We are all about EMPOWERMENT, not ENTITLEMENT!

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer    German philosopher (1788 - 1860)



Are you ready to work to make this world a better place? I think we all know the axiom “Charity begins at home” doesn’t work! Are you ready to “PAY IT FORWARD”? Are you ready to support us so we can support you? Are you ready to embrace the NEW AXIOM FOR THE 21ST CENTURY! “CHARITY BEGINS ABROAD TO END POVERTY HERE AT HOME!” 

ARE YOU READY SPEND a little MONEY or find someone who will, TO MAKE SOME BIG MONEY?  It’s time to kick things into high gear! 

We now have in place an investment group that prefers to remain anonymous working with the Private Bank FIDES ( They have provided DOCUMENTARY FUNDS valued at $500 Million USD to a bank in the Dutch Antilles to be used as the basis for non-depletion trading of Senior Financial Instruments! This has now happened and it will take care of upper echelon requirements for The Blue Millenium Foundation to support San Miguel. There is also another private investment bank that is being worked with that will take ZCASH on deposit, they will provide an SKR with proper securitization numbers and that will allow for trading of Senior Financial Instruments using the SKRs. This is a work in progress with more information forthcoming. So we now have two Bank entities that are on side and contracted and when they get it done, they get it done. STAY TUNED! 

We need to now focus on something of great importance! We have an immediate problem that needs to get resolved. I want to go through this with you in great detail! 

Let’s go to, now go to “advertising” at the bottom of the left hand tool bar, click on that link and scroll down to San Miguel. Now read this please: 



Families and even children by themselves are fleeing San Miguel because of gang violence. 

They are crossing the length of El Salvador, through Guatemala, through Mexico, and being detained at the border in the USA. They risk being abused and raped along the way, and even while in detention in the USA. This is a humanitarian problem that originates in San Miguel and in other cities in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, but is exacerbated by unchecked criminals and unscrupulous officers along the way. And, for the “coyotes”, it is good business, business as usual! The Mayor of San Miguel asked for help and two entities in Mexico answered the call, an investment group that prefers to remain anonymous and the Private Bank FIDES (, they have provided DOCUMENTARY FUNDS valued at $500 Million USD to a bank in the Antilles to be used as the basis for non-depletion trading of Senior Financial Instruments, with 25% of profits being earmarked to pay for security projects in the city of San Miguel, El Salvador. 

But, that is only a partial solution. 

What is also needed is a way to create a meaningful income source for the families and orphaned children, without their having to leave their ancestral home. 

The income solution must also be made generally available so that kids that have been recruited by local predator gangs can have a way to reform and become part of the solution instead of part of the problem. This is where your business can have an impact! 

If you don’t have a business, you can make “advertising” be your business, come and learn how to be a Consultant with Gary and Eddie. 

For every $150 USD bank deposit funds that you use to acquire a right to advertise “SAN MIGUEL, EL SALVADOR? CAN BE SECURED! WITH YOUR HELP!” and “ MIGUEL.pdf ”, you may request that a T Shirt with the advertisements (Front and Back) be imprinted, in El Salvador, at no additional cost to you. 

The T Shirt can be provided to a person in El Salvador, at no cost to that person, and the person would be enlisted as a “contract employee”, to be a “walking billboard” advertiser for you. 

You could register your business with www.employeegold.infoand request a rebate in ZCASH to be pre-provided to your business, equal in value to twice the amount that you would pay the “walking billboard” advertiser for a year. You would be expected to pay at least $15 USD an hour, $600 USD per week, $31,200 USD per year. 

That means that you would receive 31,200 ZCASH, valued at $62,400 USD and, when exchanging it for items or for USD bank deposit funds, you would receive another $62,400 USD in value of CHIPS, which you may also exchange for items or for USD bank deposit funds. 

There are many ways to exchange ZCASH and CHIPS for USD bank deposit funds, but you may consider using the ZCASH AND CHIPS EXCHANGE FACILITY in the COMMERCIAL EXCHANGE KIOSK in  


Now the let’s go to the COMMERCIAL EXCHANGE KIOSK, this protocol is the preferred way to have the business owner exchange their ZCASH for USD Bank deposit funds because it also works to solve the challenges facing El Salvador! 




INTERNATIONAL ENERGY CORPORATION (“IEC”) supports the production of organic fertilizer in El Salvador, and through that support provides a ZCASH AND CHIPS EXCHANGE FACILITY for Members of the INTERNET CATALOGUE CLUB that wish to exchange these for USD bank deposit funds. 




To aid IEC to establish a ZCASH AND CHIPS EXCHANGE FACILITY a FACILITATOR would open an account with an IEC selected brokerage firm (“BROKER”) and deposit a minimum of $2 Million USD bank deposit funds. 


The FACILITATOR will maintain complete control (subject to terms of the deposit contract with BROKER) over the account with BROKER and value therein and may deposit more funds or withdraw funds, other than profits as stipulated herein, at the sole discretion of the FACILITATOR. 




The FACILITATOR would also accept a free SILVER Membership in the INTERNET CATALOGUE CLUB ($1,000. USD value) from IEC. 




The FACILITATOR would contract with IEC for professional traders contracted by IEC to undertake non-depletion non-risk trading using the account. 




HOWSE SERVICES, INC provides money management services for the CLUB and, on behalf of the CLUB, collects payment for products sold by the CLUB. 


The contract with IEC will require the FACILITATOR to transfer 60% of profits (after fees charged by BROKER) IEC contracted traders may generate to the HOWSE account with BROKER, as payment for TICKETS-USD; the remaining 40% of profits will be retained by the FACILITATOR. 




The contract will stipulate that the FACILITATOR will use the TICKETS-USD to acquire future delivery of organic fertilizer, as offered in 


The TICKETS-USD will automatically be allocated for that purpose. 


The amount of organic fertilizer per purchase will be stipulated to be determined by fair market wholesale value of the product at the time of delivery. 




However, the purchase contract will stipulate that the contract is to be resold retail by IEC and a USD bank deposit fund amount, equal to twice the value of the TICKETS-USD, to be provided to the FACILITATOR as payment by IEC for the repurchase of the contract from the FACILITATOR. 




On behalf of the INTERNET CATALOGUE CLUB, HOWSE will have IEC traders use funds deposited by HOWSE with BROKER to undertake non-depletion transactions. 


Using profits from trading, HOWSE can use the ENHANCED PRIVATE LENDING in ADVERTISING in to provide a retail buyer a self-liquidating USD bank deposit fund loan to buy the future delivery of organic fertilizer contract from the FACILITATOR through IEC. 




Additionally, using profits from trading, HOWSE can provide USD bank deposit funds, on behalf of the INTERNET CATALOGUE CLUB, to clear ZCASH and CHIPS by exchanging USD bank deposit funds of equal value for these with holders, and also providing equal value USD bank deposit funds to the CLUB, with the CLUB removing the ZCASH and CHIPS from circulation. 




Thus, the FACILITATOR will retain 40% of trading profits (in USD bank deposit funds) upfront and can receive USD bank deposit funds equal in value to 120% of trading profits through buying future delivery of organic fertilizer at wholesale and receiving that value from retail marketing by IEC. 


Plus, the FACILITATOR will have aided the growth of organic fertilizer business in El Salvador, to benefit that country and the world, and will have made it possible for ZCASH and CHIPS to be exchanged for USD bank deposit funds and cleared, thus helping businesses that need this service. 


The deposit made by the FACILITATOR is not put at risk; but all income and profits as discussed herein are subject to market conditions and are not guaranteed. 


The support to the organic fertilizer business and to the exchange of ZCASH and CHIPS for USD bank deposit funds to benefit others is the key that allows a FACILITATOR to be allowed to undertake this process. 




“Force majeure” is herein defined as being any circumstance beyond the control of the parties involved in this process that may prevent performance. 


The contract between the FACILITATOR and IEC may be terminated by “force majeure” or at the sole discretion of either party; but (unless terminated by “force majeure”) termination will not affect the operation of wholesale purchasing and retail resell as described herein. 


So what did all this say? 

Somebody has $2MM or more, they deposit it into their own brokerage account with whatever bank they want to use. They will then contract with IEC. IEC as a result of the contract will bring a licensed professional trader to the table who will then do non-depletion trading based on the deposited funds. The trader can only do trades and cannot take any money out; they are there just to create profits. The FACILITATOR gets to keep and use 40% of the profits as they become available; the other 60% is transferred to out under the terms of the contract to pay for TICKETS-USD so that the trading group gets their 20% and 40% remains with HOWES. He paid the 60% to buy TICKETS-USD, this is not an investment, he bought TICKETS-USD! The TICKETS-USD are exchanged under contract for the future delivery of fertilizer. That contract has been resold retail to somebody else. The difference between the wholesale price to the retail price is 2 to 1! So what he gets back when the fertilizer is sold at retail is twice the amount. For every dollar profit earned he gets 40 cents now and $1.20 later for $1.60, that’s a total of 160% of each trade! There is no risk EVER!  Why do we have to do it this way? We are not licensed to sell investments but we can sell future production of organic fertilizer!  Why? Because we own the land, we have the office and facilities and we actually can build this business. How does he know for sure that there is going to be a retail buyer of the organic fertilizer? Well because when Howse received the TICKETS-USD. HOWES places 100% of that into a trading account of which 40% comes out to provide a self-liquidating loan for the retail buyer to buy this contract! So some farmer somewhere wants organic fertilizer, they come to this protocol as the retail buyer and they get the OF in exchange for some other work or products. We are looking for farmers who want to be retail buyers but we already have the process in place to assure the 100% profit from the wholesale amount. A farmer could use the “ZCASH-DIGITAL CURRENCY SINCE 1996” PROTOCOL and the fertilizer will ultimately cost them nothing! Everything plays together and by uniting everyone to work within this business framework everyone working wins big!  



(This protocol shown below has been modified for purchasing ORGANIC FERTILIZER see the link above for the original) 


Learning how to use ZCASH and CHIPS as USD lawful USA currency and how to convert these to USD bank deposit funds is essential to benefitting through  The COMMERCIAL EXCHANGE KIOSK in  provides a list of possible ways to exchange ZCASH and CHIPS for USD bank deposit funds. 

But, in this document, only one way will be addressed in detail. 

The way chosen to be presented herein is available to anyone that is not afraid to work and believes in the free enterprise system. It does require focusing on major purchases or business; for example, supporting our food producers, the farmers. Farming is historically very important for providing jobs and growing an economy but more importantly providing the food we eat. 

So, the requirement is simple: Find entities that want to buy ORGANIC FERTILIZER and have the financial means to do so; 

but, would rather not spend their money and would prefer, instead, to arrange to obtain profits equal to the value of the cost of the ORGANIC FERTILIZER. 

Such an entity can deposit the funds they would otherwise spend on ORGANIC FERTILIZER into a bank of their choice and obtain a certificate of deposit (“CD”) properly registered so that it can be used as a financial basis within the world brokerage system. 

Arrange for an entity that obtains a CD to contract to have professional traders contracted by INTERNATIONAL ENERGY CORPORATION use the certificate of deposit to engage in non-depletion electronic trading to produce profits. 

50% of the profits would be disbursed, as contracted, to the entity that provides the CD, which could be used to pay for the ORGANIC FERTILIZER. The remaining 50% of profits would be transferred to an account for THE ENERGY STORE (see in 

Trading would also be done using THE ENERGY STORE account. From profits obtained through THE ENERGY STORE, 40% would be allocated to pay for the ORGANIC FERTILIZER for the party that provided the CD, until it is fully paid for using the abovementioned 50% and this 40%. After the ORGANIC FERTILIZER is fully paid for, the CD could be returned or could be used in future contracts, at the discretion of the entity that provided the CD and of INTERNATIONAL ENERGY CORPORATION. 

In addition to income related to sponsoring, as indicated in THE ENERGY STORE which can provide significant income for finding the entities that want to have ORGANIC FERTILIZER without spending their money, 25% of profits from trading using funds placed through the process with THE ENERGY STORE would be allocated to exchange ZCASH and CHIPS to USD bank deposit funds for the party that sponsored the entity that wants to buy the ORGANIC FERTILIZER. 

However, whereas the 40% disbursement would cease after the ORGANIC FERTILIZER is paid for, the 25% allocation for ZCASH and CHIPS would continue for as long as professional trading on THE ENERGY STORE account continues. 

This can provide a never-ending source of USD bank deposit funds for the party that made the effort to find the entities that want to have the ORGANIC FERTILIZER without spending their money. But, how long would it take to generate the USD bank deposit funds necessary to pay for the ORGANIC FERTILIZER? 

Well, let’s look at a $100 Million USD example; which may be comprised of several entities that acquire and make CD available for professional trading. 

For ease of understanding and of computation, let’s forget about trading using THE ENERGY STORE account, and focus only on the use of the CD for trading. If profit per trade that would be allocated towards purchasing the ORGANIC FERTILIZER  turned out to only be 0.01%, to generate $100 Million USD using $100 Million USD as a basis, without considering accumulation of funds from profits to be used in the trading process, it would take 10,000 trades to reach the goal. If 20 trades per day, 5 days per week, were executed, it would take 100 weeks, or less than two years. This is only for illustration, as the actual profit per trade may be far more than 0.01%, but the number of trades may be far less than 100 per week. 

In short, timing is totally market dependent. But, based on the existence of the CD and of demonstrable cash flow from trading, interim financing may be obtained from a lender, which could be contracted to be repaid from the CD trading cash flow. Or, BANK SUPPORT as found in may be used, in which case the funds borrowed would not have to be repaid as the guarantee provided by the bank FIDES ( would provide payment; and the proceeds from CD trading could be pocketed as profit! In conclusion, by following this plan an entity that wants ORGANIC FERTILIZER could obtain it without out-of-pocket expenditures and could pocket equal value as profit for doing so! And, the party wanting to exchange ZCASH and CHIPS to USD bank deposit funds could have a USD bank deposit fund build up to do so as may be needed. 

With that in place, and showing others how it can be done, other businesses may find it to be highly profitable to accept ZCASH and CHIPS as payment, without worrying about exchanging for USD bank deposit funds other than as they may need to do so; since using ZCASH as currency provides the benefit that it duplicates its value when used! 

The protocols discussed above may similarly be applied to pay for any major purchase or business transaction; and, thereby, create personalized funding sources for the exchange of ZCASH and CHIPS to USD bank deposit funds. 


There are hundreds of thousands of people out there with money that want to make serious money! How much do they earn keeping their money in a bank account of CD? How much money do they earn playing the stock market and at what risk? How much money can they earn with the above protocols without any risk what so ever? We have the best business model on planet earth! Lock your funds into your own brokerage account within our Commerce Protocols and you’ve more than doubled your money as often as you want and supported a much needed humanitarian project as well! You know even if your brokerage firm were to suddenly disappear on you, you as an ICC member are fully covered under the 7070 Protocol in EXPECTATIONS, you just can’t lose! 


So who are you gonna call? DEBT BUSTERS?  Your job is simple, call everyone you know about this new axiom “Charity begins abroad to end poverty here at home!” Together we can make this world a better place and build wealth for everyone doing it with us! 

What’s in it for you? 

1)      Learn how to convert your SPURT to CHIPS to USD bank deposit funds! 

2)      You receive the face amount of the Advertising Privilege sold in ZCASH, so that is double the amount they spend plus when you exchange your ZCASH you get 100% value in CHIPS! That’s 4X the amount of the Advertising Privilege sold! So each one you sell will be accumulated to reach the $6000.00 package amount. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! The THETA SPONSOR will be awarded 6,000 ZCASH if $6000.00 USD was used to purchase Advertising Privileges. The ALPHA, BETA, OMEGA SPONSORS of the THETA SPONSOR will each be awarded 3,000 ZCASH. 

3)      You will be guided in the completion of your own EmployeeGold submission and receive an additional $4,800,000.00 for your work involvement! 

4)      You will be taught how you can receive $1,200,000.00 for each completed EmployeeGold submission you sponsor and coach to do the same! 

If all that doesn’t light your fire, your wood’s wet!  

But if it does, and you are prepared help us with our promotion of Advertising Privileges then contact me immediately to learn what to do next to get this all going for you and get your digital currencies (SPURT, ZCASH, CHIPS) exchanged for USD bank deposit funds! 

Great success in all that we do to make this world a better place! 

Gary and Eddie