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June 28, 2017


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June 17, 2017

This is a long one, so grab your favorite beverage andenjoy a good read!


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READ: June 14, 2017


Manila, Philippines

This one is almost too ridiculous to believe.

Recently a new bill was introduced on the floor of the US Senate entitled, pleasantly,

“Combating Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Counterfeiting Act of 2017.”

You can probably already guess its contents.

Cash is evil.

Bitcoin is evil.

Now they’ve gone so far to include prepaid mobile phones, retail gift vouchers, or even electronic coupons. Evil, evil, and evil.

These people are certifiably insane.

Among the bill’s sweeping provisions, the government aims to greatly extend its authority to seize your assets through “Civil Asset Forfeiture”.

Civil Asset Forfeiture rules allow the government to take whatever they want from you, without a trial or any due process.

This new bill adds a laundry list of offenses for which they can legally seize your assets… all of which pertain to money laundering and other financial crimes.

Here’s the thing, though: they’ve also vastly expanded on the definition of such ‘financial crimes’, including failure to fill out a form if you happen to be transporting more than $10,000 worth of ‘monetary instruments’.

Have too much cash? You’d better tell the government.

If not, they’re authorizing themselves in this bill to seize not just the money you didn’t report, but ALL of your assets and bank accounts.

They even go so far as to specifically name “safety deposit boxes” among the various assets that they can seize if you don’t fill out the form.

(Yet another reason to consider storing cash, gold, and silver in an overseas safety deposit box.)

This is unbelievable on so many levels.

It’s crazy to begin with that these people are so consumed by the fact that someone has $10,000 in cash.

But it’s even crazier that they’re threatening to take EVERYTHING that you own merely for not filling out a piece of paper, without any due process whatsoever.

Oh, and on top of civil asset forfeiture penalties, there are also criminal penalties.

Right now according to current law they can imprison you for up to FIVE YEARS for not filling out the form. Five years.

But apparently that doesn’t go far enough to protect us against evil men in caves.

So this bill aims to double the criminal penalty to TEN years in prison.
And if that weren’t enough, this bill also gives them with new authority to engage in surveillance and wiretapping (including phone, email, etc.) if they have even a hint of suspicion that you might be transporting excess ‘monetary instruments’.

Usually wiretapping authority is reserved for major crimes like kidnapping, human trafficking, felony fraud, etc.

Now we can add cash to that list.

It’s not just government spy agencies to worry about, either.

Banks in the US are already unpaid government spies, required by law to fill out suspicious activity reports on their customers.

Then Congress started expanding those requirements to include other businesses and industries that might come into contact with cash.

Stock brokers. Casinos. Currency exchanges. Precious metals dealers. Pawnbrokers. The Post Office.

According to the law (section 5312 of US Code Title 31), those industries are also required to spy on their customers for the government.

But under this new bill, they want to forcibly recruit even more unpaid spies, including any business which issues or redeems ANYTHING that’s prepaid.

Prepaid credit cards. Prepaid phones. Prepaid retail gift cards. Prepaid coupons.

So,, which issues and redeems prepaid gift cards, will be required under this bill to file reports to the government.

For that matter, TGI Fridays and Chuckee Cheese will also become unpaid government spies since they both issue and redeem prepaid vouchers.

Truly these Senators have figured out how to strike at the heart of ISIS.
Further, their bill wants to pull any business which “issues” cryptocurrency under the anti-money laundering regulatory umbrella.

Here’s where these people demonstrate that they have no idea what they’re talking about.

No one “issues” Bitcoin. There’s no Bitcoin central bank. There’s no Chairman of Bitcoin who decides on a whim to increase the supply.

Bitcoin is created automatically amounts that are pre-determined by its code. It’s software.

So the Senate is essentially trying to force the Bitcoin core software to comply with money laundering regulations.

How pathetically clueless.

The bill also attempts to drop a major bomb on Bitcoin by including it in the list of monetary instruments that must be reported when entering or leaving the US.

So theoretically if you leave the US with more than $10,000 in Bitcoin or Ether, you’d have to confess this fact to the authorities or otherwise face the aforementioned penalties, i.e. prison time, civil asset forfeiture, etc.


As you can see, this bill criminalizes or delegitimizes the most mundane and harmless financial activities, all under the guise of keeping us safe.

Of course nothing in this bill is about keeping people safe.

ISIS couldn’t care less about forms and penalties.

This bill is nothing more than another weapon in their ongoing War on Cash… and now cryptocurrency too.  


Until tomorrow,   


Simon Black  




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In 1559 while on a trip to southern Bavaria, Swiss scientist Conrad Gesner spied a curious flower in the garden of a diplomat in Augsburg. 

The flower was called a tulip, derived from the Persian word dulband, meaning “turban,” which described its conspicuous shape. 

Gesner was intrigued. 

He asked the man who owned the flower about its origins and determined that it came from Constantinople in the Ottoman Empire, modern-day Istanbul. 

Soon the tulip began spreading across Western Europe. 

It was rare, something that only the very wealthy could afford to import directly from Constantinople. 

By the early 1600s the rage had caught on to the upper middle class, especially in the advanced economy of Amsterdam and the Dutch Republic. 

As demand grew, the price of tulips kept climbing, and soon people started buying up the flowers as a speculation. 

In time no one was actually buying tulips anymore to keep them as a personal luxury item like they had done in the past. 

Tulips had become nothing more than a speculation– people would buy, hold for a short while, and then sell at a much higher price. 

This is the first classic sign of a bubble. 

Whenever people starting buying up some item or asset exclusively because they expect to sell it quickly after a rapid price increase, and not for the asset or item’s originally intended purpose, you can be certain that you are in a bubble. 

It was the same with the housing bubble back in the early 2000s. 

No one was buying houses anymore to live in them, or even to rent them out for other people to live in. 

After all, that’s the intended purpose of residential real estate. 

No, instead, everyone was buying houses with the sole intention of selling them off in a short while after a rapid price increase. 

Presto. Bubble. 

The thing about Tulip Mania is that it continued for years, defying any possible logic or reason. 

The price history of tulips is shocking, though a bit opaque; no two tulips were the same, so one species of tulip was priced totally differently than another. 

Some were more moderately priced. Others were insanely expensive, with famous stories of a single bulb costing as much as a house. 

In Charles Mackay’s great book Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, there’s a story of a single bulb of the Semper Augustus species being sold in 1636 for 12 acres of land. 

Another was bought for a new carriage, two horses, AND 4600 florins (worth over $160,000 today based on the content of precious metals in the florin at the time). 

[Bear in mind that the average house in Holland rented for about 55 florins in the mid 1630s.] 

And that wasn’t even the top of the market. 

A 1989 academic study published in the Journal of Political Economy, shows, for example, that the Semper Augustus species reached its peak at 5500 florins (roughly $193,000) in 1637. 

That’s up from 1,000 florins ($35,000) in 1623, which is still insane. 

But Semper Augustus was THE premium bulb. The lower quality species didn’t sell for as high a price, but the price growth far more ridiculous. 

A standardized lot of Gouda species, for example, sold for about 1.5 guilders in early 1635. Two years later the price was nearly 10x higher. 

Even in the final weeks of the bubble, prices were still soaring. 

A standardized lot of Admiral van der Eyck increased more than 3x just between July 1636 and February 1637. 

This was right around the time that retail speculators jumped into the market. 

Until 1634 the tulip market was dominated by professional growers who had a good understanding of the business. 

After 1634, though, people were quitting their jobs to trade tulips full-time. 

A lot of them started making unimaginable sums of money, crediting their newfound wealth to intelligence rather than dumb luck. 

This is another classic sign of a bubble: when the average Joe starts making tons of money in a market (and often credits that fortune to his smarts). 

I’m telling you all of this because Bitcoin just crossed the $2,800 threshold. Actually as I write this Bitcoin just passed $2,900. And by the time you receive this it may be north of $3,000. 

Look, I am no detractor of cryptocurrency. Blockchain and cryptofinance are incredibly powerful tools. They are the future. 

One day when people actually adopt cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange, there will be real fundamentals underpinning the price. 

But right now this is just pure speculation showing all the classic signs of a bubble. 

No one is buying Bitcoin for its originally intended purposes, i.e. to be a decentralized medium of exchange. 

People are buying because they’re betting that the price will go up. Just like tulips. 

But eventually tulip prices collapsed. 

The lot of Witte Croonen species that sold for 1,668 guilders in 1637, for example, was worth just 37.5 in 1642, a decline of 97.7%. 

Moreover just like tulips, there are countless ‘non-technical’ users who couldn’t tell the difference between Blockchain and Blockbuster that have made tons of money… and think they’re really smart (as opposed to lucky). 

This mania with Bitcoin could last for years. It could go to $10,000 or more. Who knows? We don’t know if it’s 1622 or 1632 or 1637. 

So if you’re thinking about speculating in Bitcoin right now, there’s only one question to ask yourself: 

“Do I feel lucky?” 

Now who can run a business that has that kind of risk and instability! Yet it is increasing in demand because everyone is looking for an alternative to the existing debt money system and here’s a rant from a small business owner who tells it like it is! 


May 23, 2017


Santiago, Chile

This morning I read a stinging open letter written by a small business owner in the Land of the Free named Don Chernoff.

Chernoff imports and sells luggage, and he pulled no punches in voicing his disgust for the phony support and failed policies that constantly make his life more difficult.

I’ve edited his letter for length below; the full version is available here.


You all love to talk about how much you support small business; the reality is the opposite. The economy is changing rapidly and is vastly different than just a few years ago. Many of the factory jobs in this country have gone and will not return.

Computer technology and automation will soon eliminate thousands more jobs (think truck drivers, taxi drivers, office workers, etc.…).

Because there will be fewer middle-class jobs, many people who never considered working for themselves will be forced to become sole proprietors or open a small business. It is therefore critically important that you make it easier for these people to do so.

Right now instead of creating incentives for people to start their own small business, you create nothing but hurdles, allow me to give some examples.

Excessive health care costs

I work for myself and have to pay my own medical expenses. Before the “affordable care act” I was paying about $200 per month for a high deductible policy. It was far from perfect but it got so much worse under the “Affordable” care act.

I now pay over $400 a month, my deductible went from $5,000 to over $6,000 and my out of pocket costs for care has skyrocketed.

At this rate, I will go broke soon, and I am healthier than average. I don’t know how any normal working family or small businessman can possibly afford these rates without going bankrupt.

Income Tax Filing

I have to spend dozens of hours and thousands of dollars for a tax accountant each spring to prepare my taxes because I cannot possibly understand how to do it myself, and I have a master’s degree in engineering.

I also have to remember to pay quarterly estimates, even if my income in not predictable or fluctuates (which it does for most small businesses) or else I get dinged with penalties.

This is a time and cost burden that makes it very hard to run a small business. . . The current tax code is an abomination and should be scrapped.

Excessive import duties

There is a lot of talk lately about a “border adjustment tax” (BAT), a fancy name for an import duty on imported products. I design luggage and I need to contract out the manufacturing to companies that specialize in making luggage. All of these factories just happen to be in Asian countries.

Because of this I am charged almost 18% on my cost of goods for all my imported luggage. Last year these fees came to over $100,000.

The only reason I can see for these fees is government greed.

There is no luggage manufacturing industry in the USA that is being protected. This is another huge burden that makes it difficult to survive in the ultra-competitive luggage business.

Congress and President Obama had a chance remove this burden last summer, and they did what they do best: nothing.

If you do impose a border adjustment tax, will it be on top of the 18% I’m already paying? If so you will put me out of business.

Excessive customs inspection fees for imported products

My company designs luggage that is made in Asia and imported by ship to the USA. It is sold at all Men’s Wearhouse stores and Jos A Bank stores.

A recent shipment was delayed for almost 2 weeks at the port of Los Angeles for extra customs inspections.

The container was first x-rayed, and since that apparently wasn’t good enough, it was then opened and inspected by hand.

There was nothing in the container but the same luggage I’ve been importing for 15 years. I was then charged over $2,000 for this “privilege,” in addition to the 18% import duty I already pay.

This is not the first time I’ve had to pay for extra inspections that were unnecessary.

I understand the need for security but I’m a known importer of the same products for almost 15 years, and this is a terrible cost burden for my small company.

Excessive Social Security burden

Many years ago when I quit a perfectly good job to start my own small business, I was shocked to learn that I had to pay both my share and what had been my employer’s share of Social Security.

If you wanted to create the perfect disincentive to discourage people from taking the leap to start a small business or become self-employed, it would have been difficult to invent a better one.

Capital Gains taxes

So you’ve busted your butt for 20 or 30 years running a small business or sole proprietorship, now you’d like to retire and enjoy life.

Between state, federal and local taxes you’ve probably paid 50% or more of your income in taxes, but that’s not enough for politicians.

If you’ve been lucky enough to have created a business you can sell, now you’ll get to enjoy paying another tax on the capital gain from the sale.

It’s just another penalty imposed on hard-working folks by politicians who don’t think we are paying “our fair share.”

The word “entrepreneur” is endlessly tossed around by politicians who know nothing of how hard it is to be an entrepreneur. You all love to say you encourage entrepreneurship, but the reality is you stand in the way.

Most small businesses either fail or stay small because it is really hard to grow a business, and because of all the burdens you put on us.

Quit your job and try it yourself if you don’t believe me.

Until tomorrow,   


Simon Black  



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Record “Wealth” in America: 72% of US businesses are NOT profitable  

Simon Black 

June 12, 2017 

Bangkok, Thailand 

The Federal Reserve in the United States just released a new report showing that “Total Household Wealth” in the United States has reached a record $94.8 trillion. 

That’s an impressive figure. 

Even more impressive is that Total Household Wealth has increased by $40 trillion since the lows of the Great Recession in 2009. 

No doubt there’s probably a multitude of central bankers and bureaucrats toasting their success in having engineered such magnificent prosperity. 

And it’s certainly an achievement worth celebrating. As long as you don’t look too closely at the data. 

Total Household Wealth is exactly what it sounds like– the total net worth of every person in the United States, from Bill Gates down to the youngest newborn baby. 

So when you add up all the 330+ million folks in the Land of the Free and tally up their combined net worth, the total is $94 trillion. 

The thing is that the VAST majority of that wealth, especially the incredible growth over the last 8 years, has been from increases in just two asset classes: real estate and the stock market. 

In fact, stocks and real estate alone account for roughly 2/3 of the wealth increase since 2009. 

I’ll come back to that in a moment. 

Now, simultaneously, we see plenty of other interesting data, also published by the Federal Reserve and US federal government. 

Both the Fed and Census Bureau, for example, tell us that over 80% of businesses in the US are “non-employer” companies, i.e. businesses which only employ one person (the owner), and often provide his/her primary source of income. 

Yet according to the Federal Reserve, only 35% of these small businesses are profitable. Most are operating at a loss. 

In other words, only 35% of the companies which make up 80% of American businesses are profitable. 

You’re probably already doing the arithmetic– this means that a whopping 72% of all US businesses are NOT profitable. 

That hardly sounds like record wealth to me. 

Shifting gears, there’s the little factoid that an astounding 40% of young Americans are living with their parents– the highest percentage in the last 75 years. 

And who can blame them considering student debt in the Land of the Free also hit a record $1.4 trillion three months ago, more than double the amount since the Great Recession. 

Speaking of record debt, US credit card debt passed a record $1 trillion, and total US consumer credit hit a record $3.8 trillion last month. 

Again, all of this hardly seems like ‘wealth’ to me. 

Then there’s the issue of wages, which have remained essentially flat since the 2009 Great Recession if you adjust for inflation. 

According to the US Department of Labor, inflation-adjusted wages, aka “real hourly compensation” in the US fell an annualized 0.9% last quarter, and fell a dismal 5.6% in the previous quarter. 

Adjusted for inflation, the average American isn’t making any more money. 

Once again, this is a pitiful excuse for ‘wealth.’ 

American businesses aren’t more productive either. 

The same Labor Department report shows that productivity in the Land of the Free was flat in the first quarter of this year. 

And productivity actually declined in 2016– something that hasn’t happened in at least the last 50 years. 

Not to mention total economic growth in the Land of the Free has been pretty pitiful, logging a pathetic 1.6% last year. 

And GDP growth in the first quarter of 2017 was just 1.2% on an annualized basis. 

The US economy has exceed hasn’t surpassed 3% growth in more than 10-years, and it’s only happen two times so far in this millennium. 

Seriously? This is “wealth”? 

Look, I get it. Houses are ‘worth’ more than they used to be, and the stock market is much higher. 

But these effects are heavily influenced by the trillions of dollars that was conjured out of thin air by the Federal Reserve. 

ExxonMobil may be the most telling example. 

In early September 2008, just prior to the financial crisis, Exxon had recently reported revenues of $72 billion, with $11.1 billion in net operating cash flow. 

For the first quarter of 2017 the company reported revenues of $61 billion and net operating cash flow of $8 billion. 

Plus, ExxonMobil managed to add nearly $20 billion in debt to its balance sheet over that same period. 

So over 8-years, Exxon is making less money and has more debt. Yet its stock price is actually HIGHER. 

More broadly, 66% of the largest companies in the US that have given estimates of their earnings for next quarter have issued “negative guidance”. 

Companies expect to make less money. But stocks are near all-time highs. 

Does this make any sense? Is that also wealth? 


This is nothing more than the result of paper money that has been created by central bankers, allocated to a tiny financial elite, and dumped into the stock market. 

It’s the same with real estate. Sure, prices are higher. But it’s not because of fundamentals. 

In terms of population, there’s only been a 7% increase in the number of households in the United States since 2009. 

There’s been a commensurate increase in the supply of homes as well. 

So in terms of supply/demand fundamentals, the average price nationwide shouldn’t be that much higher. 

But take a look at this chart, courtesy of the Federal Reserve. 

The red line shows interest rates, which have been generally falling since 1990. The blue line shows home prices, which have been rising like crazy since 2012. 

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to spot the correlation: record low interest rates mean higher home prices. 

This isn’t wealth. 

It’s just phony paper. 

And as the Great Recession showed in late 2008, phony paper wealth can go ‘poof’ in an instant. 

With that in mind, it may be time to consider taking some of that paper wealth off the table and setting it aside for a rainy day. 

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June 11, 2017


I can't tell you how grateful I am to be involved in AGAM/Questra! Thank you so very much Queen for sending me your link to review. I saw it immediately like many of you but yet there are still some doubters and also people who are so broke the can't even scrape up 90 Euros to get started. I know the feeling so very well, SPURT, ZCASH, & CHIPS digital currency rich, fiat currency poor!
With that in mind I'm introducing two very recommended crypto currency options to help fulfill my AGAM growth with minimal risk yet they take advantage of both BITCOIN and Ethereum! Check out my post in from the NEWS link of PP4U.CLUB and join with me if you see the strategy presented for both high yield and security.
Yours in success!
Sunday June 11, 2017

Registered partners: 75 in 37 days

Active partners: 24

Sales at the structure: € 26,700.00, that's an average of 1100 per Active partners!

Sales at the personal: € 13,110.00

Partner profit: QP 2006.54=$2246.46USD

I have reached my first goal of earning $2000.00+ USD in approximately a month so now as promised I will introduce two additional opportunities that will assist you in building more wealth!
The first one is for those of you who have not got 90 Euros to start AGAM! This program will cost about $30-40.00 USD (depending on BITCION value) to get into it and it is a fully automated program to increase your BITCOIN holdings so you can join AGAM! You can review the site by clicking here: There is no obligation on your part to join! I just know there are people out there who do not have $100.00USD but could scrape up $30-40.00USD and this would give them a hand up rather than a hand out to join AGAM/Questra! Please check it out NOW!
The second one fits right in with the announcement that AGAM now accepts Ethereum for purchasing suitcases! Ethereum is outpacing BITCOIN in % of increase and everyone tells me that it will go even higher than BITCOIN! Whether it does or doesn't it is here to stay and will provide direct funding to AGAM. Both of these programs are new and don't have a strong track record but promise huge daily returns and I suggest you take 50% of your returns and place them back into each program and take the other 50% and buy suitcases in AGAM, thay way you have both high yield and security! You can review here.
It is always good to have multiple streams of income and we cannot deny the giant growth of BITCOIN and Ethereum, they are both going to continue to go up for the forseeable future so I'm going to take advantage of them and I hope you do to. Remember that they are both speculative investments and can be prone to decreasing just as quickly as they increase, that is why AGAM/Questra will always be my main focus to build long term stable wealth!

June 5, 2017


Happy Monday Everyone! 

I talked with JJ this morning and he was very positive about events that should occur soon! He will have an appointment in the very near future with the Swedish Central Bank to set up an account for FTAM! This is a real breakthrough that will allow for CUSIP/ISIN completion and SWIFT Code registration for FTAM through the Swedish Central Bank! Please do not contact the Central Bank of Sweden to confirm this information as it will cause failure of his efforts to move forward! Just know that JJ is doing everything he can to make this work and we all need to be in prayer to support him in this effort! He assures me, he will make good on all commitments ASAP! 

On the THI front, I am pursuing FIDES CORRESPONDENT BANK relationships with banks around the world and am currently working with seven different people who are bringing our info package to their bank contacts. If you know of any bank that would be interested in additional, profitable business and additional assets added to their books to support this new business contact me for the info package and instructions! We are making great progress in this area but we can always use more banks! 

Interesting news on King David Peii II update:

Personally I’m very active in developing my AGAM/Questra Team and here is my invitation below to join me and earn a million Euros in 222 weeks with only 90.00Euros invested! This is the most stable and profitable company I’ve ever worked with! The 90.00 Euro investment can even be insured against loss! So do your review and contact me with any questions you may have and get yourself set for an amazing profitable future! 




Registered partners: 66 

Active partners: 21 

Sales at the structure level: €23,460.00 

Sales at the personal level: €11,850.00 

Partner profit: QP 886.70 

1QP = 1€ 

I started May 5th with €90.00, I have earned 10 fold that already just for telling some of my friends and acquaintances about it and they saw what I saw and have joined with me to take this amazing opportunity around the world! You can too! Check it out NOW!  



Watch my short video overviews of my passive investment:  




May 19, 2017

Gary D Holmes is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Please forward this invitation to anyone who is interested in participating in the best passive investment on the planet!

Time: May 23, 2017 9:00 PM EASTERN, 8:00 PM CENTRAL, 7:00 PM MOUNTAIN, 6:00 PM PACIFIC

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or iPhone one-tap (US Toll):  +16465588656,297758877# or +14086380968,297758877#

Or Telephone:
    Dial: +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll) or +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll)
    Meeting ID: 297 758 877
    International numbers available:





Watch my video overview of this passive investment:

Make sure you sign up with the person who sent you this email!




May 12, 2017

Here's the SPURT NEWS UPDATE in case you didn't get it via email!


Welcome to the MySPURT Newsletter from May 12th 2017

“Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” 
-Abraham Lincoln


Are you happy?

We sure hope you are!

WE are VERY happy,

because we see what is going on and see the new things offered to SPURT clients over and over again.

We know that some of you are NOT happy. Some are not happy because they feel alone. They have no contact to their Sponsor and lost contact with their group.


We are happy that we found a solution!

We set up a Buddy System!

All clients who are looking for contact can now contact others by taking part in the Buddy System. We very well understand that most of our clients want absolute privacy, which we also provide. This is a FREE option with strict rules. Have FUN with it! DO it, sign up! It will ONLY work when people sign up.


We are also happy,

that Sound Prosperity could activate the “Your Health Your Happiness” and “Your Education Your Happiness”. You can for sure to go to read about it, but we made a short version on MySPURT too.  It is under Work with SPURT, Earn SPURT and be PART of SPURT- We do not tell much, for you should SEE it, but it is about getting compensation for your costs and getting a step closer to SPURT+.

YOU can be happy too!

Sound Prosperity is offering jobs! Please go to “I offer a Job” and see what jobs are offered. No fee required.

You know who are also happy?

The people in Zimbabwe! They SEE the future with a community based on SPURT. We have now several requests from other areas in the world with the same wish! THAT is GREAT!! We wish that they all work together to get the experience of all of them and grow from them.

When we set up communities no exchange is needed, at least not for the first 5-10 times. Each CHURCH can do that NOW! You can at least ATTEMPT to start. Have the COURAGE!
Those communities will flourish beyond their wildest dreams! We motivate and support them where we can!


“Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going.”
-Jim Rohn


“The world doesn’t come to the clever folks;
it comes to the stubborn, obstinate, one-idea-at-a-time people.”
-Mary Roberts Rinehart


We understand that not all of you are happy!

Those are the clients that ONLY live for the Exchange of their SPURT into other currencies. But if you have millions, you better stop thinking that you can just receive a check from MySPURT with over millions on it. That is not realistic. You have all received the link to the Terms and Conditions for the USE of SPURT. You also read about SPURT+. VERY important is that you understand that USING SPURT is what we want you to do. IF the ONLY thing you think about is exchange, then you can ask yourself: Why did I accept SPURT in the first place?

People with big ambitions might have good relationships and they might work with the parties working with us on an exchange. Believe us, we don’t want anything more than to start with the steps mentioned in the above Terms and Conditions!

Please make up your mind to be happier!


Your MySPURT Team


READ THE SOVEREIGN MAN for another reason to be involved with SPURT and AGAM-Questra! Check out the new additions to



Company Logo


May 12, 2017

Las Vegas

Sometimes I wonder why most of the giant mega-banks are based in New York.

They should be here in Las Vegas, the gambling capital of the world. Because that’s precisely what they’re doing with your money.

Actually it’s not even your money.

From a legal perspective, every single penny you deposit at the bank becomes THEIR money. You’re nothing more than an unsecured creditor of the bank.

And now that they legally own what used to be your money, the bank can gamble it away on whatever crazy investment fad best serves their interests.

Here’s an easy way to understand it:

Imagine you were moving and needed to rent a storage facility for a few months to store your stuff.

You rent a U-Haul and move everything into the storage unit.

The way banking works, the second you drive away, the storage company now owns your furniture. Not you.

And as the brand new owners of what used to be your furniture, the storage company can do whatever they want with it.

They can rent out the furniture to another customer, charging steep fees to let a complete stranger sit on your sofa and watch your TV.

(Naturally you’ll never see a penny of that money.)

Of course, that complete stranger might not treat your furniture all that well. He might even destroy it. No more furniture.

Often the facilities get in on the business together; one storage company will rent your furniture to another company, which rents it to another, and then another.

After a while no one actually knows where your sofa is. But it doesn’t matter because the storage companies are all making lots of money, and few people ever really ask.

Eventually their standards drop so low that they stop performing credit checks altogether when someone wants to rent furniture from them.

They’ll rent your dining room table to anyone who walks through the door, even if that person has a history of destroying other people’s furniture.

After a while, these deadbeat rental customers have destroyed so much of other people’s furniture that there’s very little remaining.

A lot of the smaller storage companies aren’t able to stay in business as a result.

But the big ones... they all get together and go to the government, claiming that they’re way too important to go bankrupt.

They demand to be bailed out and tell all the politicians that society would collapse if their businesses failed.

The government listens, and the big storage companies receive a massive taxpayer bailout.

The Federal Furniture Reserve even turns on its manufacturing operation, creating countless sofas, love seats, and dining room sets out of thin air. And they give it all to the big storage companies for free.

The big storage companies are back in business, with top management rewarding themselves with record bonuses.

Funny thing, though, their bad behavior doesn’t really change. They still rent out your furniture to other people and provide zero transparency into those specific deals.

And rather than competing to provide the best service for their customers, they get together to fix their prices and bilk the consumer even more.

Hardly a month goes by without a major scandal where some storage company was found engaging in extremely unethical behavior.

One day you decide that you’re ready to move in to your new house, so you go down to the storage facility and ask for your furniture back.

Instead, the storage facility treats you like a criminal suspect and gives you a bunch of excuses about why they can’t release “their” furniture.

And as soon as you walk out the door they file a report with the government claiming that you’ve been acting suspiciously because you had the audacity to ask for your own sofa back.

Clearly no rational person would ever trust his/her furniture to such a corrupt and absurd storage industry.

Yet as ridiculous as it sounds, that’s pretty much our banking system in a nutshell.

And we trust our life’s savings to that system... something far more important than furniture.

The storage industry would never become that rotten because it’s still a relatively free market.

If the industry were screwing its customers, a bunch of entrepreneurs would start better, more honest storage companies, driving the bad apples out of business.

That can’t really happen in the banking industry because starting a bank is almost impossible-- trust me, I’ve started two of them.

I’ve had success, but it’s been one of the most time consuming, frustrating business ventures in my life.

And not enough people are doing this, so there isn’t going to be any serious competition to the mega banks anytime soon.

But there is a positive trend brewing: technology is starting to make banks obsolete.

Any basic retail function of a bank-- deposits, loans, foreign exchange, funds transfers, etc. can already be done better, faster, and cheaper outside of the banking system.

You can keep funds in the blockchain, crowdfund a loan, use social networks and mobile apps to change money.

None of this requires a bank.

So, long-term, the banks are finished.

But for now, it makes sense for anyone who truly understands this scam to become your own banker, which you can do simply by holding some physical cash in a safe.

The fewer middlemen you have between you and your money, the safer you are.

And given that interest rates are still hovering near 5,000-year lows, it’s not like you’re giving up any meaningful interest.

So there’s practically no downside in taking this very simple step. 


Have a good weekend, 

Simon Black



May 11,2017


Hello, Everyone!
I'm super excited to share my new AGAM/QUESTRA CANDIDATE WEBSITE for you to use if you wish!
and you can add to it by sending me info and articles that you think would help us all sponsor more members! I'm doing this so I don't have to keep sending email updates out to you all as I don't have time to do that!
Just check out the site NEWS and review it once a week for any new additions! Please send me your input if you find any broken links and errors in grammar or spelling and I will fix them right away. Again, if you have reviewed any videos or articles that would benefit us all please email them to me to be added, thanks!
I've also posted my business card in both English and Spanish in the tools section, you should consider making your own so you never miss an opportunity to tell people about this awesome program.
For those of you who have yet to fund your AGAM investment account, please review the link "Fund AGAM" and if you still need help contact me and we will do a zoom meeting with or without Kenetra to assist you! This site is in no way to replace Kenetra's private training site! This is a public info site for all to see!
Great success in our new endeavor!

May 10, 2017

Happy Wednesday Everybody! 

Here is the latest updated info on the SPURT WEBSITE, check it out and see how you can participate with these new opportunities featured here and on the website!  

I’m telling you to get as many people on board now while the 100K bonus is still available, it is in your best interests to do so! 

You want to earn SPURT? We want to pay you for what you do for us, and/or compensate you for your costs.

How can you be compensated for all you pay to be or stay physically healthy? 


  1. Alternative treatments 
  2. Gym 
  3. Health equipment 
  4. Healthy food 
  5. Health Insurance 
  6. Doctor bills 
  7. Online classes to stay healthy (for example about food) 
  8. Travel costs for hospital and doctors 
  9. Supplements 
  10. Other. 

See: Your Health Your Happiness: GO for HEALTH

How can you be compenstate for all you pay
to be or stay intelectually healthy? 


  1. Study loans 
  2. Study books  
  3. Travel costs for your study 
  4. Home Schooling 
  5. Online classes 
  6. Other 

Do you want a JOB? Here are open Jobs available. (No charge.)

Become a FREE Sound Prosperity Social Organization [SPSO] member to be able to participate in these programs. 

If you want to be a part if HOW SPURT will be used, please become an ACTIVE SPSO member  


  1. PAM and be part of the Mastermind Groups we are setting up. We NEED your help! 
  2. or the leader of a Prosperity Center. (See what a Prosperity Center is.) 

All SPURT, earned or compensated can be exchanged in SPURT+ as soon as possible. (meaning, as soon as funds are available.) 

how to retire with $1MM


Hello, Fellow AGAM/QUESTRA Member or Candidate! 


Below, you will find everything you need to learn about the AGAM/QUESTRA OPPORTUNITIES, step by step instructions and lots of videos to review! Watch them all and you will explode with excitement! 


This opportunity is absolutely awesome!  


Yes, you can earn great profits with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies but none of them provide the MAGIC OF COMPOUND INTEREST! Yes, you can do both, multiple streams of income are the way to secure your financial future! Remember, there is no sponsoring required, nothing to sell, no monthly auto-ships, and a one time 90.00 EURO investment will earn you over $1 MILLION EURO IN 222 WEEKS! Nothing out there surpasses that! 


So by now, you should be registering or registered and just be waiting to get verified, however, if you haven't done so please read the step-by-step registration process below. 


I believe this will change many lives, so please put whatever you are doing and all distractions aside, so you can see for yourself how powerful this is. I'm sure you'll agree that this is one of the best moves you'll ever make. 


Kenetra has gathered and put together some documentation and facts for your review below. Take a serious in-depth look at all of them to discover just how amazing this business is. 


IMPORTANT - The first half of this email will educate you on the "Opportunity" and the 2nd half will walk you through the "signup and "getting started" procedures." 


(FIRST HALF) - "Opportunity" 


Watch my video overview of the business:   


The company currently has 10 branches in Europe - 4 in central Spain and 6 agency information centers. Questra Holdings Inc. performs the following activities:  

Buying and selling of bonds, including shares of companies conducting an initial public offering of securities on the stock exchange (IPO). –  

From 4% to 6% for week with pack –  

From 208% to 312% by ONE year with pack –  

Optional Affiliate Commission from 5% to 15% -  

Turnover summed up historically (Perfect) –  

Additional: Earnings on the difference in levels –  

Bonuses on every level. (1000 - 500.000 euro one time) –  

Global International Opportunity –  

Written confirmation of your investment contract mailed to you! –  

Insurance fund to protect your investments –  

Interest-free loan to buy Directors and above a house or vehicle –  

Income can be earned by all without having to recruit others –  

8 years’ experience with a stellar track record –  

Office Hours: Monday-Friday from 9:00 to 17:00 –  

Closed on Saturday and Sunday 


(SECOND HALF) - "Signup and Getting Started Procedures" 


Step 1 – Watch the step-by-step registration video tutorial: 


Step 2 - Click on my referral link here -->  (On the next screen it will ask you for your cell phone number, type in your number and make sure you see my Agent ID correctly: GARY DOUGLAS HOLMES - (P09201494340498) 


After doing so then click on 'register'. They are going to send you a text message with your temporary password. If you don't receive a text with your password you can have them email the password to you instead. After you fill in your temporary password you will then be automatically logged into your back office. After you have successfully logged into your back office please proceed to step 3 below. 


Step 3 - Click on 'Profile' and then click on the light gray bar that reads "Verify my e-mail" 


Step 4 - Open up the email they sent you and click on the link they provided to Verify your email address 


Step 5 - Finish completing your profile information (Driver’s license/ID or Passport, DOB, Country, State, City, etc.) NOTE: where it says 'Nickname', this will be the name your prospects will see when they click on your referral link to get registered. After you've completed filling in all of your information, click on 'save changes'. 


Step 6 - Upload your Passport, Driver’s license or ID and also upload a Utility bill (Phone bill, Electric bill, Gas bill, etc.) 


Step 7 - After submitting your proof of Identity & proof of Address, management will review your documents and within 24 - 48 hrs. you will be able to log into your back office and see that the yellow box 'waiting verification' will now be a green box that reads 'Verified'. 


If you'd like to speed up the process, you can get on the Live chat with management by clicking on the "green circle" on the lower right-hand corner of your screen. Let them know that you have submitted your documents and you wish for them to confirm your Identity proof and also your proof of Address. NOTE: They are closed Saturday and Sunday. 


IMPORTANT - After you have completed all the steps above you are now able to fund your account. Follow the steps below to proceed. 


Step 1 - Click on this link:  and log into your back office. 


Step 2 - Fund your account by clicking on 'Account', choose the option 'transfer money'. Currently, they are accepting Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Bank Transfer ADV Cash and OkPay they will be adding more payment options soon. 


Step 3 - Click on 'Dashboard' and buy the package you wish to purchase. I recommend getting the 'White' package or above. The 'White' package is only 90 Euro which is about $101 US dollars depending on the exchange rate for that day. NOTE: The 'standard' 90 Euro package ONLY pays once a year after 365 days. My strong recommendation is to buy the 'White' 90 Euro package which pays weekly for 52 weeks. Remember...the higher the amount and package you choose...the bigger your returns will be. 


FINAL STEP - Once you have become a paid member you now have access to your personal 'referral link' by logging into your account here:  (it will be located on the upper right-hand side as 'Partner program') 



This link:  logs you into your Atlantic Global Asset Management back office. 

Here is where you’re able to access your amount invested, buy more packages, profile, news, etc. 


This link:  logs you into your Questra World back office. Here is where you’re able to access your referral link, bonuses, earnings, sales, team statistics, commissions, etc. 


Kenetra has set up a private team member's website to keep you updated on things and to also walk you step by step in getting your investment suitcases to earning you weekly profits. 


You'll need to register for the website at the secret link below. 


Here’s the link to the calculator: 




















Please let me know if I can help you in any way possible. You are all setup...congrats and welcome to our team! :-) 


Gary and Dahiana 


how to make $1MM 



Not even the huge increases in BITCOIN can match the "MAGIC OF COMPOUNDING PROFITS!" 



May 6, 2017

Happy Saturday Everyone!

I want to provide you with a couple of updates that will affect your financial future real soon, either positively or negatively! The positive or negative results will be completely up to you!
SPURT DIGITAL CURRENCY will become the most valued digital currency on the planet in the next few months so my advice to you is to take action and promote and and earn as much SPURT as you can while the program provides the 100,000.00SPU CELL GROUP COMPLETION PAYMENT!
When the SPURT exchange process is available that huge 100,000.00SPU CELL GROUP COMPLETION PAYMENT blessing will be going away!
So the smart people would say, “I better get promoting and sponsoring right now to build as many CELL GROUPS as possible!” The not so smart people would say, “SPURT is not worth anything and no one wants it so why bother!” Isn’t it amazing how negative people have a problem for every solution?
You see folks there are two mistakes we make in life, big ones and small ones, the big mistake is to not take what I’m saying seriously and miss out on all of the 100K CELL GROUP COMPLETION PAYMENTS that you could be earning from now until the SPURT exchange protocol starts! The small mistake is to earn lots of 100K CELL GROUP COMPLETION PAYMENTS and help others to do the same BUT we cannot make any exchanges until the end of the year! Get the picture? Now, what are you going to do about your financial future?
This is a serious “WAKE UP CALL!” Take action, now; earn as much SPURT as you can now AND YOU WILL TRULY THANK ME FOR WAKING YOU UP NOW!
You know I could just let time pass, the SPURT exchange comes, and then I eliminate the 100K CELL GROUP COMPLETION PAYMENTS and you don’t get a chance to take advantage of all that extra earning power BUT, no, I’m giving you fair warning so you can earn as much as you want NOW and be set for life!
We’ve got several members who were building a CELL GROUP every week! That’s 118K in SPURT EVERY WEEK! ARE YOU GETTING THE PICTURE? DO IT NOW! DO IT NOW! DO IT NOW!
Now the other opportunity I want to make you aware of uses the MAGIC OF COMPOUND INTEREST! You don’t have to do any sponsoring, referring or work at all! You need to see the overview and then say “no” but don’t say “no” until you’ve seen this because that would be another BIG MISTAKE!
Most of you reading this update are what I call netloafers, and that’s ok, you don’t believe enough in what we are offering here at BRIGHT STAR to really make an effort to promote the THI protocols,, and  as they are not your “cup of tea” so to speak!
Too much work, too many changes, hard to understand, no money to get started, I’ve heard all the reasons for you not participating!
I understand, BUT I hope you will at least review this link completely so that you can take advantage of a completely passive income opportunity! There is no sponsoring or recruiting required to be successful, you don’t need to tell anyone at all! All you need to get started is 90.00 Euros, approximately $100.00 to $105.00USD to invest in the best online passive income opportunity on the planet!  
It doesn’t require any work other than the initial setup of your accounts! This program uses the “MAGIC OF COMPOUND INTEREST” like it’s on steroids! See it, then say no but please don’t say no until you’ve seen it because this IS the program for YOU!
I was introduced to this awesome program by a fellow BRIGHT STAR member, Kenetra Ahlaam; she is heavy into the investment side of business and was contacted a few weeks ago about this awesome program and I’m so glad she shared it with me!
Certainly, I’m not looking for more work but when I saw this did not require more work, just the initial review of the program and the setup of the accounts and 90 Euros to get it started, I knew I wanted to be a part of it and I hope you will be too for your own benefit as well!
Thank you in advance for your review of this new program, please contact me if you have any questions or interest in getting started! There are complete tutorials created by Kenetra to show you the way when you are ready to proceed!
Great success to all who wish to make this world a better place!
PS: For those of you in the USA who joined DIVVEE, it is up and running, contact me for more info!

April 21, 2017

Hello, Everyone! 

Great things are happening behind the scenes to make this world a better place! JUST KNOW IT IS HAPPENING! 

If I were you, I would be building my cache of SPURT to the max! Remember you earn SPURT by working these two awesome programs, and , they are free to join and all you need to get paid is a VALID/ACTIVATED SPURT ACCOUNT! Get to work NOW and build your wealth while you have the chance! 

SPURT will be the most valuable asset backed digital currency on the planet very soon and if you miss out, shame on you! It will be backed better than any other digital currency and is already usable on your smart phone with no fees for transfers! It will be the most stable currency on the planet and will be great for all types of businesses to use with complete safety and confidence, mark my words! 

If you live in Canada, you can now buy quality meats using 100% SPURT! Robert Lundquist, owner of Diamond 7 Meats Inc. website:  email:  in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan will soon be featured on the website offering his products to be purchased 100% with SPURT!  

Robert says” At Diamond 7 Meats, we are committed to delivering naturally raised, hormone-free meat from our local ranches to your family table. Along with our custom processing services, we carry a full line of retail products available in all quantities. Whether you need a steak for supper tonight or to fill your freezer – we can meet your needs.”  

In the meantime, check out his website and give him a call and place your order NOW if you live in western Canada!  He can not Ship fresh meat To USA .. until the system is fully in in place, all spurt purchase must be made in house with a max 100 spurt purchase . SOOOOO no shipping for now and a Max 100SP per customer purchase!

He must know something that you don’t know to offer his meat products for 100% SPURT! I’m telling you folks, SPURT IS THE REAL DEAL! 

Here’s another “HELP ME TO HELP YOU” REQUEST! 

I’m looking for individuals who live in the listed countries below to assist me in making contact with the President/Prime Minister/Leader of the listed country. The candidates must know someone in the national government or know someone who has direct contact with the leadership. They must be honorable, honest and computer literate and provide their resume and passport in order to be accepted for the assistant positions that are available. If you can recommend someone in one or more of the countries listed below, I would be most grateful! Referral compensation will be available should you provide me with a qualified candidate. Please contact me via Skype – garydouglas2015 or financialhope- should you have a potential candidate so we can discuss your/their involvement.  Thank you in advance for your efforts in assisting me with this very important project, I look forward to hearing from you ASAP. 

Well that’s all for now! We are well on our way to making this world a better place, are you a part of the solution? If not, why not? YOU can make a huge difference by promoting SPURT to everyone you know! DO IT NOW! THANK YOU! 





1) Argentina 

2) Belize 

3) Bahamas 

4) Barbados 

5) Brazil 

6) Columbia 

7) Costa Rica 

8) Cuba 

9) Grenada 

10) Guyana 

11) Haiti 

12) Jamaica 

13) Mexico 

14) Peru 

15) Saint Kitts and Nevis 

16) Saint Lucia 

17) Suriname 

18) Trinidad & Tobago 

19) Venezuela 

20) Cambodia 

21) Vietnam 

22) India 

23) Indonesia 

24) Malaysia 

25) South Korea 

26) Taiwan 

27) Angola 

28) Benin 

29) Botswana 

30) Burundi 

31) Burkina Faso 

32) Cameroon 

33) Central African Republic 

34) Comoros 

35) Chad 

36) Democratic Republic of Congo 

37) Côte d'Ivoire 

38) Cape Verde 

39) Djibouti 

40) Eritrea 

41) Ethiopia 

42) Equatorial Guinea 

43) Gabon 

44) Gambia 

45) Ghana 

46) Guinea 

47) Guinea-Bissau 

48) Kenya 

49) Lesotho 

50) Liberia 

51) Libya 

52) Madagascar 

53) Malawi 

54) Mali 

55) Mauritius 

56) Maldives 

57) Mauritania 

58) Mozambique 

59) Namibia 

60) Niger 

61) Nigeria 

62) Namibia 

62) Rwanda 

63) São Tomé and Príncipe 

64) Senegal 

65) Somalia 

66) Senegal 

67) Seychelles 

68) Sierra Leone 

69) Sudan 

70) Swaziland 

71) Togo 

72) Tunisia 

73) Tanzania 

74) Uganda 

75) Zambia 

76) Zimbabwe 

77) Denmark 

78) Estonia 

79) Finland 

80) Iceland 

81) Italy 

82) Norway 

83) Slovenia 

84) Slovakia 

85) Spain 

86) Fiji 

87) Marshall Islands 

88) Samoa 

89) Tonga 

90) Tuvalu 


April 11, 2017


Happy Tuesday Everyone! 
It’s time for some updates and news!
I just got off a lengthy call with JJ regarding FTAM as he is in between travel today and had some time to talk. He is working on four fronts in order to get SPURT into an exchange mode. He is pleased with the progress he is making but I’m sorry but I cannot go into any great detail because “loose lips, sink ships” and he has been scuttled on too many occasions when details have been elaborated on.  Case in point, I let people know what banks we were dealing with and a “stupid” member contacts the bank to see if it was true! DUH! Since when will a bank tell you who their clients are? This bank immediately stopped working with us and months of work were lost! GET THE PICTURE?
One of the major challenges he has been faced with is finding people who he can trust to fulfill their side of the agreement! His challenge has been “people say yes, but don’t do yes” so you have the “yes” you need but no action takes place and then you realize this and have wasted not just days, but weeks waiting for them to do what they said they were going to do! So it is “next”, back to finding the doers! So all four fronts are moving along, just never as fast as we would like to have it move! Just know that he will succeed, it is not an “if” but rather a “when”, everyone will be looking after for SPURT EXCHANGE along with many other wonderful services FTAM and SPURT ADMIN will offer. For those of you who provided funds for FTAM, know that you will be rewarded as soon as he has completed the tasks at hand, he thanks you for your continued patience!
PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT SPURT ADMIN for clarification as they do not have time to deal with many “information requests” about what is happening behind the scenes, IT IS NOT FOR YOU TO KNOW=SEE ABOVE!
Your job is to keep focused on promoting SPURT,  and the sites you and your contacts will have lots of SPURT and the knowledge of how to use it on the site. This is what you need to be doing! If you are not doing this then you are a part of the problem!
Here is something every one of you can do and it will be a great help to us all!
THI/USPES/FIDES need correspondent banks to work with them! If you have a bank account then you can help us help you! What I would ask you to do is to print off these two letters and the FIDES BANK SERVICES CONTRACT from the links below or copy and paste these two letters and download the from the site whichever works best for you.
Personalize it and take it to every bank you have an account with and present it to the Manager and ask then to get it to the decision makers who would be responsible for setting up correspondent banking relationships with other banks. Yes, it’s that simple! If they do something, great! If they do nothing, it is just par for the course and it is to their loss! Remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained! BUT if everyone reading this took this info to every bank contact they know there would be some that would say yes, agreed? So please be a part of the solution and make this happen within your circle of influence, big or small!
Here is the basic letter of introduction that would come from you or your business contacts to the banker:
Dear Bank Manager,
Please find herein my request for you to engage in a correspondent banking relationship with FIDES Bank. This bank will provide us with a considerable amount of assets to engage in projects for my business. As a client of your bank, I know that you will review the attached introductory email and the Correspondent Bank Services agreement with your legal counsel as soon as possible. There is no cost to you or your bank and FIDES Bank will provide your bank whatever amount of assets you need on deposit to loan me the funds to engage in my projects with no risk to your bank.
Please contact Gary Douglas with any questions you may have and he will arrange for you and your legal counsel to discuss the details of this arrangement with a FIDES Bank officer/legal counsel as it will be very profitable for all concerned!
Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this request and I look forwarding to doing a lot more business with your bank when this agreement is in place!
Yours truly,
Here is the letter you provide outlining a little more detail:
To whom it may concern,
Profits and assets are a main concern to most Banks today and with the changes required for Basel III compliance, your bank may need a way to boost both!
Our private Bank is willing to assist any and all banks by providing assets to meet and exceed your asset requirements! You may have an abundance of non-performing assets and loans and we can solve that dilemma for you too! All we ask is that you review our attached Correspondent Bank Services Agreement with your legal department, get your questions answered and name the amount of funds you require on deposit to improve your Bank’s bottom line! Yes, it is really that simple!
There are no costs or fees out of pocket and your bank and our bank will work together to improve your local economy by providing loans to commercial and humanitarian projects with no risk to you! Does this sound too good to be true? What if it wasn’t?  You, as an astute business person would at least do your due diligence with your legal counsel and check it out before you say no, wouldn’t you?
Now please proceed to review the Correspondent Bank Services Agreement with your legal department, list your questions and let’s get them answered so you may proceed to add assets and profits to your Bank’s bottom line!
Yours Truly,
Gary Douglas
Marketing Director and Independent Contractor
Bright Star Holdings International Inc.
Last but not least provide them with a copy of the FIDES BANK SERVICES CONTRACT and follow up with them in the next three days to see what they did with the info! Contact me if you need any help! I would also suggest that if you really want to make this work for all of us, you take a country and send the info to every bank in that country! You do a search, you find the list of banks, you find out who the leaders are and then call them to see who would be in charge of correspondent banking relationships and then get permission to email them the package of info from above! So if you are sitting around wondering what you can do to get this moving faster, now you know! Take action and be a part of the solution!
On the health front, Eddie is recovering nicely but is becoming a workaholic again because of the backlog of work needing to be done! It’s a trap all the leaders fall into because we do not have enough people working on the solutions! Ben is in the hospital getting his lungs looked after, his chest is constantly filling with fluid so they are looking into what is causing this challenge, please be in prayer for both Eddie and Ben!
On the world front, the global monetary reform is getting closer every day. No dates have been given for the same reasons outlined above but just know there are amazing things happening behind the scenes to make this world a better place! Here are a couple of links to keep you informed, use at your own risk of enlightenment! I don’t always believe or agree with what is posted on these sites but it gives good alternative information to the mainstream fake news out there!  this site provides an abundance of info on all topics and requires discernment on your part! this site needs to be refreshed once it has loaded so you get the latest intel to date. This site covers the global currency reset that will be occurring this year. Again discernment is required!
Well, that’s all from me for now, check out the latest info from Simon Black! He always has great info and I would suggest you join his mailing list to receive these updates as he creates them=good stuff!
Please do your part and contact every bank you know and tell your friends to do the same! Anyone who brings a correspondent bank to me with a signed contract will be able to have all their Admin fees included on the back end with no upfront UAWS costs! That goes for SPURT, ZCASH and CHIPS exchange requests as well! Get’r Dun!


March 21, 2017 


WOW! Updates, two days in a row!


Today I bring you an email response to a BRIGHT STAR CALL CENTER INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR as he has concerns about what The Texas Holdings Inc. “Making Money by Purchasing” protocol offers.




Specifically the HOUSE PAYMENT EXAMPLE shown here:


As an example, suppose you need funds for a house payment of $2,000 UNITED STATES DOLLARS per month.

You may issue a PURCHASE ORDER to buy $1,000 UNITED STATES DOLLARS in value of goods and services, through a CENTER, to be provided by Suppliers accessed through “SUPPLIERS” in ; without providing payment to the Suppliers.

Plus, as per the PURCHASE ORDER protocol, you would additionally pay $1,000 UNITED STATES DOLLARS to acquire ADVERTISING CREDITS, discounted to 25% of market value, to buy through a CENTER, with a total PURCHASE ORDER face value of $2,000 UNITED STATES DOLLARS. $2,000 UNITED STATES DOLLARS is the minimum size PURCHASE ORDER that may be processed.

RECOMMENDED: Instead of paying with out-of-pocket funds, you may work with BRIGHT STAR CALL CENTER as a part-time INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR IN TRAINING to earn the money to use to “prime the pump”!


The maximum size that may be processed is limited by your ability to pay, by the products and services that Suppliers may provide per order, and by the purchasing business that you refer. By referring other Buyers as explained above, you could receive $2,000 UNITED STATES DOLLARS by reselling the ADVERTISING CREDITS through the BRIGHT STAR CALL CENTER to TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC.

The referred other Buyers will have paid $8,000 UNITED STATES DOLLARS for ADVERTISING CREDITS. Which means that referring eight others that have similar house payments as yours, with continual use of the protocol, you could have

a steady flow of funds to make house payments!

Plus, you could accrue, at net-zero cost, $1,000 UNITED STATES DOLLARS in items you purchase related to each house payment you make or recover (if you pre-pay the house payment because you have not yet completed a transaction process)


First, let me say that, “profits are better than wages” and the only way to profit is to have your own business, agreed?


Second, PROVERBS 14:23 SAYS: All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty! (How many people talk about what they are going to do but never do any of the work and wonder why they fail? Then they blame it on the opportunity!)

PROVERBS 6:10-11 SAYS: 10: A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest- 11 and poverty will come to you like a thief an scarcity like an armed man. (I look at all the people who have the “mañana syndrome” and then wonder why they are broke!)

I point to these Scriptures to say that the concepts of profit from hard work have been around for a very long time and the concepts of receiving something for nothing is in direct conflict to what we know that has been true for that very long time! A SOCIALISM MINDSET has robbed us of our work ethic! People would rather take than work!


According to the FBI a Home Invasion Happens Every 20 Seconds In The United States

The FBI's most recent public data shows that over $3.9 Billion was lost due to burglaries in 2014. That means the average burglary victim loses at least $2,551 from a home invasion. And most victims lose much more. Need I say more?


Remember in 2 Thessalonians 3:10  For even when we were with you, this we commanded you: that if any would not work, neither should he eat, it is as simple as that, the key is to find what work you want to do that allows you to maximize your efforts and help others achieve the same results! This “PAY IT FORWARD” CONCEPT is the new PARADIGM and it is used in all of the THI Protocols!


OK, let’s review his concerns and see if we can all make the paradigm shift to using this tool and other THI protocols to our advantage!


Hello, Mario, 

I will address your concerns in bold font in the body of your email below. 


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: concerns
From: "Mario R."
Date: Tue, March 21, 2017 2:27 am
To: Legacy  

Hi Gary, greetings. 

Gary this letter is regarding the MPP Protocol. 


I may be mistaken by my lack of knowledge about the protocol but for what I can gather I don’t like it. That is ok, if you don't like it, it will never work for you! But let's answer your concerns and see if anything changes for you. 

Please take my words as the words of a really concern club member. OK! If the protocol works as I think, this will bring a lot of negativity to the club, and I have been following your leadership for several years already with the vision of creating a better economic system for the future generations. 




















Gary I remember seeing this type of table in one of your letters, I just named each column as level1, level2, etc. 

Let's expand this to where the entire world is now involved! Do they eat food every month, consume utilities, pay rent and mortgages, and buy stuff? Answer=YES! So if I could show you a way to start a business with a capital outlay of $1K and you would have to find eight people to do the same and you would receive $2K to cover your expenses every month would you want to do the WORK to achieve that $2K? Some will, some won't, some are waiting to hear this story so on to the one's waiting=NEXT! It is the extra $1K advertising purchase that makes this world go around!   


This is how I understand this protocol: 


When an IC member brings a client (level1 client), he has to fulfill the 8 times commitment. That is correct! This means that L1 client will not get what he wants until he brings 8 new people (or 8 times value), in other words, despite that he has already departure of his money; he will be fulfilled ONLY by the next 8 client’s money. That is correct! That is what is called a sales quota in traditional sales circles! Right there we can see that money is just passing from one level to the next. No, money purchased advertising, you are missing that point! Let's draw a parallel here, you start a business selling $1K items, you could sell those $1K items to eight different people or you could sell all 8 items to one person couldn't you? It really is not about the number people but rather the consumed volume of good or services! WE consume advertising!  

When you go to Walmart and buy a big screen TV for $1K who makes the profit? Walmart and the TV manufacturer correct? How could you, little Mario ever compete with Walmart selling TVs? You introduce UAWS ADVERTISING costing $1K to eight friends/customers and you get 25% of the $8K in compensation for doing the WORK what is so negative about that? YOU did your work and YOU got paid for your work when the job was done. Your friends/customers each have the same opportunity and if they work they each will get the same compensation! If they don't work how is that different from any/every other opportunity out there? This is a job selling advertising but you don't seem to see that!?   

How much profit do you think there is in a $4MM TV commercial for one 60 second spot? Did it cost them $4MM to make the commercial=NO! Was there millions in profit for the 1 minute? YES! Did you get any of the profit? NO! Do you want to earn the big bucks in the advertising business and share in the profits earned with advertising? That's what you signed on to do as an IC! YOU are to find buyers of advertising to do buy/sell transactions with advertising included in every sale!!!!   


So far no money is created (as the banks do it) nor any money is originated (buy and sell transactions) this protocol will only pass money from one level to the next level. That is not true at all! You have a "purchase order" that outlines 1) the product or services you will purchase each month, it could be a different $1000.00 product or service or it could be your rent/mortgage and utilities every month that you are already paying! 2) You are buying "advertising" with the 1 UAWS purchase, that is a part of the purchase order, that has compensation available to ICs immediately of 20% and if the IC is participating in the protocol then they would receive an additional 25% when the total sales volume of $8K is reached. The buyer of the advertising needs to do word of mouth advertising with your help to influence their circle to come and learn a new way of buying products and services, where they get included in the profit sharing! This is traditional business compensation done by many different types of businesses everywhere. The participants who work get paid for their efforts! 


So even if we are really good in selling, let’s suppose we manage to find 512 clients (L4) and we use their money to make happy the 64 clients from L3, now we are in the task of finding 4096 new clients L5 to make happy 512 from L4.  You are responsible for finding your eight customers who will continue to buy from you every month and you want to be a good leader so you will assist your group to probably the third level and the key is to find people who understand you are doing this every month anyway, the only difference is you are adding the $1K in advertising and coming out of pocket once or if you are slow to build your team maybe two or three times. If you don't work you don't get paid, what is different about this to what you do in your job now? If someone drops out or quits you replace them, isn't that what happens with employees and sales people in all types of businesses? The task is just becoming exponentially impossible to fulfill That is not true! Let's draw on a couple of examples; have you ever bought Amway products? I have, have you ever been an Amway distributor? I have, only to get the discount but never really built the business side of things, yet Amway is still in business! Yet I no longer buy the products or am a distributor so they should be going out of business right? People say that with the Amway business model it will never work long term because if everyone was in Amway there would be no one left to sponsor correct? Therefore you couldn't continue to build your business! BUT it is not really based on people but rather a group of very consumable products that people buy often, maybe not every month in some cases but realize this business model has been doing business successfully since Nov 9, 1959!  


I was the VP of AFLAC Canada and my job was to recruit and train professional sales managers who were to recruit and train sale people! Often our insurance clients loved our insurance products so much that they would come and get a license and sell our products, they got commissions on the products they sold and got a referral bonus on the people they referred to their sale manager, that is traditional in the insurance business and many other sales business organizations isn't it?  and at some point we won’t be able to do it, and right there, all those unhappy clients won’t put any more money for the next month and everything will fall apart. Well of course they will put up their money next month because they earned it from doing their job from the previous month and most importantly it didn't come out of their "regular income" it came out of their part time Advertising Agency business! If one or two quit you would replace them as you would in a traditional business but the difference is with this if you are getting paid to rejoin every month instead of paying out of pocket to rejoin why wouldn't everyone continue to do it? That is the paradigm shift you have yet to make! That in my opinion will be devastating for the club unless we come up with money from another source as I mentioned already above. Isn't it amazing, you have taken the same mind set of the people who say Amway is a scam! Yet Amway, Herbalife and many other great MLM companies constantly recruit people for a business opportunity that SELLS A CONSUMABLE PRODUCT! If it was a one-time purchase based on each person doing no work then of course they would of all failed and so would the business you are in too! The major difference is the cost of advertising is so much lower and more profitable than any other product out there! I have a good friend who has been in Herbalife since 1985, she consistently earns over $10K a month because she is constantly building her business both at retail and wholesale recruiting levels. She has very few people who are still with her after 30 years; occasionally I buy some products from her when I get a little heavy! Why are she and Herbalife not out of business now? BECAUSE THEY CONTINUE TO ADVERTISE AND PROMOTE THEIR CONSUMABLE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES! WE ARE NO DIFFERENT! WE SELL ADVERTISING! 


No matter if client L1 is a company that spends let’s say 2k/month in products/services, when such a company departure of his moneys, they usually receive either a service or a product. With this protocol, the same company will departure of his 2k and it only will get his products/services if 8-time business is brought to the table. READ above, that is not true at all and even if it was true the total volume of $8K could be done by one person couldn't it!? You see. everything repeats again as explained above. At some point, we won’t be able to fulfill 8-time business and everything will fall apart with a really bitter taste for our club members. Why would they have a bitter taste? They knew going in what the JOB was, that is to sell advertising and if they don't do the work they know they don't get paid, is that any different from your job? THIS IS NOT AN INVESTMENT and if you think and sell it like it is you will FAIL and go to jail for selling investments without a license! 


You need to read this:   


A correspondent for shows up at a hotel to do a review of the hotel, the facilities offered and the quality of the rooms. He explains this to the hotel manager and the hotel manager says that’s great but for you to review the hotel and have the ability to look at the rooms and the facilities I will need a $300.00 security deposit from you to insure that if anything is missing or damaged I can repair or replace and make whole to the hotel. The correspondent says that it is an unusual request but as long as I get the $300.00 back when I leave I will do so! So the correspondent gives the hotel manager the $300.00 and the hotel manager gets one of his staff to escort the correspondent around the hotel to do his review.    

The hotel manager quickly runs next door to the catering company and pays them $300.00 for the last catering job. The catering company runs next door and pays the farmers market where they got the food stuffs to be catered $300.00. The farmers market runs next door to the doctor’s office and pays the doctor $300.00 for a visit owed to him. The doctor goes to the hotel and says to the manager that his mother in law is coming to visit and I would rather have her stay at your hotel than with me and pays the hotel manager $300.00 for three nights! About that time the correspondent returns to the hotel manager and says he has evaluated the hotel and rooms and they all look great, now can I please have my $300.00 back? The hotel manager gives him the $300.00 and says thanks for the review! And life goes on!   

This example happens every day in commerce wouldn't you agree? The difference is we are allowing anyone to participate more than once and receive their 20% should they wish to be an IC (yes big $1K or $2K IC biz start up) or be a consumer $1K start up for advertising plus the product or service they consume every month! Our business opportunity can be in a circle just like the hotel story above!   

There is a possibility that I am not interpreting properly this MPP protocol, correct! in such case please share it with us. Done! There may be members with the same type of questions. Maybe? 


If I am right, I think we better work with other protocols and concentrate on bringing buyers to the table so buy and sell transactions can be done to generate profits. You have missed the point completely on the entire THI group of protocols! They are all using this same model to succeed! You buy advertising and you sell advertising, this brings the extra profits to be shared to give rebates and huge compensation! How do you thing Google gives their email products and services away for FREE?  

Well Mario, I don't know if you will ever make the paradigm shift from the SCAM/FAILURE thinking you hold but that is OK as this opportunity as is all the THI protocols a matter of choice and if you choose not to participate that is ok. This is very profitable for anyone who is willing to do the work of keeping their eight people working etc.! Great success in whatever it is you decide to do!   




A concerned member 




March 21, 2017 


Here’s another great inquiry with answers! 

I have edited the first paragraph from this response as it was not relevant to her overall questions! 


Hello, Aspira! 

I will reply to your email in the body below! 


-------- Original Message --------
From: Aspira
Date: Mon, March 20, 2017 3:07 pm

I joined the club several years ago, my sister Elise signed me up, but she dropped her interest as it wasn't progressing. Unfortunately everyone is looking for instant gratification! Is there a fuel club for dummies If you read the website, everything you need to know is written clearly for everyone to follow! In fact the first page you look at called the "home page" tells most of the story right there! Have you read it all the way to the bottom? Can it get any easier? You don't even have to go to a book as it is all right there on the site for your viewing pleasure! that I can look at because I saved gas receipts but didn't know what else to do with them. Again if you had read the website you would know that depending on the membership you had purchased (annually with SPURT) you have to sponsor a certain number of "paid for" members using SPURT each month in order to submit your fuel and now grocery and electric bill receipts! That is explained in detail on the website!  


But if you won't follow the instructions I can't and won't do it for you! I understand we are all dumbed down and want the CLIFF NOTES version but this is a serious business and lots of SPURT can be earned by referring new members to and They use the same database so you build first by sponsoring 3 new members and you earn 6000.00 SPURT! You can then use the SPURT you have just earned to buy one of the eight different memberships of your choice! Again complete instructions on this are on the two websites!   


Also is this a legal system? YES! Everything is legal, lawful, ethical, moral and very profitable! Why would it not be legal, has someone told you it isn't? Here's my advice, "NEVER TAKE ADVICE FROM ANYONE WHO HAS LESS INFORMATION ABOUT THESE OPPORTUNITIES THAN I DO!" I created them for you to become financially FREE! I'm using my own money to do it! I'm just not interested in making a profit from it! 

I choose to pay active members in SPURT DIGITAL CURRENCY so it covers the entire world and members can do business with SPURT once they understand the value of SPURT and teach others to do the same with education and study.   


I sent the email you responded to, to wake people up to the fact that sometime this year we will have the capability to exchange SPURT for USD and if EUROs still exist, them too!   


So if you refer someone to either program you get paid for that work, if you send in receipts for fuel, groceries and electric bills I buy them at 1 SPURT for 1USD, THAT'S FULL VALUE! I choose to do this because I can! I'm not doing this to make money; I'm doing this to set up an alternative economy (with the Leaders of SPURT) to the debt money system that we all live in!   


If I let you earn SPURT by sponsoring/using word of mouth advertising about our two great programs you have been paid for your work correct? Isn't that what every business does now? I choose to pay you in SPURT and you choose to receive compensation in SPURT and as adults in a private club environment we have the right to contract and do what we like doing business together!   


The missing link that our team has been working on is the exchange capability and when, not if, that comes this year, there will be many millionaires because unlike you and your sister others have studied the website and have championed the alternative economy we provide knowing that someday SPURT will be exchangeable!   


When that happens, quite frankly you won't need to exchange it because people will know that they can if needed! The only time you would need to exchange it is when there are people you would like to do business with who just don't get it! SPURT IS REAL MONEY!   

That's ok, there will be other competitors that will come along that do and they will lose your business to the ones who take SPURT!   

See the site for complete details on SPURT and its true value compared to other Blockchain digital currencies!   

In closing I hope this information is well received and you start on your educational journey to become part of the solution instead of supporting the debt money system problem!   

How would I explain that to someone for example why and how and what follows this works. See above! Great success in all that you do! 


Thanks Aspira.  



March 20, 2017

I’m absolutely shocked, this can’t be true?! 


There are a couple of thousand people who are members of THE ULTIMATE COLLEGE OF COMMERCE and MYFUEL & GROCERY CLUB who have yet to apply for their SPURT ACCOUNT!

I’M ASKING YOU, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? What is your excuse for not moving forward NOW?

You don’t have the 50 EURO to pay for your account? YOU CAN EARN YOUR WAY BY REFERING OTHERS! Study the site! SEE THE NEW EASY1UP OPP at the bottom of this email and you can earn your funds for membership with this awesome new program!

You don’t believe SPURT is worth anything? Shame on you! Your lack of belief has cost you a small fortune and in some cases a BIG FORTUNE! I will have the last laugh when SPURT communities are built and you missed the boat!

What is your excuse for not moving forward? I would love to hear your excuse, feel free to write to me at gdh@legacyassurance.netwith your reasons for not working with me to make this world a better place!

You know, you can fix ignorance through education and study but you can’t fix STUPID!

I must say that anyone who hasn’t done the education and study about SPURT IS IN THE LATTER CATEGORY!

I hear from so many people that times are tough, there is not enough money to go around and yet these same people who are whining and crying are not doing a darn thing to make their life better! So they get what they deserve, which is NOTHING!

REPEAT AFTER ME! For things to change, I must change, for things to get better, I must get better!

Don’t look for me to do anymore for you than I’ve already done and continue to do, the rest is up to YOU!

REPEAT AFTER ME! If it is to be, it is up to me!

Maybe you don’t realize that I’ve made available Millions of my own personal SPURT available for you to EARN and all you have to do is follow the simple protocols of THE ULITMATE COLLEGE OF COMMERCE and MY FUEL & GROCERY CLUB and far too many of you don’t even have SPURT account for me to pay you for your efforts? WHY IS THAT!? Are you all really that STUPID? I’m giving my money away so that you too can create a better life for you and your family BUT YOU have to do the work to get it! GET IT? If I just gave the money they would put me in jail for being “crazy” they would confiscate my funds and that is what they would like to do I’m sure BUT I’ve created two awesome programs where you can earn SPURT and get it rebated for your fuel/grocery and electric bill receipts=this is a NO BRAINER! Yet so very few of you are doing this everyone? Why is that? No SPURT account, too much work? What is it? TELL ME!

You know I’m really flabbergasted that you aren’t working these two programs! They have cost you nothing to join and to be paid all you have to do is set up your SPURT account! DO OT NOW! HERE’S A GREAT REASON WHY!

YOU have until April 1, 2017 to take advantage of these two options! SPURT ADMIN sent out an email to everyone announcing this in early March and so very few have responded! I can’t believe it but it is true!

Here’s the email for those of you who are SPURT account holders:

Welcome to our newest MySPURT Newsletter.

You will receive now a series of Newsletters, explaining what we have planned for the USE of SPURT.
MySPURT is about your SPURT, free to use within the system.
We are happy to announce that in close cooperation with Sound Prosperity we can offer, that if you want to work with SPURT outside the system, you can work with the Prosperity Centers in Sound Prosperity. Therefore links in this email will partly go to the website ofSound Prosperity.
We have great plans and are very excited, not only because we wantyouto be part of what we are setting up, but also because are plans are GREAT and we SEE that it will function!

MySPURT announces a new type of SPURT added to the system and it is called SPURT+. To protect the value of SPURT, a limited Asset is connected to this SPURT+. SPURT+ is exchangeable.
While SPURT is, as explained above, freely usable for all clients, because it is your money, SPURT+ is not. That is, once it IS SPURT+, you can transfer it to other accounts too and exchange will be possible..

We will explain:

The difference betweenSPURT and SPURT+TheTerms and Conditions for the Exchange of SPURTto other currencies.

Since this is our vision, there might be small changes to make it even better. We did not want you to wait longer on news. Therefore this letter today.

ThenextNewsletter will be about, (and with links):

The Sound Prosperity Social Organization [SPSO], which presents itself and the Prosperity Centers and the PAM, BAM and KAM. Your possibility to become a partner in what we present to the world. SPSO presents its programs: Your Home Your Happiness Your Health Your Happiness Your Job Your Happiness Your Education Your Happiness

SPSO announces the yearly SPURT ABUNDANCE FEST, where great speakers will motivate us and projects will be shown. The SPSO members will have meetings and decisions on the programs will be anounced.

We hope that you will be as excited as we are!
Kind Regards
The MySPURT Team


 YOU have this once in a lifetime opportunity to qualify for a debit card with funds in it when it becomes available and either you didn’t read the info, you are too lazy or too stupid to do anything about it and that is really a sad state of affairs! PLEASE do not whine and cry to me ever again about not having enough and needing more support and help in your life! YOU are responsible for YOU not me and this is your last announcement about this fabulous opportunity to be in place for your own SPURT issued MASTERCARD!

Study starts here: and then go here: 

READ OUT LOUD THE INFO HERE which is from the last link:

There are three kinds of MySPURT clients. 

  1. Clients with accounts set up before January 1st, 2017  
  2. Clients who signed up after January 1st, 2017  
  3. Clients signing up after April 1st, 2017 

Step 1 Debit cards

As soon as money is available(DO NOT CONTACT SPURT ADMIN OR ME AS YOU WILL RECEIVE NOTICE WHEN MONEY IS AVAILABLE) each client with a MySPURT account who signed up before 2017 will receive a debit card with a ONE TIME amount per address of 5000,-- USD, or Euro if you live in Europe. (THIS IS AN AWESOME BONUS FOR ALL OF YOU WHO WERE SMART ENOUGH TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS AND SET UP YOUR SPURT ACCOUNT!)
For this Debit Card there will be no deduction from your SPURT account.

This is a reward for your patience


Now you have the proof that SPURT CAN be exchanged. You can upload the debit card again by being active in the MySPURT community, THE ULTIMATE COLLEGE OF COMMERCE, MY FUEL & GROCERY CLUB by bringing businesses to the MySPURT Marketplace or by offering to work in your community. You can earn SPURT+ to upload your card. (STUDY THE WEBSITE before you ask any questions of SPURT ADMIN or ME!)
At the same time, you can start a project or a business to make sure you can draw an income from this project or business each month. You will be able to work with SPURT for that purpose. If you need other currency besides SPURT to start your project, you will have to bring business to the Exchange Houses or earn SPURT+.

Clients who signed up after January 1st, 2017=THIS MOST LIKELY IS YOU! 

Clients with an account set up between January 1st and April 1st, 2017 will receive a debit card with a ONE TIME amount of 1000.00 USD or EURO for clients living in Europe. 


DO YOU REALLY WANT TO MISS OUT ON 1000.00 USD or EURO because you were too lazy to do the work to make this happen? I SURE HOPE NOT!

This is a temporarily offer and will not be available after Debit Cards are actually available. 

After this ONE TIME Debit Card payment, you can upload your card with SPURT+ you earned by doing business or by proven work in your community. See below that all your debts are paid for and that you can start your own business and project using your SPURT to get a monthly income. One of the projects might be to buy a house for yourself. 


Enough about SPURT for now! I will apologize to you now if you already have a SPURT account set up and are doing business building with UCofC and MF&GC and are working to build your own local SPURT COMMUNITY. This email was not meant for you but the database does not separate the NETWORKERS from the NETLOAFERS! I wish to thank you for your continued SPURT COMMUNITY BUILDING EFFORTS! You are a part of the solution and we want you to win big when funds are available, please feel free to contact me for help! 

For those of you who are still seeking business opportunities, David Shannon referred me to this awesome EASY1UP program, here’s my link, check it out! You can start with only $30.00USD from your PAYPAL ACCOUNT! just click on this link, see it then say no, but don’t say know until you’ve seen it, ignorance is not bliss!

You start earning right away from your very first sale, second sale is passed up to your sponsor and then everything else counts for you! This is a great source of online marketing education that will help you build your SPURT COMMUNITY, UCofC and MF&GC! Again this EASY1UP program requires work; it is for NETWORKERS, people who will present the opportunity, not NETLOAFERS people who expect it to pay them for doing nothing!

 David has created this awesome DROP CARD that says it all and you can create one too and hand it out to everyone you meet! Do a third party presentation! Ask them if they know of anyone who would like to earn an extra $25.00 to $500.00 a month OR EVEN A DAY in online marketing, please give them this card, thank you! Just do the numbers! If you talk to some people, you will make some money, if you talk to lots of people you will get rich! This is an easy ice breaker to talk about all the other opportunities that you represent as well!


The opportunity is also available in SPANISH! Check out the presentation here:  

and my link is here:  should you join and want to contact the SPANISH MARKET PLACE you will replace GaryDouglas with your username, it’s that simple!

Thank you for taking the time to review this email and I hope you will get your SPURT ACCOUNT SET UP NOW and join with me or David in EASY1UP, here’s his link if you prefer to work directly with my sponsor!  FYI: Hi! I help people make a weekly income online using a proven automated system. It’s simple. Easy-to-start & to duplicate success.  The “done-for-you” system is supported by 18 year old USA Corp.  This is the real deal & anyone can afford it & I'll show you how!  Details Call for details: 718.887.9581 Contact me when finished & thanks for your time!

ALSO for those of you that are prayer warriors please pray for clifford and lola


UPDATE on My Wife Lola


Lola now is now unable to use her walker when he goes to Doctors or for blood tests. It takes too much of her strength to walk, and she her condition has changed in the last few days. By the end of the day when she gets ready for bed, she is completely worn out. And that is just setting and going to the bathroom. We thank everybody for their prayers and thoughts. Cliff

My Wife Lola


Lola is showing improvement since we went to the doctor on Wednesday. The doctor changed how she uses he breathing treatments and it has made a big difference. She is resting  comfortably, her breathing is more relaxed. I guess I read more into her condition than was the case. The doctor wants to change some of her medications and is trying to find some we can afford. Sorry if I got everybody anxious but opens my eyes so I pray I don’t over react next time. We send our love and prayers to all.


To all my e-mail friends.

My wife Lola is not doing well and at the rate she is failing I do not think she will last without full time care more than 2 months. She is a strong Christian women and has faith in our Lord, but knows that when your time is up, it is time to go to our Lord. We have been together 48+ years in June and it has been a wonderful and yet we are like all couples, we had our tough times but mostly better than most. We have been so strapped for money with all of our hospital and doctor bills, but we have been blessed that we have Family, Food Banks, our Church and friends to help us.

May you and all your families and friends always live in God’s light.

Clifford and Lola Chamberlain   


February 27, 2017   

Hello, Everyone!

Here’s a long overdue update on what’s happening!

Our Independent Contractors through Bright Star Call Center are becoming much more in tune with the THI Protocols outlined on We have weekly training sessions and updates from Admin advising us of the intricacies of the protocols we are focusing on.

We are becoming very knowledgeable on the MPOP Protocol seen here: 

WE now have five properties in this program, two of which are at the interim financing stage which will provide the necessary funds to





·       REALTORS






So we should see these five properties receive interim financing as we have two major Private Lender sources that BSCC is bringing to the table for our Call Center Members.


BSCC ICs are focusing on the MPOP Protocol outlined above, the Make Money By Purchasing Protocol: 

and the contracting of PRIVATE LENDERS using the  they need to have one of the following value of assets at more than $10K USD to be considered. (Value of assets: cash, commercial paper, commodities, other securities, real estate, and/or mining claims)


We will entertain other protocols after we have the above protocols understood and executed. So if you want to do any other protocols on the you need to study them for use yourself and let me know what protocol you want to use and I will compile a list of members and the protocols that are needed most and we will focus on them next.


Eddie and Ben are both back to work on a full time basis even though they are still recovering! I would ask that you add them both to your prayer lists for complete recovery, thank you!


On our Eastern Front progress has been slow because of the Banker’s mindset. They see no urgency in anything we request and I personally believe they do it on purpose to make us all look bad and cause dissention among us! I got this note from JJ regarding those who sent funds to FTAM:

"We are very close to closing deals and hope to fulfill on our commitments made. The banks are now moving through their processes and take the time they need. Once that has been completed, we can start our processes and fulfilling our commitments."

With kind regards,


I am working on a couple of large transactions at this moment that will greatly benefit FTAM should they come to fruition. I do know that from JJ’s updates, he too, is very close to several large transactions that will allow for 3 bank purchases and spawn several more!

The SWIFT people work at a snail’s pace and that has delayed all of what was planned for FTAM for January and February payouts! So he has gone the way of purchasing banks that already have SWIFT and that solves the challenge in getting funds out to those expecting them. March should be a very telling month for his efforts; he apologizes for not updating you all but he has too much work and travel to complete these deals vs the time he has to do them. Please be patient or become one! He will get this job done!


For those of you that are SPURT ACCOUNT holders and are UCofC and MF&GC Members please make sure you have your members procuring their SPURT ACCOUNTS so you can get paid for your efforts and remember you can submit not only fuel receipts but also groceries and Electric bill payments too! This is a great way to build your SPURT ACCOUNT BALANCE without having to buy anything! I look to see SPURT EXCHANGE breakthroughs in the very near future, we are that close if all of JJ’s deals go through! Also you have the THI SPURT PROTOCOL that you can study and submit when we are ready to move forward with it shown here: 


To my knowledge we are the only asset backed digital currency out there that you can earn without having to buy it! It can’t get any easier, that’s for sure!


Great success in all that we do together to make this world a better place!



January 19th, 2017

Happy Thursday Everyone!

We are super busy behind the scenes preparing to make 2017 our year of Jubliee! Let's start off with some updates on the health of our Leaders.

Eddie was in the Hospital for surgery on Jan 17th, I'm told the operation was successful and he is now recovering. I hope to have a more detailed report of his progress tomorrow.

Ben is also on the mend after his major heart surgery. He has been told not to be working BUT he called me last week only to have to hang up becuase the physical therapist had arrived and he was reminded of his "no work" policy! LOL You just can't keep these guys down!

I'm doing extremely well, I've maintained my 22 LB wight loss but have gained a lot of muscle! My body is transforming and I've had several compliments on my improved fitness level in such a short time! I'm even starting to see my two pack! I really recommend you take advantage of the exercise protocol I sent out in one of the previous 2016 NEWS UPDATES!

We all need to be in good health to be able to manage and spend the wealth we have accumulated, some of us have millions, billions and even trillions of SPURT! So let's all make this our best year ever by being healthy and wealthy and lead by being a good example! 

On our European Front all is going very well! JJ and I talked today and he gave me great news of imminent transactions/purchases! I want to tell you what he told me but it is not prudent at this time because the power elite have big ears & eyes and we don't want any of the goal posts to be moved again at the last minute. Remember the WWII saying, "Loose lips, sink ships!" Just know that there will be a SPURT exchange coming soon and many other wonderful developments will be announced when finalized! This 1st Quarter of 2017 will shed light on all the hard work that JJ and associates have been working on these last few months. For those of you that have "placed funds" with FTAsset Management, JJ assures me you will be looked after handsomely in the very near future! I will provide more updates when I've received them, stay tuned!

We had a truly awesome INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR WEBINAR last evening! Suzanne and David have developed a complete intake package for the MPOP protocol. WE are now ready to proceed and show anyone who is interested, how to turn their property into a CASH MACHINE from a CASH DRAIN! Please contact an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR from this Bright Star Call Center list below. You will find their resumes linked here:


CHAD LONG, Arkansas


JOAN JOHNS, Alberta, Canada




ROBERT LUNDQUIST, Saskatchewan, Canada




ERIC QUAN, California



MARIO RIVILLAS, Alberta, Canada



There are more INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS joining every month! Stay tuned!

DIVEE.SOCIAL is just about ready to launch and accept new members! Here's an update from Ron, my upline and Sponsor!

To:                       Ronvan Divvee Team 

Subject:             Latest Back Office Information 

Welcome to our newest members, Josef, Katherine, Carol,  and Reggie

Here is the latest link on the Comp Plan, it appears very small on the left side of the page, click the document with the plus sign and you will see it in full size.


I have also provided a Estimator to help you visualize the potential with which we work (see 

). You can work to accumulate points if that is all you wish to do, however if you recruit 10 people who want to do the same thing with 10 of their own and now you have 100 in your group, put those numbers into the boxes next to the red arrows and be amazed at the potential of this organization. An up line sponsor of mine has over 1200 in his organization….WOW!

I saw on one group email earlier, Divvee is ranked 23 in popularity among all MLM companies (even ahead of Bit Coin) and we are just at the starting point.  The interest in this is off the charts, all we have to do is introduce it to our friends and the rest is history.

Here is the how to access your own personal back office.

1.     Go to 

2.     Click on the “Sign In” link in the upper right corner. 

3.     If you completed your original application without problem, you will see the Divvee Sign In page. 

4.     Enter your Username and Password, then click the blue Sign In Button. 

5.     Your Home Page will open and you will a menu on the left side currently with only four options which are; Dashboard where you are now, Profile with all your personal information, Redemption Center which is a place to spend accumulated points if you wish to use them here and the logout button. 

6.     In your home page, currently you have a ring of 10 circles around the bigger circle in the center which is you.  This represents your personal group of sponsored members.  You can bore down in each members position to see their organization’s membership by just clicking on the particular button.  If your organization is larger than just 10 members as is mine, the arrows at the bottom of that section will take you to the next group on your front line. 

7.     Looking into the Profile button on your dashboard will provide you with all your personal information, verify that everything is correct and if not, send an email to and explain the problem/corrections. 

8.     On the profile page is where you will get the latest facebook information from Admin.  Click on the facebook “f” in that box and you will see the latest information put out by corporate at 5PM MTN each day. 

9.     Very shortly, as I may have said previously, you must have a Passport type picture ready to place into your Dashboard office.  We will be notified when this requirement becomes active. 

For the present time we are all waiting for the next step to be announced, as any further information comes up I will let you know.  Additionally, if any of you have had trouble with the joining/signing in process, again send an email to  and provide them with all the information you have, make sure to include your membership ID if you have located it.

Now we just hang on and wait for the program to build out.  If you have any particular problem or question, contact me and I will try to help.  I am trying to locate some “advertisements” which we can use to attract others to help build interest so when our membership portals are open again we can have a backlog of members ready.  Be sure to watch the latest video in facebook in your back office and go out an build a team now and be ready for startup coming soon!!!

Divvee up! Ron…

We also have one of our members trapped in the horrendous Greek financial crisis situation! She STILL needs your help immediately, she cannot access funds to pay bills and asks for your help in this time of need, please contact her via traceygr13at Skype or email  

That's all for today, get your game plan in place and build multiple streams of income! Start here NOW!





Wake up every one, it’s a NEW YEAR and time to be HAPPY!


SPURT can now be exchanged for any currency on the planet! YES, the SPURT you have in your SPURT account is real money and we now have protocols to exchange your SPURT to any FIAT CURRENCY you are presently using, all you have to do is to learn how to do it!

So I would suggest you get back to building your CELL GROUPS and showing your sponsored members how to use their SPURT to buy their MY FUEL AND GROCERY CLUB MEMBERSHIPS so they can earn even more SPURT by submitting their fuel, grocery and paid electric bill receipts! The more SPURT you have the more FIAT CURRENCY you have, don’t you get it?


Where else on planet earth can you get asset backed DIGITAL CURRENCY without paying big bucks for it? BITCOIN is now costing $975.86 USD as of this writing! How can anyone do business with a currency that has fluctuated like this?


To me this is not a currency but rather a speculative investment that you hope to buy low and then sell high but isn’t that just like the stock market? How well have you or your friends done there?

Definition: the "dollar" as a coin containing 371.25 grains (troy) of fine silver. SPURT is much more stable and great to do business with! So get on board and build a SPURT COMMUNITY locally so you don’t have to even exchange your SPURT!

But if you want to exchange your SPURT to the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES you believe are US DOLLARS you can by contacting Gary or SKYPE: garydouglas2015 and/or financialhope and following these instructions!





SEE: Is Officially a Commodity.pdf 



AND THROUGH and and 
































Please sign up using this link and sign up yourself and then sign everyone else under you! You can pay only $25.00 1X forever using this link so do it NOW! Starting Jan 10th it will be $50.00 annually but you can earn you way in by using your RANK and SHARE POINTS! So don’t miss out on this next big wave of the future in advertising by using the RANK and SHARE concept!


Guess what, Divvee Nation?!

You now have access to the Rank & Share beta system. We can barely contain our excitement, so we can only imagine how you feel!

Please allow us a few minutes to explain some important information about what this means. First, in order to participate in the beta phase, you must access the Rank & Share system on a mobile device. So, grab your mobile device, head on over to the corporate website, and click on the Rank & Share link that is located at the bottom of the page. Next, have fun!

Please download and help us test the system as much as you can, and know that there are no download limits. The more you download, the better prepared we will be for January 10, 2017. We also want to remind you that during this beta phase there will be zero points and zero commissions associated with any activity. This phase is so important to what we are doing, so keep up the momentum and hard work.

Thank you, each and every one of you, for your continued faith and support in this amazing journey.

Divvee.Social Corporate


¿Adivina qué, Nación Divvee?

Ya tiene acceso al sistema beta de Rank & Share. ¡Apenas podemos contener nuestra emoción, así que sólo podemos imaginar cómo se siente usted!

Permítanos un par de minutos para explicarle algo importante acerca de lo que esto significa. En primer lugar, para participar en la fase beta, debe acceder al sistema Rank & Share por medio de un dispositivo móvil. Por lo tanto, agarre su dispositivo móvil, dirígase a la página web corporativa de y haz clic al enlace de Rank & Share que se encuentra en la parte inferior de la página. A continuación, ¡diviértase!

Por favor, siéntase libre de descargar y ayudarnos a probar el sistema tanto como usted quiera, y sepa que no habrá límites de las descargas que podrá hacer. Cuanto más descargue, mejor estaremos preparados para el 10 de enero de 2017. También queremos recordarle que durante esta fase beta habrá cero puntos y cero comisiones asociados a cualquier actividad. Esta fase es tan importante para lo que estamos haciendo, así que mantenga el impulso y el trabajo duro.

Gracias a todos y cada uno de ustedes por su fe y apoyo en este viaje increíble.

Divvee.Social Corporativo

Eddie is scheduled for surgery on Jan 17th, he is doing well and working as much as he can daily! Please keep him in your prayers! Ben is also recovering well, is still on oxygen and has been told to rest and not think about work LOL! Our brothers need your prayers, thank you!