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If you or anyone you know needs prayer for any reason please send your request to and we will post it here for our PRAYERFUL MEMBERS to provide the needed prayers for each situation. If you are not a Believer then think positive for those in need!


My wife and myself have been fighting this itchy rash, My wife for 9 weeks, myself 6 weeks, and I am going to the ER at the hospital to see if I can get admitted to the
hospital so they can do some tests to find out what is causing this rash. We are running out of funds so I cannot hire someone to be with Lola, and it is a heart rending thing to be unable to take care of your
loved one!! We have no one in this area that can, come and be with my wife if they put me in the hospital, I have prayed to our Lord for help and so far there are
no answers. I know he has not forsaken us, but has a plan and it will happen. I have averaged 3-4 hours sleep for the last few weeks. Please pray for us and we thank you 
all for your prayers in the past. Your Brother and Sister in our Lord.
Cliff and Lola Chamberlain
407 Clinton Ave
Roseville, CA 95678-3138

Dec 31st

Lola is back in the hospital, please pray for her quick recovery and pray for Cliff too as he needs everyone's support during this challenging time!


Lola was supposed to come home today but she had problems with
her right eye this morning when she woke up and could not see out of the right
eye, so they are going to do a c-scan of her head area and see if they can figure
out what the problem is.
Lola had a c-scan and the right carotid artery is 90% blocked. We will get with the Doctor’s
and decide whether she is strong enough to go through the operation. She is a fighter but
this is the toughest decision we have had to make. We know that our Lord is with us 
to give us the strength and wisdom to come through because all things work through God
for our best interests.
Love to all and will have updates as time goes by.
Lola and Cliff 
Amen/Halleluiah, Jan 6th
Lola came home yesterday at 1PM and is very exhausted and (cranky) not really, she is so tried that she
needs to rest as the Doctor has told her. The Doctor put two stents  in
right artery and she did not have a lot of blood loss this time so she is
mending fast. The first nurse will be here in the morning and then they
will monitor her for awhile. I will update once in awhile as she heals.
Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts and we send our love to all.
Lola and Cliff 

Mar 25th


The operation went well and they had to put screws and then cover them. When she was in recovery
they had a hard time to get her blood pressure to go up over 100/50. They moved to intensive care and was giving her blood and fluids and trying to get her temperature about 74. When I left her temp was 97.  Her blood pressure was 121/60. She was alert and talking during all of this, 6 nurses all doing different things. The nurses said they wished all patients were like her.

I will check on her later tonight but she sent me home to get something to eat and some rest.
We have many people thru out the US praying for her. I will get some rest and tomorrow I will be at the hospital in the morning. thank you for your prayers. May you and all your families always walk in God’s light.
03/25/2015 Lola is Intensive Care, in recovery they could not get her blood pressure to raise up to where she could go to a normal room. She is improving slowly. We want to thank all for the wonderful prayers and love. I just talked to her nurse and she said she is in good spirits and responding to the blood and fluids being given to her.  I will keep everyone updated as I have time .
Lola and Cliff 

Oct 3rd

Thanks Gary. Just released from hospital late yesterday after 7 days there fighting severe complications following gall bladder removal. On full time oxygen for now. Improving baby steps for now with low energy level.
[10/2/2014 1:37:54 PM] Gary D Holmes: oh wow!
[10/2/2014 1:38:23 PM] Gary D Holmes: I will be praying for your complete recovery!
[10/2/2014 1:38:33 PM] Gary D Holmes: get well soon!
[10/2/2014 1:40:31 PM] Gary D Holmes: I have to do my webinar at the top of the hour but when you feel like you would like to talk let me know so we can set a time to get together
[10/2/2014 3:33:11 PM] Drew Williamson: Thanks much Gary. Extremely low energy level may kes it ly ehard to do much or talk with anyone. From Thurs 9.18 until a couple of days ago I was on an "ice chip diet". Now can only eat small amounts at a time and have no appetite. Will let you know when I can handle a call.
[10/2/2014 3:33:45 PM] Gary D Holmes: yvw get well soon!

July 11th

My wife Lola is in the hospital. Sutter Roseville Medical Center, She is having a tough time with her breathing. Keep us in prayer as we need all the prayers we can get. 
We send are love to all. 
Cliff and Lola Chamberlain 

June 1st

Griff Griffith request:

I am asking all of you for your prayers in helping me with a personal project of mine which I call “Project Twinspin”. The intent of this project is to help all of my family and friends who are experiencing health and financial problems, now and in the future. And it will help many of those people associated with the Brightstar Work Center and Gary Douglas Holmes. And while I can’t get into all of the details, it has the potential of helping many others, including me as well. 

May 9th

Gary, Had triple by-pass on 04/29/2014 came releases to 
care home and came home and will have 8-10 weeks 
recovery because of my age. 80 in August. Doing well 
worried about my wife taking care  of me, she's had 
by-pass surgery and has 6-7 stents in her body, has COPD and no money to buy her medicine, one is $275.00 other  
127.00 and my medicine is  about $200.00 to refill. so 
between rock and hard place. No energy to look at new 
plans. So we need a lot of prayers and financial help. 
That is the problem with living in the USA. Thanks for asking and May all your families always walk in God's light.  Cliff and Lola 

I do not know who these people are but if any of you want to assist them with the ICC protocols so they won't lose their home let me know. Also who referred them to this PRAYER REQUESTS site should come forward and assist them if they can too!

May 7th

Marianne O'Malley request for her mom Karen Walmsley

My mom, a fellow My Fuel Club member, has a blood bacteria and her body is working hard to let it go. Your prayers are appreciated

May 3rd

I do not know who these people are but if any of you want to assist them with the ICC protocols so they won't lose their home let me know. Also who referred them to this PRAYER REQUESTS site should come forward and assist them if they can too!

Please Pray For & Help My Brother Ron!

My Brother has had 3 back surgeries and the last one went horribly wrong! He suffers from pain that no one should have to suffer with. He is in pain 24/7. He has not been able to work since 2001 because of his injury. About 6 months ago his wife lost her SSI income and they are about to lose their home. If that happens they will be homeless. That's not something either of them can do in their current physical condition. My family is not in a place financially that we can help them. They are out of options. Please help them!!

Please pray earnestly for my Brother and his family and help if you can!

May 1st

Please pray for Clifford Chamberlain for complete recovery from a triple bypass surgery he is about to have!