We are all about EMPOWERMENT, not ENTITLEMENT!

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer    German philosopher (1788 - 1860)


Hello to all those of you who are truth seekers!

Here you will find a webinar that will give my side of the story refuting the negativity that is about me on the internet. This is 1 hour and 20 minutes long so make sure you have the time to watch it all.

But the long and the short of it is this, I've never been charged, I've never been picked up by any authority anywhere, I've never been arrested and when I was leaving the USA forever in 2009, why would the US Immigration Dept not have kept me for the FBI and the SEC as so many ignorant people say is the case? COMMON SENSE FOLKS says that the 3 letter agencies are better than letting a big criminal escape!

So why all the negativity about me? I have the key to release you from the debt money system and "they" don't want you to be FREE! EVERYTHING WE DO IS LEGAL, LAWFUL, ETHICAL AND MORAL do your own due diligence and you will prove it to yourself! No one can deny that the protocols we use have major banks and governments involved! We have the only alternative solution to the Debt Money System and it can be yours, all you have to do is study the facts for yourself!

A couple of things that I would like add that is not on the Webinar, I forgot the Doctor's name in this Webinar, it is Dr Joe Dahl, I think that is spelled correctly. It was his daughter that was "expecting" to receive $45,000.00 from the Lariat Group even though she never joined any of the Arbitration Programs that were offered by the Lariat Group. She didn't contact us directly, she instead went to Ed Snook of the Oregon Observer who proceeded to try and extort $45,000,00 out of the Lariat Group for her stupidity in purposely running up her credit card debt and buying a new truck, then expecting us to put her in Arbitration protocols to eliminate this debt. Funny thing is that she never joined our programs and NEVER paid is a penny yet Snook thinks it's OK and honorable to demand $45,000.00 from the Lariat Group even though she never joined us and our protocols! What kind of person does that? EVIL is the word I would use! He then proceeds to slander the Lariat Group so we shut it down, watch the webinar to hear and see the rest of the story!

Second, I was talking to my good friend Rich J. on April 8th about this same issue and he said the same type of situation had happened to a dear friend of his. This dear friend is under severe attack by the alphabet gangsters for promoting holistic health care MMS products that work so well that they now have charged him as a snake oil salesman and he is facing 37 years behind bars!


His friend gave Ed Snook $50K to "Save" him and his wife! His friend wrote all the articles that were published on the Observer's website (yet Snook told him that this enormous "defense fee" was for the writers, obviously NOT, it went into Snook's own pocket!) and his friend got "no defense" and no help and when his friend was getting out of jail after 31 days of unlawful incarceration Snook was to go there to pick him up and provide him with a small "left over balance" to assist his friend upon release and of course the honorable Snook never showed and kept the money! What about the $10K he wanted to "FREE" Eddie Kahn from the IRS? Did Kookie Kahn pay him the $10K, I sure hope not, Eddie Kahn is still in jail, the "Just US" system prevailed with or without Snook!

Since when does a legitimate newspaper charge for writing stories? Since Ed Snook is an extortionist that's when! I ask you, is this the kind of man you can believe, could work with to protect you, to be counted on? He is NOT and if you don't do what he demands he slanders you!

Snook says that I should take him to court if what he says is untrue? That is a real waste of time and money as it has nothing to do with right or wrong, it has everything to do with debits and credits in the fraudulant "legal system". There is never any justice to be found there! Watch the webinar to learn more about the "Just US" system!

Also I responded to the allegations on the worldlawdirect site asking anyone who had been "swindled" by me to send me a private email outlining their "loss" and not one person emailed me ever! So when no one came forward and I pointed this out on the site, the faceless, spineless accusors resorted to more slander saying I was having 3 way homosexual experiences and orgies! WOW! How low can these imbecils stoop?

If you want to believe this crap, that is your choice, but please understand one very important point, you can't fix STUPID!

Ask yourself this question "What will all the naysayers say when I and you who have joined me receive the funds we have earned through Commerce through Profits protocols?" WE will have the last laugh for sure and that time is coming real soon!

Now watch this webinar and see the truth and the facts in full color!

Great success to all those who see the TRUTH and join us to be His KINGDOM BUILDERS! 2013-10-08 07.00 AUSSIE MFC TRAINING SESSION Gary Holmes refutes all