with them (the seller)

The seller was curious to find our more, and I subsequently also took them on the informational journey. With the assistance of Estelle Thresher, we sponsored the seller for the purchases of the required MBTM’s with her own CHIPS, and the client only had to raise the funds for the ticket fees associated with same.

After the UAPN was issued in favour of the seller, they had it notarized, and again with the help of my dear friend Estelle, we listed the UAPN with CEK for clearing in May 2011. The aforesaid was facilitated for the seller as a value added bonus, in return for waiting so long for the actual payment for the said property under contract. As the seller was quite anxious to get paid for the property, the additional benefits of us listing them too, pacified them to a certain extent, knowing that their UAPN was submitted though CEK for funding, and that they were going to receive this amount in ADDITION to the amount that I was going to pay them for the property.

I had also sumitted my own UAPN’s through CEK, and as a subsequence I was not able to finalise payment to the seller in a timely fashion, as CEK has not been funded yet. Again…….with the generosity and kind assistance of Estelle Thresher, we opened an IBOM account for myself, and Gary Holmes in addition to this, was also so kind as to exchange some of our ZCASH for BVK, and said BVK was subsequently deposited into my IBOM Royal CASH account.

Estelle and I had a brainwave, and realised that we should put the commerce system to the test, and I subsequently approached the seller and proposed to pay them for the property in discussion……. with BVK. The seller immediately agreed to open up their own IBOM account…….and for me to transfer the funds in BVK into their own Royal CASH account. I am now in the process of arranging to open up a T-bill acount for them as well, as the seller wants to invest a large portion of the funds into a twelve month investment portfolio.

The request for the transfer of the said property into my name was sumbmitted to the relevant attorneys…..TODAY!!!! J

Isn’t this A M A Z I N G……?????? This is history in the making folkes!!!! I am probably the first South African, that have purchased property with BVK currency…….!!!! BVK has had real value accross the globe since Friday, July 17th, 2009, and people here in South Africa are beginning to realise this…….slowly but surely. As soon as CEK comes to fruition, this seller will also receive the additional payment for his UAPN in due course……and all of this……..just because they believed in the system….along with Estelle and I.

I Just though I would take a couple of minutes, to share this with the rest of you folkes.

In all friendship I remain

Yours in service through HIS mercy and grace,

Andre Grobler
International Representative
ICC Sponsor No: 101201393

Tel: +2741 961 0335

Fax: +2786 617 0170

Cell: +2779 725 6956



Skype: andre.grobler3

André Grobler

Hello to all those of you who are truth seekers!

Here you will find a webinar that will give my side of the story refuting the negativity that is about me on the internet. This is 1 hour and 20 minutes long so make sure you have the time to watch it all.

But the long and the short of it is this, I've never been charged, I've never been picked up by any authority anywhere, I've never been arrested and when I was leaving the USA forever in 2009, why would the US Immigration Dept not have kept me for the FBI and the SEC as so many ignorant people say is the case? COMMON SENSE FOLKS says that the 3 letter agencies are better than letting a big criminal escape!

So why all the negativity about me? I have the key to release you from the debt money system and "they" don't want you to be FREE! EVERYTHING WE DO IS LEGAL, LAWFUL, ETHICAL AND MORAL do your own due diligence and you will prove it to yourself! No one can deny that the protocols we use have major banks and governments involved! We have the only alternative solution to the Debt Money System and it can be yours, all you have to do is study the facts for yourself!

A couple of things that I would like add that is not on the Webinar, I forgot the Doctor's name in this Webinar, it is Dr Joe Dahl, I think that is spelled correctly. It was his daughter that was "expecting" to receive $45,000.00 from the Lariat Group even though she never joined any of the Arbitration Programs that were offered by the Lariat Group. She didn't contact us directly, she instead went to Ed Snook of the Oregon Observer who proceeded to try and extort $45,000,00 out of the Lariat Group for her stupidity in purposely running up her credit card debt and buying a new truck, then expecting us to put her in Arbitration protocols to eliminate this debt. Funny thing is that she never joined our programs and NEVER paid is a penny yet Snook thinks it's OK and honorable to demand $45,000.00 from the Lariat Group even though she never joined us and our protocols! What kind of person does that? EVIL is the word I would use! He then proceeds to slander the Lariat Group so we shut it down, watch the webinar to hear and see the rest of the story!

Second, I was talking to my good friend Rich J. on April 8th about this same issue and he said the same type of situation had happened to a dear friend of his. This dear friend is under severe attack by the alphabet gangsters for promoting holistic health care MMS products that work so well that they now have charged him as a snake oil salesman and he is facing 37 years behind bars!


His friend gave Ed Snook $50K to "Save" him and his wife! His friend wrote all the articles that were published on the Observer's website (yet Snook told him that this enormous "defense fee" was for the writers, obviously NOT, it went into Snook's own pocket!) and his friend got "no defense" and no help and when his friend was getting out of jail after 31 days of unlawful incarceration Snook was to go there to pick him up and provide him with a small "left over balance" to assist his friend upon release and of course the honorable Snook never showed and kept the money! What about the $10K he wanted to "FREE" Eddie Kahn from the IRS? Did Kookie Kahn pay him the $10K, I sure hope not, Eddie Kahn is still in jail, the "Just US" system prevailed with or without Snook!

Since when does a legitimate newspaper charge for writing stories? Since Ed Snook is an extortionist that's when! I ask you, is this the kind of man you can believe, could work with to protect you, to be counted on? He is NOT and if you don't do what he demands he slanders you!

Snook says that I should take him to court if what he says is untrue? That is a real waste of time and money as it has nothing to do with right or wrong, it has everything to do with debits and credits in the fraudulant "legal system". There is never any justice to be found there! Watch the webinar to learn more about the "Just US" system!

Also I responded to the allegations on the worldlawdirect site asking anyone who had been "swindled" by me to send me a private email outlining their "loss" and not one person emailed me ever! So when no one came forward and I pointed this out on the site, the faceless, spineless accusors resorted to more slander saying I was having 3 way homosexual experiences and orgies! WOW! How low can these imbecils stoop?

If you want to believe this crap, that is your choice, but please understand one very important point, you can't fix STUPID!

Ask yourself this question "What will all the naysayers say when I and you who have joined me receive the funds we have earned through Commerce through Profits protocols?" WE will have the last laugh for sure and that time is coming real soon!

Now watch this webinar and see the truth and the facts in full color!

Great success to all those who see the TRUTH and join us to be His KINGDOM BUILDERS!

 2013-10-08 07.00 AUSSIE MFC TRAINING SESSION Gary Holmes refutes all