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All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer    German philosopher (1788 - 1860)


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Professional Summary:  

I joined ATLANTIC GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT-QUESTRAWORLD ADVERTISING AGENCY on May 5th, 2017 and I must say it is one of the most exciting career moves I have ever made! I plan on building a sizable member/partner organization in addition to what I already do! You cannot have too many streams of income in today’s financially chaotic world! I urge you to do your due diligence and review the links above and I know if you do I will see you at the top! It will operational in August 2018 under a new ownership that already has their own bank and debit card! 

I am Co-Founder of BRIGHT STAR HOLDINGS INTERNATIONAL INC. and BRIGHT STAR CALL CENTER and have been working with Eddie Salas my partner, Mr Ben Young and Mr Ritchie Spurger developing an ICC Membership Group since 2006. I have been responsible for marketing, member recruitment, order administration and training of our 7000+ member database. 

I created both MY FUEL&GROCERY CLUB and THE ULTIMATE COLLEGE OF COMMERCE online business opportunities in 2013 so our members could earn SPURT DIGITAL CURRENCY and build SPURT local communities. This is an ongoing work in progress and is available to any and all members at no cost to get started.  

Upon the dissolution of the Public/Private Partnership with the Crown of St Stephen and the Internet Catalogue Club in August 2016 my focus was channeled into the creation of the online business website which offers our Bright Star Call Center Members the opportunity to introduce the protocols of which are business opportunities. It also provides back office tracking of their Call Center Independent Contractors and Business Candidates and provides additional compensation for anyone choosing to work with Bright Star Call Center to a second level paying 10% in SPURT DIGITAL CURRENCY on business volume generated to your SPURT ACCOUNT. At this present time there is no other CALL CENTER that offers this CONTRACTOR/BUSINESS CANDIDATE tracking and additional second level SPURT commission and that along with 10 years’ experience in working with ICC Protocols and having a close relationship and long term relationship with the founders and leaders of make Bright Star Call Center the Call Center to work with! 

Skills :

1.       Management 

2.       Marketing 

3.       Strategic Planning 

4.       Finance 

5.       Entrepreneurship 

6.       Offshore Banking 

7.       Negotiation 

8.       Commerce 

9.       Venture Capital 

10.   Wealth Accumulation 

11.   Team Building 

12.   Mergers & Acquisitions 

13.   Start-ups 

14.   Customer Service 

15.   Public Speaking 

16.   New Business Development 

17.   Investments 

18.   Social Networking 

19.   Small Business 

20.   Business Strategy 

21.   Business 

22.   Leadership 

23.   Teacher of COMMERCE through CAPITALISM 

24.   Private Investments 

25.   Private Banking 

26.   Passive wealth building 

27.   E-commerce 

28.   Recruiting 

29.   Training 

30.   Team Leadership 

31.   Time Management 

32.   Continuous Improvement 

33.   Online Marketing 

34.   Sales 

35.   Strategy 

36.   Leadership Development 

37.   Coaching 

38.   Business-to-Business B2B 

39.   Sales Management


Work History: Dates will be approximates as I have never done a resume before, I’ve never needed one! At my age of 67, it’s all getting a little fuzzy regarding the exact times! 

2006 to PRESENT: Actively involved in the Internet Catalogue Club and all of the above listed existing businesses. 

2002 to 2006: Castle Fair Ministries Co-Founder and Marketing Director. This debt relief Ministry provided solutions for paying off mortgages and loans using unique proprietary protocols. It failed to fulfill its mandate because of US Government/IRS intervention with Switzerland disallowing US entities to work within the Swiss financial arena, so we closed down voluntarily and every participating member was made whole 20X their donation value in BVK Digital Currency whereby most of the members have moved to create SPURT ACCOUNTS and now hold 20X value in SPURT under the 7070 ICC Protocol. 

1999 to 2002: This time of my life led me to live in North Carolina, Arizona, Illinois, Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida and Oregon. I was searching, learning and working within the Sovereignty movement. This was truly an educational time of my life and I supplemented my income by doing contract work and odd jobs while studying with some of the best in the Sovereignty movement. I believe I know what to do and not to do when it comes to Sovereignty issues; quite frankly it is best not to go there! There is no need to, if you are tax payer, pay your fair share and use the protocols we offer to build wealth and diversify your holdings, it’s all available to you NOW! 

1998 to 1999: Co-Founder of a Network Marketing Travel Company with Vern Pich, failed miserably. 

1997 to 1998: Independent MLM Marketing Rep with Club Atlanta Travel: This was the most fun I’ve ever had in business being a professional vacationer! The SEC challenged the owners of CAT to prove they were not selling an unsecured security and they weren’t, it was a travel certificate and CAT won the seven month court battle but lost the business because of huge legal fees and members had to make a living and went to other opportunities so Vern Pich and I tried to duplicate the CAT format but we were undercapitalized and couldn’t find travel agents to buy into the concept. 

1995 to 1997: Independent MLM Marketing Rep with JewelWay, The SEC destroyed this opportunity as well! How can gold and silver jewelry be considered and unsecured security? Evil alphabet gangsters! 

1988 to 1996: Aflac Insurance Company of Canada, I started as a sales rep for Pan American Family a company owned by American Family of Columbus Georgia it all morphed into AFLAC USA and AFLAC Canada. I was promoted to District Manager, Regional Manager and finally to VP of Sales and Marketing during my eight years with AFLAC. I enjoyed this experience immensely but the Socialized medicine system of Canada made it a hard sell for supplemental insurance and the AFLAC USA leadership pulled out of all developing markets with the exception of Japan so I was no longer needed. 

1986 to 1988: I was involved in both Herbalife and NSA Water Filters during this time until I sold a water filter to Berry Murray the President of Aflac and he persuaded me to come work with him, which I did. We are still friends to this day and are working on bank purchases together! 

1978 to 1996: I owned and operated Gary Holmes Music Center in Brantford Ontario Canada successfully for eight years, in 1995 I opened Keyboard Dynamic Music Center, expanded beyond my means and the organ industry completely disappeared from the face of the earth and I lost everything! 

1975 to 1978: I managed Trev Bennett Music House in Kitchener Ontario. This was so successful for Trev that I doubled his business in that time period and I made enough money to open my own competing Yamaha Music store in Brantford. 

1972 to 1975: I worked as Territory Manager for Yamaha Canada Ltd covering south western Ontario, I was so successful in market penetration of Yamaha products I was called Mr YAMAHA! Trev blackmailed me into working for him by asking me to name my own price to come and work for him. I proposed twice what I was earning with Yamaha which was super high for the time and he accepted it, so I changed careers from wholesale to retail again! 

1969 to 1972: I worked for Stewart Sherwood Piano House/Hamilton Yamaha Music Center as a sales person and guitar teacher. I sold more Yamaha guitars than anyone else in Canada and Yamaha Canada Ltd made me an offer I couldn’t refuse!  

1968 to 1969: I worked for Overhead Crane and then Dofasco Steel Company coming out of High School and quickly decided grunt work was not for me! 

Education: Delta High School Grade 12 Diploma 1968 

I’ve taken numerous Sales Training courses, Management Courses and Personal Development Courses taken over 49 years of being in business.  

Mentors: Dale Carnegie was my first, Jim Rohn is my personal favorite, I met him during my time with Herbalife and we remained acquaintances until he passed away, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Wayne Dyer, Les Brown, Robert Kiyosaki, Dani Johnson, Bob Proctor, and last but not least Tommy Hopkins who I personally worked with during my time with Aflac. 

I have been commissioned by my Heavenly Father to build His Kingdom here on earth until He comes again! In the meantime I am blessed with the skills and protocols to help you make this world a better place, please contact me so that we can see if we have a meeting of the minds and can work together for the betterment of all! 


We are in the Atlantic time zone in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I speak English and my wife Dahiana, speaks both Spanish and English so if you need help let us know, contact us directly to get a sign up link if we are your referring members!

Please make sure before you sign up with us that you get back to the person who invited you to review this website!