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All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer    German philosopher (1788 - 1860)



Dec, 3, 2016

Hello and welcome to our DIVVEE.SOCIAL UPDATES AND TRAINING PAGE! Here you will find additional updates and webinars to assist you in understanding and building your DIVVEE.SOCIAL TEAM. You need to focus on sponsoring 10 members who pay $25.00 via credit/debit card before Dec 31, 2016. The price will go up to $50.00USD on Jan 10th, 2017 after they have done their official launch. There will be no enrollments between Dec 31, 2016 and Jan 9th 2017 so please get it done within the Dec 31st time window!

Dec 24, 2016

Divvee.Social Leaders,

Our awesome development team has been working day and night to get everything ready for you. Tonight, we will be releasing the new enrollment system. Over the holiday weekend, and throughout the coming weeks, we will be continually adding new features to your affiliate dashboard. Soon you will be able to verify your personal information, view your Personal Enrollment Network, and so much more! Click the button below to login and receive your personal invitation link (you will need to reset your password before getting access to your invitation link). Once you have your invitation link share it with everyone you would like on your team.

The December 31st, 2016 deadline to become a Divvee.Social affiliate for a one-time cost of $25 is fast approaching! There’s only one week left. Now is the time to make sure everyone you know can share in this amazing opportunity with you.

We thank you for all the work you have done and will continue to do as we work together to build the Divvee.Social community. Let’s do this!

Sign up here:

Dec 19, 2016

On the DIVVEE.SOCIAL front they are offline doing major back office work and have posted these updates for your review! 

To:                       My Team and Others 

Subject:             Upcoming Google Hangout 

I would like to take this time to discuss the recent email from Divvee Admin, Tuesday December 13th pertaining to the current “Power-Down” in progress.  They have stated in the past that when they were ready to launch the new system so that we could test it, it was stated that a brief power-down period would be needed.  We are now in that period and all members should be poised to take advantage of this time to review their membership and focus on expansion and be ready to test it. 

This is the main reason for this email, on Thursday evening, if past history predicts the next activity, we should receive notice of the next Google Hangout.  At the last Hangout, they said that good things would be coming and the video link below released yesterday discusses this somewhat.  It is an executive overview of what could happen, although there are no specific there are some indications for the “astute” observer.  Watch for the Google Hangout notice from Admin, I will forward it to all once I see it. 

Here is the video link… 

To: My Team and Interested Free Members

Subject: Divvee Hangout

Unfortunately, we haven't seen an announcement for the Divvee Hangout this evening. However, there is a recent discussion video introducing the new CFO on this video, Derrick Schutz. Remember, as Divvee adds more management for the large tasks ahead, startup moves closer and closer. "Gather your flocks"
and get ready to move!!!
Here is the video link:
Please share this with your teams and as I get more information I will pass
it along. We are getting ready! 

To: Ronvan Divvee Team and Members
Subject: Divvee Update #3

This is the latest in information from Admin...the message here is to delete
any and all Divvee advertisements where ever they exist. Please take 5
minutes and watch this latest update here:
Please pass this on to your team members and anyone you know that is
advertising on any social media.



Divvee.Social Affiliates 

So many of you are working so hard to share the vision that is Divvee.Social. We love it! And we appreciate it. As with anything in life, however, it is important that we do so in the correct way.  

Right now there are numerous websites, posts, comments, and videos about Divvee.Social, Rank & Share, and other corporate brand elements that create brand confusion and potential legal issues. For those reasons, we need to clean up what is found in the public domain. 

Therefore, we require EVERYONE to remove ALL media from places like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, websites, and other similar media outlets. In other words, if our Compliance team can find any content that does not belong to corporate, it is not allowed; and failure to remove them may result in disciplinary action as outlined in our Policies & Procedures.  

In the future, we will be in a position to review requests from you and your teams to share the opportunity in all of those media outlets. However, at this time in cannot be done in any public form.  

To share any information regarding Divvee.Social, simply provide your personal link and keep all other discussions private or out of the public domain.  

We appreciate your compliance and professionalism in this matter. 

Divvee Corporate Team 

I will provide an update ASAP when you can once again join for the onetime fee of only $25.00USD until Dec 31st! You don’t want to miss this opportunity to get paid for your opinion! 

Dec 14, 2016

Here's a Corporate Update from DIVVEE!

Divvee.Social Leaders,

We continue to be amazed with the work that you and your teams are doing, especially since we are still in start-up phase as a company. The energy and growth happening all over the world is simply unparalleled, and it fully illustrates the power of social media, word of mouth marketing, and the role we all have as Influencers. Here at Divvee.Social Corporate we are working overtime to keep up with all your incredible efforts.

We’ve been telling you about all the hard work behind the scenes to improve our processes and systems today we are excited to announce that it’s time. We have some incredible technologies to roll out. But in order to add the final touches we need to power down access to all Divvee.Social services. This power-down will begin tomorrow, December 13, 2016, at 12:00 PM Mountain Standard Time. This brief interruption is temporary and necessary, and it will allow us to finalize many of the key enhancements that you have requested, and we know you and your teams are going to LOVE them.

To make sure you are up to speed on this process every step of the way, we are committed to daily updates while the system is down. Watch for videos, emails, and social media communications from our CEO, Founders, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Relationship Officer. In fact, we are going to tell you all the details of this next step tomorrow, 12 pm MST, in our first ever Executive Update Video! These videos give us the opportunity to keep you informed; so, be sure you tell your leaders and your teams to tune in tomorrow and that good things are coming their way.

Divvee Corporate Team


Divvee.Social Líderes,

Estamos asombrados con el trabajo que usted y sus equipos están haciendo, especialmente por lo que todavía estamos en las fases iniciales como empresa. La energía y el crecimiento que suceden en todo el mundo es simplemente incomparable, e ilustra plenamente el poder de los medios de comunicación social, la comunicación de su voz, y el papel que todos tenemos como influyentes. Aquí en Divvee.Social Corporativo estamos trabajando día y noche para mantenerse al día con todos sus esfuerzos increíbles.

Hemos estado hablando de todo el trabajo duro detrás de escenas para mejorar nuestros procesos y sistemas hoy estamos muy contentos de anunciar que es el momento. Tenemos algunas tecnologías increíbles para desplegar pero para agregar los toques finales necesitamos apagar el acceso a todos los servicios de Divvee.Social. Esto comenzará mañana, 13 de diciembre de 2016, a las 12:00 PM hora estándar de la montaña. Esta breve interrupción es temporal y necesaria, y nos permitirá finalizar muchas de las mejoras claves que usted ha solicitado, y sabemos que a usted y a sus equipos les va a encantar.

Para mantener a todos informados de este proceso y cada paso del camino, nos comprometemos a darle actualizaciones diarias mientras el sistema está inactivo por medio de videos, correos electrónicos y comunicaciones de medios sociales de nuestro CEO, los Fundadores, el Ejecutivo de Tecnología y el Ejecutivo de Relaciones. De hecho, vamos a contarle todos los detalles de este próximo proceso mañana, a las 12 pm MST, en nuestro primer Video de Actualización Ejecutiva! Estos videos nos dan la oportunidad de mantenerlo informado; Así que, asegúrese de decirle a sus líderes y sus equipos que nos acompañen  mañana y que las cosas buenas están llegando a su manera.

Divvee Equipo Corporativo

Dec 12, 2016

Happy Monday Everyone!

Here's another DIVVEE update from Ron my sponsor!

To: My Team Leaders & Interested Parties

In reviewing my group numbers this evening I have to bring up a very
important subject, "Building Your Organization". There are two major events
which will affect your ability to secure a good income with Divvee when we
launch January 10, 2017. Those two items are the "5-10-20" rule and
"Dynamic Compression". By not paying attention to these two very important guidelines, your ability to earn is drastically reduced causing you to repeat the Rank & Share process, possibly more than you would like and earn less than the maximum possible which leads to frustration and quitting.

First the "5-10-20" rule, I have discussed this before and what it means is
this. From now until we go through the launch on January 10th we will be
given 20 Apps a day to Rank and Share very soon, just as if we had recruited 10 or more members to our organization. After the launch, the 5-10-20 rule will take effect. If you have sponsored less than 5 members you only get 5 Apps a day, less than 10 but more than 5 members gets you 10 Apps a day and over 10 gets you 20 Apps a day. If you use the maximum number of devices of 5 and have an organization of 10 or more, you will be able to acquire 100 points a day which is a $100 gift card of your choice. You make the choice which fits your lifestyle the best, as for me....this is money with little effort. However to each his own....

As for Dynamic Compression, Please Please watch the first 15 minutes of this video, it explains the whole concept and if you want to see the entire
compensation plan, then watch the other half of the video. It is very easy
to acquire $1000 or more a month using this system of Gift Cards and then
recruiting others to do the same. Just watch this video....and as an aside,
when you go to You Tube put Divvee into the search engine and check out any video from the large number that are available. A word of caution, Divvee changed the entire program about mid October because of many factors, so any video on Divvee that is more than 2 months old, take it with a grain of salt. Here is the video that makes the difference

Video rank and share

Thanks for your time and please take this message very means everything to your future success.



Dec 11, 2016

Here's the SPANISH introductory email you can use! Be sure to put your link at the bottom and remove Dahiana's!

Por favor, lea este correo electrónico, usted sabrá de alguien que lo necesita AHORA, incluso si no es para ti! ¡Los adolescentes harán explotar esto!


Asi es, DIVVEE.SOCIAL está lanzando su impresionante y nuevo RANK y SHARE APP (CALIFICA APP Y GANA) Y puedes ser parte de este magnifico programa antes de que llegue al lanzamiento oficial el 10 de enero de 2017 por sólo $ 25.00USD (antes del 31 de diciembre) o incluso GRATIS!

Recibí este correo electrónico de un amigo esta mañana y normalmente borraría este tipo de correo ya que tengo mucho que hacer! Pero mi familia esta pasando por una situacion financiera dificil y al ver esto observe lo grande que era en el mercado pense en lo mucho que se podian beneficiar tanto ellos como yo.

Tambien pense en esas personas que sus ingresos al mes no sobre pasan los 10,000 pesos mensuales, trabajando 8 horas al dia, 5 dias a la semana. Si lo calculamos por hora solo serian 50 pesos la hora. Es un abuso.

Lo unico que necesitas es un SMARTPHONE, TABLETA O LAPTOP. Calificando y compartiendo Apps puedes ganar premios como tarjetas de regalos y todo tipo de productos geniales. Iphones S7, Samsung Galaxy S7, viajes a Cancun etc.

La edad legal es 18 años de edad para ganancias de comisiones, pero los mas jovencitos pueden ganar tarjetas de regalos y productos.

Hechale un vistazo a esto AHORA! Es realmente impresionante. Han extendido la cuota de membresia a 25.00USD al 31 de diciembre de 2016, así que tómate tu tiempo pero date prisa!

Divvee es una nueva Red de Marketing Social en Internet, algo totalmente nuevo. Semejante al sistema multinivel pero sin ningun gasto mensual, productos, píldoras, lociones o cualquier cosa que constituye un pago regular para un producto.
Nos pagan por nuestra opinión ... 13 se han unido a mi grupo hasta ahora y siguen llegando. Les doy la bienvenida a bordo si así lo desea, aquí hay
 videos que lo explica todo.

contáctame si te interesa ser parte de esta increíble oportunidad DIVVEE SOCIAL, medio tiempo o a tiempo completo, también lo puedes usar como una herramienta para recaudar fondos en proyectos, iglesias y fundaciones de caridad.

Aquí te dejo mi link, te puedes registrar inmediatamente y empezar a crear tu EQUIPO! copia y pega este link.

Here is the Spanish business card format for those who need it!
Here's where to buy your cards:

Dec 8, 2016

DIVVEE UPDATES: This is amazing and you need to participate to take advantage of all thse wonderful benefits that will be available after Jan 10th’s launch! 

I was informed today by an upline in Divvee of the following information.  I received this information because of questions raised by other members.  Here is that information: 

1.      How many organizations or companies are involved with Divvee with respect to Digital Gift Cards?  47 have been accepted, they are as follows:  Amazon, Applebee’s, Banana Republic, Barnes & Noble, Bass Pro Shops, Outdoor World, Bath and Body Works, Belk, Best Buy, Bloomingdale’s, Buca di Beppo, Cabela’s, Charity Choice, Cracker Barrel, Crutchfield, CVS Pharmacy, Darden Restaurants, GAP, The Home Depot, Home Goods, IHOP, iTunes, JCPenney, Kohl’s, L.L. Bean, Land’s End, Logan’s Roadhouse, Long Horn Steakhouse, Lowe’s, Macy’s, Marshall’s, Olive Garden, Outback Steakhouse, Panera Bread, Papa John’s, Red Lobster, Regal Entertainment Group, SpaWeek, Staples, Subway, Target, Texas Roadhouse, TJMax, Trevi, Uno Chicago Grill, Wal-Mart, Yard House. 

2.      Are there any other companies involved?  I have been informed that there are currently 1,500 companies that have made their Gift Cards available to our membership.  These cards will be made available in the Plastic Format and can be acquired through the Redemption Center within the new home office website which Microsoft has provided once we launch January 10th. 

3.      The other big question that was put forward was of course, MONEY and when and how do we get paid?  We will be able to generate cash flow after January 10th from those whom you sponsor as they accumulate their own point totals, see the attachment for further information.  Meantime, we can acquire points (soon) to exchange for digital Gift Cards and offset expenses using digital debit cards for everyday expenses.  You can use these digital gift cards for expenses such as, gas, groceries, clothing, pharmaceuticals etc.  Save up points and trade them for a new top of the line Cellphone (1,500 points), use points to pay your monthly cellphone bill (100 points), use points for Divvee TV (2000 channels available), free all-expense paid (including travel) trip for one week in Cancun (5,000 points) and other exciting promotions coming. 

4.      For those who haven’t understood or realized the Divvee movement, go to You Tube and type Divvee in the search box and select any Divvee video you like and check out what others are saying.  My advice is to have any and all of your social contacts look at You Tube, then have them spend $25 for a life time membership now (before Dec 31st) and never be charged again.  Then tell them that they will re-coop that much in the first day after the prelaunch start in digital gift cards. 

5.      Additionally, here is a way to estimate your earning possibilities.  Most of you have seen the attached spreadsheet previously, however I am providing it once again with some additional graphic guides to the new members and those who ignored previous instructional emails…just input your own numbers in the right hand column and it will calculate your possible earnings….enjoy! 

Thanks for your attention and good luck with Divvee.  Again, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me and I will help. 


Here is Ron’s income calculator and my business card sample.  



Dec 7,2016


Here's a great overview to study and share! It's not 100% accurate but it has good information about the market and the concept!

Here's the same presentation in Spanish!



Dec 5, 2016

To: My Divvee Team Leaders and others joining
Subject: Update information from the last Divvee Hangout on Facebook.

The 5-10-20 Rule & Policies and Procedure Update:

1. The 5-10-20 rule (goes into effect Jan 10, 2017, otherwise it is 20
R&Ss a day for the prelaunch), some of you may be familiar with this but I
am going to state it once again. If you plan on just working the Divvee
opportunity for yourself and not actively tell others (although it will
become a prime topic in conversations) you need to know the following. If
you do not sponsor anyone or you have sponsored 4 or less members, you will
only be provided with a maximum of 5 Rank & Share MAPS a day. Of course if
you have a computer and a cellphone you can double your activity to 10 a day
and you are allowed to use as many as 5 devices a day. So even at the lower
level of 5 Rank & Shares provided, you could conceivably acquire 25 points a
day and acquire enough points for 1 digital gift card in 4 days which would
be enough points for 5 digital gift cards a month(+).

2. Further to this rule, if you sponsor 5 new affiliates but less than
10 you will receive 10 Rank & Share MAPS a day. Additionally, if you
sponsor 10 or more affiliates, then you will be rewarded with 20 MAPS a day,
which by using the maximum of 5 devices to accomplish your daily work you
could accumulate 100 points a day and for a month's effort it is conceivable
that you could acquire 3000 points in a month to use throughout the Divvee
system. A tall task, however that is only 2000 less than the total needed
for an all expenses paid trip to Cancum

Here are some policies from the presentation Richard and Darren and Troy
felt needed to be addressed now.
1. You may only have ONE account. Do not sign up for additional spots
as an entity or organization. Each spot must have a unique, living,
breathing, natural person attached to it. You and your opinion are our
product. Your opinion counts and our partners are only willing to gather
data from REAL LIVE people! Having multiple spots or Ranking and Sharing
for another is NOT ALLOWED under any circumstances and is grounds for
immediate TERMINATION!
a. If you have multiple accounts, please send an email with all
pertinent details to so it may be resolved. After
our official launch, those found with multiple accounts will be immediately
2. Cross Recruiting. This occurs when an individual is signed up to
one affiliate and is "recruited" to sign up under another affiliate. If
this occurs the newest spot will be eliminated and the recruiter and the
recruitee will both be suspended for a period of 6 months.
3. You Must Create Your Own Account. Again, you are our product. Your
Opinion Matters. We can reward our affiliates and members and fund our Team
Building Network because we are providing actual, unique, natural human
opinions. NO ONE can sign up another person! Each Member or Affiliate must
understand how to Rank & Share the MAPS. You must be willing and able to
participate with YOUR opinion! You must create your own account.
4. Spouses. You and your significant other are both allowed to have an
affiliate account.
The LAST thing we want to do is terminate anyone! Please resolve any of
these issues NOW! We have a window until January 10th to assure that each
of us and everyone on the Divvee team is compliant with each policy and

To assure that every person who joins Divvee's Social Membership Network
will have a great experience and receive all the rewards, benefits, and
compensation available we will strictly enforce these policies!
We Rank & Share MAPS. MAPS is an acronym for Mobile Apps, Products and
Services. We will be ranking and sharing more than just apps.
We have a lot of ways to increase our income and sponsoring new affiliates
is the best way. Thanks for taking the time to read this, if you have
questions or comments call me and I will be happy to discuss any question
with you.



Here is my first instructional webinar on how to sign up anyone anywhere IN THE WORLD:

Here is the email I'm currently using to send to prospects for DIVVEE.SOCIAL

You can read the email in the 2016 NEWS section under Dec 2, 2016

Here is the Dec 1, 2016 DIVVEE.SOCIAL email update:

Webinar link:

December 1, 2016 Divvee Hangout Recap
View this email in your browser
Dear Divvee Nation,
What a great Hangout!  We hope you caught the feeling of life at Divvee Corporate office. The construction in an adjoining suite, which you heard as knocking during the Hangout, while not a part of Divvee, is a fitting backdrop to the work, energy, and focus happening every moment of each day here at the Divvee.Social Offices!  

All right let’s recap:
Divvee Hangout. Last evening, December 1, 2016 was our second Divvee Hangout.  We will be hosting a Divvee Hangout every other Thursday, “until we’re not!”  as Richard put it.  The most important thing we can do right now as the corporate side of this co-creation process is to have as much communication as possible with our affiliates. Your ideas, input, and opinions are invaluable to us.  Our next Hangout will be December 15, 2016 at 7:00 PM MST.  We are as excited as you are for everything that will happen between now and then.
Growth.  Darren, used a great analogy about surfing to describe our current growth.  He described the sweet spot of surfing as the “Impact Zone.”  That’s the perfect spot to catch a wave but sometimes the wave catches you and drags you under as it rolls towards shore.  It’s easy to panic in this moment when there is moving water all around you and you aren’t sure which way is up.  Panic is the worst thing you can do.  In those moment of currents and wildness the mindset of an experienced surfer is to remain calm.
      As you look at all the energy in your Divvee Teams and get caught up in the excitement and wildness of the wave that is Divvee, stay calm!  We are going to work through all the questions, we are going to build the systems are to work flawlessly, we are going to correct spelling errors, and we are going to RANK & SHARE!  January 10, 2017, changes everything! Until then, REMAIN CALM!

$25 For Life Extended.  To thank you for your patience as we work through server issues caused by the incredible growth of the Divvee vision we are extending the $25 for life promotion through December 31, 2016. From January 1, 2017 – January 9, 2017 THERE WILL BE NO SIGN-UPS!  Then on JANUARY 10, 2017, DIVVEE.SOCIAL will officially launch.
Compensation Plan Brochure. We’ve made the changes in wording you suggested and some of our own. Look it over. Get to know it. Notice the Tier Qualified section, we will be announcing what Tier Qualified means and what the requirements and rewards are! They are awesome, but don’t EVEN ask us yet!
Club 1000. Only 34 spots left in the United States. There is a Club 1000 in each country where Divvee legally operates. There are many spots available internationally. You may only occupy one Club 1000 spot worldwide. Letters of welcome were emailed and a small gift of congratulations will follow.  Congrats and welcome to each of our Club 1000 Team Members!
Policies and Procedures. Our Policies and Procedures document is under review with our legal team.  We will get it to each of you soon. It is vital to you, to us, and to the growth of Divvee that we all strictly adhere to each of the policies and procedures set in place to assure our relationship with partners, our legality, and our continued growth.

Here are some policies Richard and Darren and Troy felt needed to be addressed now. 
  • You may only have ONE account.  Do not sign up for additional spots as an entity or organization.  Each spot must have a unique, living, breathing, natural person attached to it.  You and your opinion are our product.  Your opinion counts and our partners are only willing to gather data from REAL LIVE people!  Having multiple spots or Ranking and Sharing for another is NOT ALLOWED under any circumstances and is grounds for immediate TERMINATION!
    • If you have multiple accounts, please send an email with all pertinent details to so it may be resolved. After our official launch, those found with multiple accounts will be immediately terminated.
  • Cross Recruiting.  This occurs when an individual is signed up to one affiliate and is “recruited” to sign up under another affiliate.  If this occurs the newest spot will be eliminated and the recruiter and the recruitee will both be suspended for a period of 6 months.
  • You Must Create Your Own Account.  Again, you are our product.  Your Opinion Matters.  We can reward our affiliates and members and fund our Team Building Network because we are providing actual, unique, natural human opinions.  NO ONE can sign up another person!  Each Member or Affiliate must understand how to Rank & Share the MAPS.  You must be willing and able to participate with YOUR opinion!  You must create your own account.
  • Spouses. You and your significant are both allowed to have an affiliate account.
The LAST thing we want to do is terminate anyone! Please resolve any of these issues NOW!  We have a window until January 10th to assure that each of us and everyone on the Divvee team is compliant with each policy and procedure.

To assure that every person who joins Divvee’s Social Membership Network will have a great experience and receive all the rewards, benefits, and compensation available we will strictly enforce these policies!

We Rank & Share MAPS. MAPS is an acronym for Mobile Apps, Products and Services.  We will be ranking and sharing more than just apps.
Language alert.  We have a new name for the Divvee TAPP APP. (Drum roll please!)  The Divvee Dynamic App will be available for download during beta phase. See below for a  sneak peek of what it looks like!
The Feels Part. We get paid the same way you do. We are committed to your success because it is our success. We are doing everything possible to assure that we all have a great Christmas. Christmas arrives on the same day for us as it does for you. Divvee is not a theory; it’s a thing, and we are honored to participate with you in these final days before January 10, 2017 when Everything Changes.
As always, thank you for all your efforts!

Divvee Corporate Team


Estimada nación Divvee,
¡Qué gran Hangout! Esperamos que haya captado la sensación de vida en la oficina corporativa de Divvee. La construcción en una suite contigua, que escuchó como golpear durante el Hangout, aunque no forma parte de Divvee, es un telón de fondo adecuado para el trabajo, la energía y el enfoque que suceden cada momento de cada día aquí en Divvee.

De acuerdo, vamos a recapitular:
Divvee Hangout: Anoche, 1 de diciembre de 2016 fue nuestro segundo Hangout Divvee. Estaremos organizando un Hangout Divvee cada otro jueves, "¡hasta que no lo es!", Como dijo Richard. Lo más importante que podemos hacer en este momento como parte corporativa de este proceso de co-creación es tener la mayor comunicación posible con nuestros afiliados. Sus ideas, aportaciones y opiniones son invaluables para nosotros. Nuestro próximo Hangout será el 15 de diciembre de 2016 a las 7:00 PM MST. Estamos tan emocionados como usted por todo lo que sucederá entre ahora y entonces.
Crecimiento: Darren, usó una gran analogía sobre el surf para describir nuestro crecimiento actual. Él describió el punto dulce de practicar surf como la "zona del impacto." Ése es el punto perfecto para coger una ola, pero a veces la ola le atrapa y lo arrastra debajo como rueda hacia la orilla. Es fácil entrar en pánico en este momento cuando hay agua en movimiento a su alrededor y no está seguro de qué camino está hacia arriba. El pánico es lo peor que puedes hacer. En el momento de las corrientes y la locura, la mentalidad de un surfista experimentado es mantener la calma.
      ¡Mientras observas toda la energía de tus equipos de Divvee y te atrapas en la emoción y el desenfreno de la ola que es Divvee, mantén la calma! Vamos a trabajar a través de todas las preguntas, vamos a construir los sistemas para trabajar sin problemas, vamos a corregir los errores de ortografía, y vamos a RANK & SHARE! 10 de enero de 2017, cambia todo! Hasta entonces, ¡PERMANEZCA CON CALMA!
$ 25 De por vida extendida: Para agradecerle su paciencia mientras trabajamos a través de problemas de servidor causados ​​por el increíble crecimiento de la visión de Divvee, estamos extendiendo la promoción de $ 25 por vida hasta el 31 de diciembre de 2016. ¡Del 1 de enero de 2017 al 9 de enero de 2017 NO HABRÁ SIGN-UPS! Luego el 10 DE ENERO DE 2017, DIVVEE.SOCIAL lanzará oficialmente.
Folleto del Plan de Compensación: Hemos hecho los cambios en el texto que sugirió y algunos de los nuestros. Mirar por encima. Conózcalo. ¡Tenga en cuenta la sección de nivel calificado, vamos a anunciar lo que significa nivel calificado y lo que los requisitos y recompensas son! ¡Son impresionantes, pero aún no nos pregunten!
Club 1000: Sólo quedan 34 puntos en los Estados Unidos. Hay un Club 1000 en cada país donde Divvee opera legalmente. Hay muchos lugares disponibles internacionalmente. Sólo puede ocupar un puesto de Club 1000 en todo el mundo. Las cartas de bienvenida fueron enviadas por correo electrónico y un pequeño regalo de felicitaciones seguirá. ¡Felicidades y bienvenida a cada uno de nuestros miembros del equipo del Club 1000!
Políticas y Procedimientos: Nuestro documento de Políticas y Procedimientos se está revisando con nuestro equipo legal. Pronto lo recibiremos a cada uno de ustedes. Es vital para usted, para nosotros y para el crecimiento de Divvee que todos se adhieran estrictamente a cada una de las políticas y procedimientos establecidos para asegurar nuestra relación con nuestros socios, nuestra legalidad y nuestro crecimiento continuo.

Aquí están algunas políticas que Richard y Darren y Troy sentían que necesitaban ser tratados ahora.
  • Sólo puede tener UNA cuenta. No inscribirse en otros lugares como entidad u organización. Cada lugar debe tener una persona única, viva, respirando, natural unida a ella. Usted y su opinión son nuestro producto. ¡Su opinión cuenta y nuestros socios sólo están dispuestos a recopilar datos de personas REALMENTE VIVAS! ¡Tener Múltiples Puntos o Clasificación y Compartir por otros NO ESTÁ PERMITIDO bajo ninguna circunstancia y es motivo para la TERMINACIÓN INMEDIATA!
    • Si usted tiene varias cuentas, por favor de mandar un email con todos los detalles del caso a para resolverlo. Después del lanzamiento oficial el tener varias cuentas resultará en la terminación inmediata.
  • Reclutamiento cruzado. Esto ocurre cuando un individuo está firmado con otro afiliado y es "reclutado" para inscribirse en otro afiliado. Si esto ocurre el nuevo punto será eliminado y el reclutador y el que reclute a esa persona serán suspendidos por un período de 6 meses.
  • Debe crear su propia cuenta. Una vez más, usted es nuestro producto. Tu opinión importa. Podemos recompensar a nuestros afiliados y miembros y financiar nuestra Estructura de construcción de Equipo 3x10 (TBS) porque estamos proporcionando opiniones humanas reales, únicas y naturales. ¡Nadie puede inscribir a otra persona! Cada miembro o afiliado debe entender cómo clasificar y compartir el MAPS (Mobile Apps, Products and Services).
  • Parejas. A usted y a su pareja se les permite tener a cada uno su propia cuenta de afiliado.
¡Lo último que queremos hacer es terminar a cualquiera! ¡Por favor, resuelve cualquiera de estos problemas AHORA! Tenemos un periodo hasta el 10 de enero para asegurar que cada uno de nosotros y todos en el equipo Divvee cumpla con cada política y procedimiento.
Para asegurar que todas las personas que se unan a la Red de Socios Sociales de Divvee tendrán una gran experiencia y recibirán todas las recompensas, beneficios y compensaciones disponibles, ¡estrictamente cumpliremos estas políticas!
Nosotros clasificamos y compartimos MAPS: MAPS es un acrónimo de Mobile Apps, Products and Services. (Aplicaciones móviles de productos y servicios). Estaremos clasificando y compartiendo más que solo aplicaciones.
Lenguaje alerta. Tenemos un nuevo nombre para el APP de Divvee TAPP. (¡Preparen los tambores por favor!) La aplicación Divvee Dynamic estará disponible para su descarga durante la fase beta. ¡Vea abajo los imágenes que hemos adjuntado!
La Parte Sincera: Nos pagan de la misma manera que usted. Estamos comprometidos con su éxito porque es nuestro éxito. Estamos haciendo todo lo posible para asegurar que todos tengamos una gran Navidad. Navidad llega el mismo día para nosotros como lo hace para usted. Divvee no es una teoría; Es una cosa, y estamos honrados de participar con ustedes en estos últimos días antes del 10 de enero de 2017, cuando todo cambia.
Gracias por todos sus esfuerzos.

Divvee Equipo Corporativo

DEC 2, 2016

To: My Divvee Team Leaders

Last night Divvee Hangout presentation was a great success insofar as to what is going to happen soon. For those who didn't get the information on the link, here it is:;id=8d4a876e95&e=5b384018e5

When you receive this email make sure you have the entire link active or copy and paste the entire link into your browser. Additionally, this is a facebook based presentation so for you to receive this information, you must have a facebook account which will activate the link when you click on it or paste it into your brower. If you have concerns about confidentiality and facebook, you are the author of your account, only put information in facebook that you would like others to know about you.

Now some other points you will receive from the presentation.

1. Once you join, you must remain active every month or you will not receive your compensation until you meet your minimum R&S requirement. You must maintain a minimum of 100 Rank & Shares in a calendar month to be paid
during the following month.

2. You earn personal R&S point and Friday through Thursday and you are compensated on the following Friday every week thereafter.

3. Every account must be owned by a living breathing businesses, corporations or an alternate or avatar type entity can be listed as a member, however I believe the account where the funds go is your
choice. More on this subject later.....

4. As an active affiliate you have the ability to receive up to 20 R&Ss per day, HOWEVER here is the minimum requirement to receive those R&Ss.
a) Pay your $25 fee in December for a lifetime
membership or wait until after Jan 10th and pay $50 annually
b) The 5-10-20 rule applies to all, if you don't
recruit anyone or less than 5, you will only be provided with 5 R&Ss per day, recruit 5 to less than 10, you will be provided with 10 R&Ss a day, 10 recruits and above you get the maximum of 20 a day.

5. Total number of devices that can be used, up to 5 which can maximize total accumulation of points.

6. The beta crash testing will begin very soon, they said that we may be able to acquire points to help with Christmas expenses, so if you want to use gift cards soon you will probably want to have your 10 members on board

7. There are some changes coming, they mention revisions to Tier 3 qualifications and below coming.... READ the Comp Plan

8. I will have more information on the free memberships available and how those under the age of 18 can be free members.

This just about covers the Hangout information, watch the video and learn for yourself. I could have misunderstood it so I want you to make sure of what I have said. Call me if you have any questions and if you want to succeed. GO GET 10 ASAP or you can wait to prove to yourself that this is
real and start in January and be paid sometime in February, over two months from now.