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All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer    German philosopher (1788 - 1860)


ARE YOU READY FOR THE NEXT BIG WAVE OF THE FUTURE? Are you prepared for the advent of DIGITAL CURRENCIES? Do you have a plan? 

Here are some very important developments in the legalization of Crypto-digital currencies! 

Governor Jerry Brown of CA has just made digital currency legal tender in his State (see: )! The Texas Supreme court has recognized BITCOIN as legal tender, and “It’s important for government leaders to listen to their constituency,” states Andrew Hemingway, a New Hampshire Republican gubernatorial candidate. “New Hampshire is known as the Live Free or Die State and we have always been very strong in our independent ideals. The state has spoken —they want the opportunity to use innovative and convenient payment alternatives. I am happy to accept Bitcoin as political donations and want to make it as simple a process as possible for my supporters to do that. Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is the wave of the future and I want to do everything I can to allow people to use it —including for political donations of all sorts.” –SYS-CON Media  

Like it or not, Crypto-digital currency is the wave of the future and is here to stay! Are you ready? Are you prepared? Most businesses are not, but we can help! 

How would you like to quadruple your wealth in the next 12 months? 

Well, if you know the answer to this simple riddle, then you have a very good chance of doing so. 

Here it is: 

Do you know what a fax machine, a credit card, and the internet have in common? I’m going to tell you the answer a little further down in my letter! 

Before I do that, I'd like to tell you a quick story, about a businessman named Frank McNamara. 

You see, it was a blistery cold evening in 1949, and Frank had invited a number of his most esteemed colleagues to dinner at Longchamp's Restaurant located in the Empire State Building. Little did he know that at the end of the meal, he would make an embarrassing mistake that would end up changing the world forever! 

Among other things, this fateful error would 

  • Ultimately spawn a 21.6 trillion dollar industry, 
  • Redefine the way business was done in nearly every country on earth, and 
  • Launch countless Fortune 500 companies. 

In just a moment, you'll learn what this mistake was. But more importantly, you'll discover everything you need to know about new groundbreaking technologies that could bring the 64-year old industry McNamara unwittingly created to its knees. 

Not to mention, force thousands of companies all over the world, perhaps even your own, to completely rethink the way they do business. Investors and business owners who get in early on the secret behind these world-changing technologies stand to make some truly legendary profits. 

In fact, it's so big that we have to step all the way back to a frigid February evening in 1949 to put everything into perspective. As I already mentioned, on that fateful night, a businessman named Frank McNamara made a mistake that would change the world forever. 

You see, McNamara had just finished dinner at a plush New York restaurant with his lawyer and the heir to the Bloomingdale's department store fortune… 

When he discovered something that horrified him! 

McNamara had an incredibly busy work day prior to the dinner, and forgot to swing by the bank to withdraw cash to cover the dinner expenses. You see, back then, if you missed the 3:00 p.m. cut-off, the bank closed, and you lost all access to your money until the bank re-opened. There were no ATMs

So there was Frank, unable to pay for the lavish meal to which he had just treated his associates. Eventually, Frank was forced to call his wife and have her bring him enough cash to cover the bill. 

He was so thoroughly humiliated by the ordeal that he became obsessed with developing a way to never have to worry about carrying cash ever again. 

Now at the time, a handful of gas stations and other businesses were issuing "charge cards" that allowed their customers to run up a tab and then pay for everything later. But Frank was determined to take this concept even further by developing a single, multipurpose "credit card" that could not only be used in place of cash, but would also be accepted at a variety of different business all over the city. 

Sure enough, one year later, Frank returned to the exact same restaurant with the exact same friends, and yet again, no cash whatsoever. 

Only this time, rather than having to get his wife to bring him money, he simply paid for the meal with a small piece of cardboard that later became known as a Diner's Club card. 

Initially, Frank issued about 200 of these cards to friends and business associates. And at first, they were accepted at just 14 locations. But soon, Frank's little experiment sparked an all-out revolution. 

As you might expect, as news of this new, easier way to pay for everything, from clothes to groceries, spread more people began wanting to get their hands on the credit card Frank had created. 

And before long, things really started to snowball because as more and more people started using them, more and more businesses were forced to start accepting them or risk losing customers to competitors who did! 

And, once more and more businesses began accepting them, even more people wanted to start using them! It began snowballing rapidly. In fact, just over one year after Frank paid for dinner with his Diner's Club card, over 42,000 people were using them regularly in major cities all over the country. 

2 years later, they were being accepted in places as far away as Canada, Cuba, Mexico, and the UK. And by 1955, they'd taken hold in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. By 1959, over one million people were carrying the card Frank had invented, meaning its usage had grown 5,000-fold in less than a decade. And by 1967, it was accepted in over 130 countries around the globe. 

Strangely enough, it's that wildfire growth in the credit card industry that brings us back to our original question. 

What do a fax machine, credit card, and the internet have in common? 

Using the power of the "Network Effect" they reached a critical mass, or the "Tipping Point" to become world-changing technologies. 

And just like the fax machine, credit card, and the internet, Crypto-digital Currencies are about to do the same. I will explain this in just a second, but first let’s find out what the network effect is. 

Put simply, the more people who use it, the more powerful it becomes even for people who were already using it! 

Let me explain: You'd agree the first fax machine was pretty useless, right? You could not send fax to anyone. But the millionth fax machine meant that for the first time ever, you could send documents around the world instantly! And most importantly, the millionth fax machine made the first 999,999 fax machines even more useful because there was one more location they could send a fax to. 

Likewise, each new credit card user made being a credit card accepting business more valuable. And each new business made being a credit card holder more valuable. The two feed into each other making for very rapid growth! 

The same goes with the internet… the first person "online" could not send an email because there was no one to send an email to. But today we all use email. The more users have an email account the more valuable it is. 

Digital Currencies are at the very beginning of their network effect lifecycle…With each new user, the network becomes more valuable! Right now there are a couple of hundred Digital Currencies out there, so which ones should you choose? 

Our Private Member organization has championed the creation and the use of the asset backed digital currency called ZCASH and we are the only private organization that has the ability to “clear” any and all digital currencies anywhere in the world! We have two in house digital currencies that have stood the test and the challenge of the “system” and have access to another Gold Backed Digital Currency as well!

Please read on: 


ZCASH was "born" in 1996 and CHIPS were first used in 1999! 

In 2006 the US SEC began an investigation that led to a lawsuit in US FEDERAL COURT in Houston, Texas, that included in its ramifications an attempt to have ZCASH and CHIPS declared to be securities. That lawsuit provided a forum whereby ZCASH and CHIPS were presented without dissent to have USD value of $2 USD per each ZCASH and CHIPS to be valued at $1 USD each. Proof was provided through declaration of associated funding as presented by the US SEC to the Court. 


That lawsuit ended with a mutually accepted consent decree so that no judgment regarding ZCASH and CHIPS being securities was rendered by the Federal Court and, thus, no precedent was set by that litigation. However, after the case was closed, in a ruling associated with a tax audit, the IRS declared that income obtained through payment in USD bank deposit funds for the transfer of CHIPS, in accordance with THE INTERNET CATALOGUE CLUB protocols, was to be declared as ordinary income and not as capital gains. 

Digital currency came under scrutiny again in US FEDERAL COURT in Houston, Texas, in a government lawsuit related to BITCOIN. That lawsuit resulted in the Court ruling that BITCOIN is lawful USA currency. That ruling did establish legal precedent. In consonance with that legal precedent, this week two States, California and Massachusetts, have passed legislation making Digital Currencies legal tender. 


That new legislation opens doors wide for business as initially conceived and embodied in the INTERNET CATALOGUE CLUB in 1996. 


To more firmly comply with these new laws, BITCOIN is now acceptable, as are other listed currencies, to acquire TICKETS through the INTERNET CATALOGUE CLUB PRODUCTS section of THE TREASURE CHEST Portal of; which TICKETS may be exchanged for the same number of ZCASH, regardless of the currency used to acquire the TICKETS.  


Thus, as of this publication, ZCASH has re-emerged as the cornerstone of CLUB business; and, BITCOIN value has firmly been established as equivalent on a unit basis to USD, EURO, and other listed currencies. Through TICKETS, listed currencies may be converted to ZCASH with the same unit exchange rate -making all exchangeable currencies have the same value; CHIPS registered in effect double that value. 


UAPN and IBOE may be exchanged for ZCASH, tripling the value for the Acceptor/Beneficiary; CHIPS registered in effect provide a total of six times the value. Subsequent use of ZCASH provides an additional equal value of CHIPS. 


Thus, using ZCASH for clearing of UAPN/IBOE, the value of these DOCUMENTARY FUNDS can be multiplied by a factor of nine. "Clearing" for ZCASH and CHIPS, with additional leveraged value has been available as per ICC RULES found in the LIBRARY in www.incredible-concepts.comsince 1999. "Clearing" for ZCASH and CHIPS through the COMMERCIAL EXCHANGE KIOSK has also been available for many years. "Clearing" as per ICC RULES remains unchanged. 


However, as of this publication, "Clearing" through the COMMERCIAL EXCHANGE KIOSK has been modified. "Clearing" is a commercial process and arrangements have been made for the COMMERCIAL EXCHANGE KIOSK to now use business executed through THE ENERGY STORE found in www.chips-corner.comas its commercial “Clearing” method. 

"Clearing" as per ICC rules involves the transformation of ZCASH and CHIPS into BRICKS, BLOCKS, and FAT CATS; with subsequent engaging in factoring of purchase orders. 


"Clearing" through THE ENERGY STORE involves promoting use of that facility by parties that include components of ENERGY SOLUTION in purchases or projects they undertake. Thus, to take advantage of either "Clearing" method a Member must be proactive in promoting commerce. 


In short, each Member is empowered to promote business and have profits used to provide "Clearing" and without this active participation in business by a Member there will be no "Clearing" for ZCASH or CHIPS to benefit that Member! 


This is not a matter of policy; it is a requirement of law.Because of the leveraging of value provided through ZCASH and CHIPS, a passive stance by a benefitting Member could cause "Clearing" to possibly be considered as an action regulated by securities laws! 


Thus, to underscore, all "Clearing" of ZCASH and CHIPS to benefit a Member requires active promotion of commercial business by the benefitting Member. As an example of use of ZCASH and CHIPS to increase value, taking advantage of the now explicit status of "legal tender" that California and Massachusetts have provided to Digital Currency, as well as USA FEDERAL COURT proceedings and rulings, plus USA IRS ruling, at the request of a Member or as may be instructed by its Board, INTERNATIONAL ENERGY CORPORATION could satisfy its contracts to discount UAPN and IBOE by exchanging these for ZCASH and CHIPS. 


To facilitate this, the COMMERCIAL EXCHANGE KIOSK would accept ZCASH and CHIPS thus obtained and submitted by IEC the same as submittals from any Vendor. That would multiply by nine the total value that a party contracting to have UAPN and IBOE discounted could receive. A Member receiving ZCASH and CHIPS through this process may legally use these to directly engage in business or may choose to exchange these for USD bank deposits through ICC RULES or through the COMMERCIAL EXCHANGE KIOSK. 


The practical result of the measures discussed herein is that Members are expected to promote clean energy in any of the forms suggested in ENERGY SOLUTION in www.chips-corner.comin order to receive full benefits related to CLUB business.  


As a footnote, the acceptance of BITCOIN as currency by THE INTERNET CATALOGUE CLUB, with exchange of BITCOIN for ZCASH and CHIPS as per protocols, which leverages the value thereof, and allows for “Clearing” through commercial processes as indicated herein can protect BITCOIN users from doomsday scenarios recently discussed and published by a BITCOIN panel. (end Advisory) 


Just like credit cards all those decades ago, digital currencies are taking the world by storm, but it’s still in the very early days yet, which is great for you and me, because that spells opportunity for us. You can be there first in your market place offering digital currencies and attracting new customers!  


Here’s another story from our development of CHIPS! 


CHIPS are like “air miles” they are earned by making purchases, member to member, major difference is that instead of a miniscule percentage of the purchase accumulating for you, our basic member earns 25% of the purchase in CHIPS! (1 CHIPS=$1USD), now that’s substantial!  


When we first introduced CHIPS we had a new farm owner member who went to his local feed and seed store; where he purchased $300K annually from this store. He felt that an additional 25% in CHIPS couldn’t hurt even though he didn’t really know much about them as they were recently added. So he offered the store owner a $1000.00 membership for free, stating that this would allow him to receive 25% on all that he purchased from the store owner and the store owner could also receive 25% on those purchases as well. That’s $75,000 extra EACH for doing what they are already doing! “It’s better to have them than not, wouldn’t you agree?” he said. Well the store owner refused, said it was too much trouble to do the necessary paperwork and he wasn’t interested in any more work! So the Farmer Member thanked him for his time and went to the competitor down the street and offered the same opportunity of which the competitor happily accepted the membership and CHIPS and he was now in receipt of $300K’s worth of new business plus an additional 75K in CHIPS! Makes good sense doesn’t it?  


Now let’s talk about the moment a new technology reaches the point of critical mass, or its "tipping point." This concept was made famous by the book The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell. 


Gladwell describes the concept of the "tipping point" as "the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point." And once this point is reached, mass adoption explodes in just a few short years and is then considered "mainstream." Once this explosion in growth is finished the opportunity for incredible, life-changing profits has passed. 


The key is to get involved just before the tipping point. Once everyone is using it, doing it, or knows about it… it is probably too late to participate and expect incredible profits


The innovators are the pioneers who see the technology's potential.  


ICC is the true innovator as we started digital currency in 1996 for ZCASH and 1999 for CHIPS in our “Private Members Only” CLUB! 


The early adopters are the entrepreneurs and tech-savvy folks who build the infrastructure around the technology to make it useful. 


That’s exactly what we have done here at ICC and now all you have to do is to come learn how to use it!   


The early majority can use the "new" technology with relative ease, and the "late majority" comes along once all the problems are solved. 


The old-timers or laggards, straggle behind, as they probably don't like change, and want to stick with what they know. But the curve eventually forces everyone into adoption. Because the new way is simply better! 


Here’s a quote that sums it up! All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer    German philosopher (1788 - 1860) 


With the internet, tech geeks were the innovators in the early 1990's, working with C:// and run DOS run in order to send a single email, which took about 10 minutes to do, and only a few people who actually could receive it on the other end. It wasn't until the infrastructure was built that made sending email as easy as compose-type-send. That is when the early and late majorities and laggards came along. Now it is so easy that your grandmother is sending emails with ease, and probably even has her own Facebook account. 


Digital Currency of all types is very much like the beginning of the internet. Our proven ZCASH and CHIPS are even better! When you buy with ZCASH you double your money when you use it! No other digital currency on the planet does that! 


It is my opinion that we are actually still in the innovator/early adaptor stage and on the cusp of hitting the tipping point.  


That is point where usage explodes because the innovators create the technology that makes it as simple as compose-type-send. They make it “grandmother ready” if you will. And those who get involved before the early and late majorities will make heaps of money as the masses climb on board. 


And this is where ZCASH shines. You see, let’s say you were back in the 90's and you knew that the internet was going to be the next big thing. How do you make money on it? Unfortunately you still have to pick a horse. You could invest in Google or Alta Vista or Excite or one of the many other search engines we don't remember. 


You could not just invest in "the internet". The internet is just a protocol that all of these companies use. It was free and unlimited and anyone could use it. There was no way to make money without participating in a company. 


If you join our private CLUB and use ZCASH you double your money every time you use it, NOTHING is better than ZCASH and CHIPS! 


And yes there is hundreds of millions of dollars of Venture Capital money racing to build the next "Killer App" in the digital currency world. Some will succeed and some will fail. But because ZCASH is gold backed and all of these companies need ZCASH and our “clearing” to make their business work we are already the winner to work with! 


Rather than bet on a horse… It’s possible to own the race track! That’s right, with ZCASH and our multiple digital currency clearing, rather than pick a horse; it's possible to own the race track! 




The good news is most businesses are still completely in the dark, meaning you can take advantage of the general population's ignorance, and get in before the masses start wanting to use all these alternative digital currencies! If you want to maximize your upside potential, you have to act now. Of course, if you are anything like me, you're probably a bit skeptical when it comes to new technologies. 


You may be wondering if digital currencies could really be as big as Credit Cards, PCs, or even the Internet. It's a fair question, and while there are certainly no guarantees, you should probably know this, some of the world's most brilliant minds are betting big on exactly that. 


• Google has secretly been "working in the payments team to figure out how to incorporate digital currencies into [their] plans." 

• Amazon has been awarded a digital currency-related patent. 

• Even Apple, who initially acted anti-digital currency, has come around and is now allowing "approved virtual currencies" in their app store. 

So what do Google, Amazon, and Apple all know? 


The adoption curve is coming - and it will be very, very steep. The famous hockey stick graph is certainly what leaps to mind. In our opinion, those who get in now, have the opportunity of the century to make life-changing gains. Those who wait, will just enjoy the benefits of this amazing technology, but will not profit from what you are reading right now in this letter. 


After all, any time a market that big is about to experience a major shift, participating in the technology behind that shift is a no-brainer. So why hasn't everyone and their grandmother piled on too? Simple: because up until this past year, it was too hard to use. 


It’s just like the internet back in the early 90's. Before Google! Before Facebook! Before YouTube! Back when it took 10 minutes and computer coding skills to send an email. Back when very few folks used the Internet. 


But just like the Internet, Digital Currencies are changing, and fast. And as soon as it does, your grandma will be using ZCASH and CHIPS, and it will be too late to make big gains. 

And the rewards start right now. 


Today, on this page only, you will have a one-time opportunity to get hold of a website URL detailing exactly why ZCASH and our “clearing” is poised to take over the payment world, and how you can position yourself to make incredible profits in the next few months. 


Right below this letter, you will find your special invitation to access this website URL! This website will show you how you can get started using ZCASH right away, receive it and use it to pay your employees, build your business and trade with other business partners you already work with!  


Here’s another Story:  


A correspondent for shows up at a hotel to do a review of the hotel, the facilities offered and the quality of the rooms. He explains this to the hotel manager and the hotel manager says that’s great but for you to review the hotel and have the ability to look at the rooms and the facilities I will need a $300.00 security deposit from you to insure that if anything is missing or damaged I can repair or replace and make whole to the hotel. The correspondent says that it is an unusual request but as long as I get the $300.00 back when I leave I will do so! So the correspondent gives the hotel manager the $300.00 and the hotel manager gets one of his staff to escort the correspondent around the hotel to do his review.  

The hotel manager quickly runs next door to the catering company and pays them $300.00 for the last catering job. The catering company runs next door and pays the farmers market where they got the food stuffs to be catered $300.00. The farmers market who now has the $300.00 runs next door to the doctor’s office and pays the doctor $300.00 for a visit owed to him. The doctor who now has the $300.00 goes to the hotel and says to the manager that his mother in law is coming to visit and he would rather have her stay at your hotel than with him and pays the hotel manager $300.00 for three nights! About that time the correspondent returns to the hotel manager and says he has evaluated the hotel and rooms and they all look great, now can I please have my $300.00 back? The hotel manager gives him the $300.00 and says thanks for the great review! And life goes on!  


That is what it is all about and just like going to another country and using their currency you would need to “clear” the $300.00 to that country’s currency. That’s what’s happening here but in a much bigger way worldwide and the only time you need to “clear it” is when you want to use the local currency! Now “plug in” ZCASH or any other Digital Currency above and you will see what is about to happen! 


If you're like me when I first heard about it, you may be thinking, "This crazy internet money will never work." 

Or you may also have heard some things about digital currencies being only for drug-dealers, or a "Ponzi scheme," or having been put out of business by the SEC. 

I don't blame you. I thought the EXACT SAME THING. 

But it’s all false reporting from people who do not understand it. The truth is… 

Digital Currency is being used by fortune 500 companies to improve the way they send and receive money. And for many big banking institutions, this is a scary reality! Within the next few years, Digital Currency will take over the way we transfer value for goods and services, just like the internet has taken over the way we share information. 

Knowing about this before the general public has incredible value for business, investing, and growing your personal wealth, don’t you agree? 

If you have agreed, please send me your request for more information and let’s get you started on your way to using SPURT, ZCASH, CHIPS and any other Digital Currency out there that you want to include in your business! 

Thank you! 

Send your request to: 

Put “send me the site so I can get started with ZCASH” in the subject line and in the body of your email please provide me with all your contact info! 

Great success in all that we do to make this world a better place using Digital Currencies through Commerce!